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Trump: I’m Very Proud of Myself Today!

April 27, 2011

“I’m very proud of myself today” Trump announced.  In a live interview by the media today, Donald Trump took a bow.  His constant demand to see the Big “O’s” Birth Certificate paid off.  He got his wish when the White House released a copy of what is supposed to be the real, true Birth Certificate of President Obama

The White House claimed all week long that Trump’s demand for the President to show his Birth Certificate would be Trumps undoing.  Actually I think that thought backfired on the White House, especially after Obama’s news conference, which I would say, purposely, cut into Trump’s news conference.   The White House was determined to make Trump look bad.  Yet, he’s the only American that has been able to make the White House provide a full copy of the President’s Birth Certificate?   This was certainly a feather in Trumps hat. 

Obama said, with a BIG GRIN on his face that “This issue has been going on for 2 years and I have watched with amusement.”  I’m glad to see that he’s so easily amused by something that is so serious and something that has caused so much controversy among millions of American citizens, and yet he preferred to be amused for two years, instead of setting the record straight.  I find this a very smug attitude on his part.  I’m actually somewhat appalled by his arrogant remark.

I don’t find it amusing at all, that being asked to prove one is a Natural born, American Citizen, according to US election laws, before running for President of the USA and getting elected and then implying that this is a non-issue.   Being amused for two years instead of just producing the Birth Certificate is totally un-Presidential.

This should have been brought up in the vetting process.  As I recall, maybe wrongly though, Obama was never really vetted.  I think the Dems used the book Obama claims he wrote as the way to vet him.

The President went on to say that “I have been puzzled and amused by this topic.  Yes, I was born in Hawaii.  We have some enormous challenges out there.”  Paraphrasing here, We have important decisions to make and this is going to lead to serious debates.  Then he said, but we are not going to be able to do that if we make things up or if we are distracted by Sideshows and Carnival Barkers, the last remark referring to Mr. Trump. 

By the way, Mr. President, what happened to your plea for no more name calling by politicians, or don’t you count?

 As far as I, a Patriotic American am concerned, the only sideshows we as Americans have been inundated with by the leftist media, are those of the President involved in his basket ball and golf games, vacations, parties at the White House for (how many sports teams is it now?) and of course his on-air March Madness NCAA picks, his trip to Brazil during the Japanese tsunami, earthquake and Nuclear site melt-down, showing a complete lack of concern or compassion (you do remember Japan one of our major allies?)

Of course, we have also been an audience to his insulting, condescending remarks, about America, in speeches to foreigners, and his favorable remarks about his supporter/friends (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and don’t forget the Harvard College Professor Gates, and Democratic Congressional members, that’s until he didn’t need them any longer, then he got rid of them by throwing them under the bus during the Health Care voting session. 

All these distractions were during major catastrophes, like the BP Oil Spill, the Libyan Protestors trying to over-throw their government, the Health Care bill, the Wisconsin Union protests, the Mexican illegals protesting, the illegal Mexican Drug Cartel murders, rapes and muggings in Arizona, and illegal immigration into the USA, the Minister from Florida, with a handful of parishioners, burning of the Koran, which caused riots in the Middle East, and now the rise in Oil prices that Obama says he has no control over.

The only one distracted by sideshows seems to be the President who was the star performer in all of them and he claims to have time after all the side-shows he has orchestrated to have two years to be puzzled and amused by Patriotic American citizens, his Bosses’, demands to see positive proof that he is actually a legally elected US President.  It seems to this American that the only sideshow that the media has been broadcasting is the “Main Event” performed by the White House and it’s staff.  I don’t think I’m interested in a second season of that show.

This all makes me wonder, whether or not Obama’s handlers are considering throwing him under the bus, because the reports from the White House all week long were: give Trump enough rope with this Birther thing and he’ll hang himself.   It appears that someone is giving the President the wrong info.   Trump came out a winner today. 

Obama may have been like the Pied Piper of community organizing, when he ran for office the first time around, but that’s old news.  There is no way he can out debate Trump on issues, if Trump considers running.  Trump has many years of business experience.  Yes, not all of it has been without pitfalls and blunders, but no man has ever been successful without suffering some failures.  

Remember, Thomas Edison said, after many failures, when trying to invent the electric light, “We haven’t had a thousand failures, we’ve just discovered a thousand ways to not invent the electric light”.   So Trump is in good company.

 Mr. Trump is a true entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs  have been the lifeblood of this country for two hundred plus years.  To be an entrepreneur one needs to be a risk taker, and needs to be prepared to fail and Mr. Trump has been both risk taker and had business failures.  But without risk takers and without people who have failed yet got up and started all over, America would never have turned into the Greatest Country on planet earth. 

For those who think Trump is playing, well maybe he is, but he’s pretty good at scaring the Democrats isn’t he?  Certainly no one else in the Republican Party has stepped forward to take Obama on yet.  I guess they haven’t heard that it’s campaign time.  As for the media, if Trump does run and wins, well, their heyday will be over, if they think they can get away with anymore “Hair” jokes and still get interviews. 

And for all the non-believers, those who call Trump a “Big Joke”.  Well, if I had 7 to 8 Billion dollars you could laugh at me all you wanted to.

For those who think he can’t beat Obama, if he runs, well, they better think again, he’s a master businessman, and has made many influential friends among world leaders and people from all walks of life including both Republican and Democrat.   That’s how you get ahead in business for those  in the media who don’t get that yet.  That’s also how one get bills passed in Congress if he’s President.

For those who think that Trump can’t beat Obama then the joke will be on them.  I believe Mr. Trump can obliterate Obama in a one on one debate and the reason I believe this to be true is that Trump unlike Obama has had to work for a living, therefore has much more worldly knowledge and experience.

 Nothing beats hard work when it comes to the American Dream for Success and Trump has 7 to 8 Billion dollars to prove it.     ss


National Protests by Obama Union Backers

March 9, 2011

This Nationwide protesting by the Unions and thugs backed by leftist, Political organizations is just the beginning and to be honest it’s one hell of a beginning.  As soon as Spring hits us and then Summer, look out.  I have been saying for the last year that this coming Summer is going to be a hot one.   I truly believe we will have major protests and possibly riots.

Then, especially if it’s a very hot Summer we could end up with things being so bad that the Big “O” will send in the new National Police force to implement Marshall Law. 

Sadly, the Tea Party and the Conservative Right, have hibernated for the Winter, and not done much, if anything.  I guess they think because they won the election the game was over.   It’s not that simple.  The game, and it is a game, to the Elitists in DC, they have a never-ending hunger for more Power and Money, and they will never be satisfied, no matter how much they have.

I don’t see any of them spreading their wealth.  That task is left for Middle America to do.  For the life of me I just don’t understand why Americans still don’t get it.  I know some of them do, but it’s not enough.  They all need to pay attention and the sad fact is that those who don’t pay attention don’t have the time because they are too busy trying to survive or stay afloat a little longer.  They just don’t realize why they aren’t getting anywhere.  It is almost to the point that those who are unemployed are so deep in debt that they will never be able to get out. 

Patriotic Americans need to Wake Up and Stand Up for their Constitutional rights.   It’s amazing to me how the leftist media and the Congress are for arming the rebels in Libya, because they stood up in a peaceful manner to get Qaddafi out of office, yet they call the Tea Party People who have stood up for their rights as Americans, racists, radicals, domestic terrorists and Nancy Pelosi’s favorite, astro-turf.  What hypocrites they truly are.   ss

“Survival of the Fittest” The American Peoples War

September 8, 2010

The “Survival of the Fittest” will it be the Politicians or the American people who elected them?

Well, there is much more to be done as far as DC is concerned and since the American people have finally gotten off their couches and are out in the real world getting involved in Politics, like the Tea Party groups, I can only say that they have a lot more work ahead of themselves, and almost no time to finish it in before the mid-term elections.

The government workers should not be in a union.  The government has taken excellent care of them, as most get paid more than their private industry counterparts.  My thought is that all unions in this country (and I know I will get lots of flack for this statement) should be eliminated.  I grew up in the auto capitol of the world and believe me unions at one time had a reason to exist, but not any longer.  Union paid jobs cannot compete with Asian jobs, where the employed only get a few dollars per day.  Americans will come out on the losing end every time.  If Americans have not realized it by now, the government and corporate America are leveling out the Global Economy starting with the worker bees from our country.  

The only thing the unions do today is pay for lobbyists and the candidates running for office.  They have the ear of this President and are constantly insisting on this or that, like having their insurance cover “Viagra” while school children are required to bring their own “Toilet paper” to school. 

Well, it is my opinion that unless somebody starts using their brains in this country and gets rid of the unions, then we will never have an economic recovery because we will have no manufacturing.  We just can’t afford it. 

The union people in power don’t have any common sense, or any loyalty to America, as a whole.  These union leaders live high off the hog, on the dues of their members.  They also make the decisions on whom or which candidate gets millions of union money when running for office.

When will Americans wake up?  If every American doesn’t start looking after himself and stop believing what every Tom, Dick, Harry and O’Bama says, then he may as well consider our country doomed.

There is a saying that many should start thinking about,  “The Survival of the Fittest”, well at this point the fittest are the fat cats and crooked Congressmen in DC. so ask yourself,  just  how is it that  they are making sure that they themselves survive? 

Well, Congress passes laws and then exempt themselves.    Congress doesn’t pay Social Security, and they vote for their own raises.  When they leave Congress they will be paid their salary for the rest of their lives.  Does anyone else get that Royal treatment from his employer?  The President fired a CEO in the private sector, then takes over the company and chooses the new CEO. 

The left in Congress smears the names of anyone who disagrees with them, (trying to put fear in the hearts of those who have had enough and want to speak out)  hoping to make them afraid to do so.

The left repeatedly blames Bush for all of America’s  financial woes,  (I was against the war) but the war was not the  problem.  Our problems  started in January of 1994 when Bill Clinton passed NAFTA (No one ever mentions that because the blame game is almost always played by the Democrats, and Bill Clinton is a Democrat).  It was Clinton who started the out-sourcing in mass, to China, India and other 3rd world countries, costing America millions of jobs, and the loss of our major manufacturing industry.   It is Bill Clinton, a Democrat, that is responsible for the millions of jobs lost in this country, due to American corporations moving their manufacturing overseas.   Yet the left continues to blame Bush, and today the President did it again, during his speech in Ohio.  Its time Americans start connecting the dots by using the right information. 

The President, our leader and his Congressional gang, along with the Unions are selling the rest of us down the river.  Their concern is only that they and their families have enough money and power to survive.

 They will survive.  Will you ??   ss

“We the People” vs The Enemy Within

July 17, 2010

 We  in America are all so economically intertwined with the international communities around the world that it is necessary for us to survive, so that all will survive.  Our future and what we can accomplish is only limited by those who limit our actions, by limiting our individual freedom.  The only limitations we have in today’s world are the limitations we put on our selves.  

We have taken way too long to stand up to the elitists Politicians who have been chipping and chipping away at the foundation that our freedom is built on.  These elected Politicians, these manipulators of truth, these greedy, self-indulgent, ego-centric representatives of the people, have somehow been morphed into empty vessels that look like human beings, but who can only survive, when sucking the breath of life out of “We the People” and they do this for nothing more than money and power. 

 This Congress and this White House are the closest examples that mankind has, to the idea of vampires, which legend leads us to believe, can only survive on the blood of humans.

I’m talking about a Congress and a White House who spend  their days blaming others for their mistakes and short-comings, trying to make their opponents look unworthy and to top it off this White House has no problem with throwing it’s own people under the bus.  

The Democrats in the House, spend their  nights hidden behind closed, locked doors, while Americans sleep, writing 2000 + page legislation, which they will never read, and yet they have the gall to vote for it.

 They have no idea if their legislation, if voted into a bill, will even work, because they have not written a working plan, but just a shopping list of ideas of anything that pops into their heads, so they can vote it into a bill and always with a price tag attached to it, which basically amounts to the highest number they can count up to.

This price tag has nothing to do with what the bill, when put into action, will cost to implement, but will just be an additional slush fund that they can dip into when the mood strikes them.  The real catch here is, that it is always the American people who get stuck paying for that bill, when it comes due. 

The time has come for “We the People” to take action on a National level.  We need to unite and there is no question about it.  The “Power of One” a united front, of “We the People” is what this country needs if our Republic is to survive. 

There are no “Limits to what we can do, if we do it together”.  We need to stop our Congress from continuously attempting to take our  freedom away from us, by limiting what we can and cannot do, by voting it into law.

Never in my lifetime, have I seen a Congress and a White House show so little regard for the freedoms we as Americans have been guaranteed by our Constitution.  This Congress and White House is such an embarrassment to the American people that, I honestly believe that, even our enemies are embarrassed for us and that they secretly hope and pray (yes, pray, that’s how bad this is) that we somehow will take back our Republic, so that they can continue to have an enemy worthy of their hatred. 

Now, if one looks at things from this point-of-view, it should be evident that America is in the fight of a lifetime.  This is no longer a time for talking, it is however, a time for action and it is about this moment in time, we will want the history books to say, that “We the People” woke up, united and took our country, our Republic  back,  from the “Enemy within”.  ss

What Other Changes Do You Have Planned, Mr. President?

July 1, 2010

Sitting here in the warm sun, outside in the courtyard where I live, I happen to think about the Stimulus bill and all the unemployed people in America.  It’s not a subject I’m happy to be thinking about, but just the same, it popped into my head today, and so, here are my thoughts. 

When Congress passed the Stimulus bill, in such a desperate hurry, they did everything humanly possible to make Americans think that they were the smart intelligent ones, and the rest of us were just stupid and didn’t get it.

Congress assured the American people using words that implied that the Stimulus bill was the answer to all their problems and that the Stimulus bill would turn the economy around.  Never mind that they didn’t take the time to read the legislation.

Now, after they have spent every penny there is, they come out and say, hey, remember all the jobs you people lost; well they are gone for good now and they aren’t coming back.  And to put things in a more realistic light, we want to let you know that there is no more money left for extended unemployment benefits. 

In other words, the word from the White House and Congress is, now that we have saved and taken over two of the auto companies, (except for Ford “the smart one”) and that we have been able to fund and save the banks, and  that Fanny and Freddie, will have unlimited funds available to them, because they are  TOO  BIG  to fail, we have succeeded in implementing many changes. 

The fact  that Obama has allowed the Gulf  to be destroyed, and will at the height of destruction allow approx. 80K jobs, to be lost, due to the oil spill and that we have waited until a hurricane is hitting the Gulf, after waiting 71 days, he will waive the Jones Act so foreign countries can come in and help clean up the mess, will be the cherry on top of the cake.

You may also recall that  Obama said, just two weeks ago that the fish in the Gulf are still good to eat” so maybe some of you can move to the Gulf and even though fishing has been banned, you might be able to grab some, when no one is looking, and as they hit the beach drenched in oil, wash them off with Dawn soap and cook them up for dinner.  Isn’t “Change” great?

I’d like to send some shrimp to the White House from the Gulf and go along and prepare them for the President’s dinner, and see if he wants to eat them, when he finds out I just grabbed them out of the Gulf.

Bona petit,  Mr. President!

Obama’s: Failure to Engage

June 7, 2010


I started this last week, but didn’t post it.  So, today I added more to the post and here it is.  ss 

05/26/10 Wednesday

 Today I have come to the conclusion that the Liberal news outlets have begun to wake up, and I think it’s because Obama has not been talking to them.  I believe he hasn’t had a news conference since last October, or around there. 

He’s been avoiding all news people, so he doesn’t have to answer any questions about Arizona’s Immigration law, or bribing Senator Sestak not to run against Specter, or about the Oil Spill.  Let’s face it he has his hands full, but of course he does continue to go out and campaign and community organize doesn’t he?   What’s wrong with this picture?

 05/27/27, Thursday 

It’s a new day, a new strategy for the White House.  Late yesterday, BP started their new idea, of plugging the hole where the oil is spewing out of, at probably 12 to 15 thousand barrels a day.   Now, I know that’s a lot more than they claimed was pouring out of the oil well, but as I remember when it first started it was only 1,000 gal/day, and then I think it went to barrels, like 5,000 per day.  Hey, at this point it doesn’t really matter, because the White House did not address the entire mess for weeks, though they say they had a meeting the very first day.  Right!  Or should I say, “So”?  Big deal, they had a meeting, I suppose it was with the Oil Czar, you know, one of Obama’s appointees, that has no experience, in the real world, much less in the  “Oil” industry, who no one sees or hears about, but is probably coming up with all the “Good” ideas the White House has  supposedly “made”  BP use,  to stop the oil spill in the Gulf.  Remember Obama said, he’s been on the job since day one, and the White House has been in charge, and “I’m taking full responsibility”. 

Well, as far as I’m concerned, he is responsible though, by waiting until day 38 to mention that “he’s been on the job since day one, or that ‘I’m take full responsibility’”,  is not too reassuring.  This is a disaster of humongous proportions and this guy has been giving speeches at college commencements, having $17,000 per plate fund raisers where they served Beluga Caviar ( the most in demand Caviar in the world) insulting the Governor of Arizona, encouraging racist protests (by illegals mind you, who think they have the right to make demands of the American people) with his remarks and of course he was so busy with the Oil disaster that he couldn’t even make it to Arlington Cemetery for the Memorial Day Ceremony.  Whoops!  I forgot, he skipped the Memorial Day Ceremony so he could go home to Chicago for a mini vacation.  Wow, what a guy! 

Oh, and by the way, the news media forgot, or should I say, decided not to show America the big protests in Chicago, in regards to Obama’s reluctance to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws already on the books, concerning our Southern border and there were those who protested his anti-socialist agenda.  They couldn’t possibly show the world that there are people,  in the city that he calls home,  that are against his policies,  and don’t like  him sitting on his Loral’s while Arizona falls by the way side, because he is allowing foreigners from Mexico, drug lords, drugs and potential terrorists to enter America illegally over our Southern border.  They  are against a Cap and Trade Bill, and an  Energy Bill, where their monthly utility bills will go up. 

Well, he made his “I’m in charge, speech on Thursday” because BP said if the mud and cement exercise worked, they would know it within 48 hours.   They started very late Wednesday afternoon, and the under water pictures showed a substance of mud and oil mixed coming out of the hole, which was mostly brownish in color, which BP said was normal even if it was working.  So, Obama came out on Thursday, thinking that if this works he needs  to make sure that the  American people think that he’s been in charge the whole time and that it was the White House that told BP to do the mud and cement deal, to plug up the hole.  Problem is BP said it would take until Friday or Saturday to really see if it was working.  By Sunday they said it didn’t work.  So, Obama, who said on Thursday that he was in charge from day one, had to do something else to cover the ineptness of the Federal government.

Obama decided to send Attorney General Holder down to the Gulf to inspect what was going on.  When he came back to Washington he made a grand announcement, basically saying the US was going to take criminal and civil action against BP, basically transferring the fault back on to them and away from Obama who swore that  “I’m in charge”  and the “Buck stops with me”.

So, here is the timetable I have come up with.

 1)      4/20/2010 On April 20th there was an explosion and fire on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, in the Gulf.  Eleven men died and 15 were injured.  The White House claims they were on top of this disaster from day one.  (They had a meeting).

2)      4/29/2010  Governor Bobby Jindal, sends a written request to the White House, and Homeland Security asking for 6000 National guardsmen to help prepare for the oil that is headed for the shore line.

3)      5/02/2010 Obama, 12 days after the spill, comes down to  Louisiana to inspect the catastrophe.  Jindal again asks for help and equipment to build 6 foot berms out in the Wetlands to keep the oil off shore.

4)      5/07/2010 BP attempts to lower a Containment box over the exposed, gushing oil leak, 5,000 feet below the surface.  It doesn’t work.

5)      05/26/2010 Late afternoon BP tries new idea called  the “Junk Shot”, dropping sand then cement over the oil leak to basically smother it, then seal it.  The pictures on Cable News shows the oil coming out of the leak has turned mucky brown from solid black.  BP said that it  is normal even if  it’s going to work.  It is just some of the mud escaping along with the black oil from the leak.  Once they get enough mud in there it will plug up the holes. 

6)      05/27/2010 Before going to Louisiana, Obama, Vice Pres. Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton welcomed the U.S. men’s national team to the White House on Thursday morning, with Obama delivering a message to the coaches, players and staff.

7)      05/27/2001  Obama decides that this, so far, looks like the best chance to plug the leaks and comes down to Louisiana to give a speech on how  he  “ has been in charge since day one”, (remember he had a meeting, the very first day, in the White House).   He also said, that the responsibility has always been on his shoulders and that “the buck stops with me” .   BP said it would take 24 hours to see if the “Junk Shot” worked, giving Obama a day to claim victory before BP announced that it was successful.

8)      05/28/2010 Obama invited the Duke men’s basketball team to the White House, on Thursday and praised them for winning the NCAA championship last month.

9)      05/29/2010 BP announces that the “Junk Shot” didn’t work.

10)  05/30/2010  Obama sends Attorney General Holder down to Louisiana to inspect the damage and find evidence to bring criminal charges and civil charges against BP.  This way he could distance himself and the White House away from the whole situation.  Obama was willing to take credit when it looked like the “Junk Shot” would work, but since it didn’t he wanted no part of the blame.   He basically miscalculated the outcome, and now he had to change directions fast when it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to.

11)  05/30/2010  Obama is a “No Show” at Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day Ceremony where a wreath is normally put on the unknown soldiers grave.  He went home for a mini vacation instead.

12)  06/07/2010 Obama has grand Concert at White House for family and Political friends, for a Tribute Ceremony and Obama’s presentation to Paul McCartney of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, awarded by the Library of Congress.  Other performing guests were the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and Faith Hill. 

13)  06/07/2010 I haven’t seen or heard from Obama today.  He must be tired from all the entertaining he has been doing. 

14)  Don’t overlook the fact that Congress is now, using this Gulf spill as the excuse to hurry up and pass the Cap and Trade Bill, so that they can take over the Energy industry. 

15)  Maybe this was what Obama was doing all along,  by not doing anything: Letting things get bad enough so those people who were for drilling off shore could no longer convince the rest of the country that it was still a good idea.  Then again maybe it wasn’t his plan.  You never know what is “real or not real” with this guy.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

I can only say that in my opinion, Obama’s “Failure to Engage” every time there is a major problem, by not acknowledging a problem until the dust settles (so that he knows which way the wind is blowing) can only be interpreted as his modus operandi and certainly renders him a Harvard graduate that is terribly inept.  ss

Amnesty for Illegals, To Protect American Jobs? I don’t Think So!

April 4, 2010

“Democratic Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, are  drafting an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. They gave Obama an update on attempts to lay out a path to win bipartisan support for the measure.  Schumer, of New York, and Graham, of South Carolina, are working on a measure that would create a guest-worker program, tighten border security and resolve the status of the estimated 12 million immigrants in the country illegally. They also want the nation to adopt more secure Social Security cards to block undocumented immigrants from getting jobs”.

Now, Obama wants to do a complete overhaul of U.S. Immigration Laws!  Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and Sen. Lindsey Graham  (R )   presented their overhaul version of a bill to the country two weeks ago. 

So, what do I think?

I guess I would have more respect for Congress if they would only do the job that the American people sent them there to do. The idea of a  “new” Immigration Bill that Schumer and Graham have been working on is a good example of what I’m talking about.  We already have laws on the books regarding Immigration, it should be very evident to anyone who can read a newspaper, hear the sound on a radio or TV, or see what is on Cable News or the Internet, that these laws have not been enforced for quite sometime.

When these laws were originally put on the books (Iwas very young then) there was a quota set up for each country, and only so many people per year could come into the US legally, from these countries.  There were other stipulations they had to follow also, before they were approved for entry into the USA and able to apply for citizenship. 

So, what happened?  I’m tired of these Congressmen just picking and choosing what it is that they want to overhaul, totally disregarding the fact that it doesn’t matter what they do.   If no one enforces the laws already on the books, does anyone really think that re-writing them will do any good or change things?  Does anyone think that all of a sudden and magically the new laws will be enforced?   

Why has no one ever investigated, or even brought up in the News Media, after 911 and after we started a War in Iraq, and were scouring the World looking for Osama Bin Laden,  raising the level of alerts on a daily basis (at first) and worried about secret cells entering the US and spending a Billion dollars a month on the Iraq War,  and suffering the loss of American soldiers lives, that we didn’t think that closing up that southern border, was important or relevant?  Why didn’t we not only put up a Wall but have soldiers stationed along it to stop all illegals from entering the US? 

I guess our government thought the terrorists were not smart enough to even think about coming into the USA illegally, over the US/Mexican border.   

These new laws will not be worth the paper they are written on and for a couple of reasons: 

1) Congress doesn’t even read the bills before they vote on them, so they wouldn’t  know  what laws need to be enforced.

2) Even when Congress reads the bills no one follows up after the law is passed to see if the law is being enforced.  So, bottom line,  because the laws are not enforced then companies will still hire Illegals for less money than they would pay Americans or legal immigrants and there will be more Illegals crossing that border and taking what is left of any jobs from Americans.   

Let’s face it; we need to build a wall along the border just to slow the Illegals down and unless I’m mistaken, there was, maybe 2 year or 3 years ago (actually I believe it was under Bush) a Bill passed for I think, $700+  Million dollars to build that wall.  I know part of the wall was built, whether or not that money was used for that, I don’t know.  I want to know if it was, if its all used up, or if they never funded the project, and if not, why?  

Our Home Land Security, instead of completing the wall (which would constitute changing the purpose of the funding that Congress voted for building that wall) along the southern border to keep Illegals out, decided that putting up camera’s which,  might I add, cost a lot of money, would actually stop the Illegals from coming across the border.  I wonder if Home Land Security has the authority to change the purpose of the funding? 

In reality, it did nothing to stop the Illegals from crossing into the US, but it has allowed us to watch on Cable New, stories about  the  Illegals, seen  on video,  filmed using  Night Vision lenses, sneaking into our country in the dead of night.  It is more like watching a Reality TV show than doing what it was supposed to do,  which is keeping our country safe and secure . 

Now, they want to use drones to watch the Illegals cross the border, maybe using the drones gives the News Media better reception, (this is sarcasm here, in case you didn’t guess it). For a country that needs jobs for its citizens, I’m amazed at how many programs our out-of-touch Congress and Administration come up with that actually put people, Americans,  out of work.   Cameras along the Border means less Border Patrol Officers to basically patrol the border.  Instead, camera’s  need maybe one guy to watch the Illegals cross the border on  multiple  computer screens and  when he sees something suspicious he calls some Border Patrol car to go and check it out. 

The fact that the car may be 20 miles or more away from where the Illegals are crossing doesn’t even enter the minds of the idiots that come up with these ideas.   By the time the Border Patrol gets to the destination where the Illegals were seen crossing, the Illegals are long gone, and probably sitting in some restaurant,  at some truck stop in Arizona,  eating breakfast.  I mean really these camera’s were probably a no-bid payoff  to some big Congressional campaign contributor. 

How do camera’s stop Illegals from entering the country?  Simple, they don’t!   So, where is the common sense?  I would say that an 8 year old could  come  up with the right solution here to correct the situation, like a WALL?  After we build a wall, we need some kind of equipment (and I know we have it) to scan the ground along the border in order to find the tunnels that the drug lords have dug out, so they can bring Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigrants into the US, and destroy them.

It’s all about “POWER”, and the more you have the more you want.  And it’s about  “MONEY” and how it buys you that Power.  The more Money you have the more people you can buy to do your bidding, for the Drug Lords, Money buys them drug dealers, drug runners and people who will dig underground tunnels and it will pay for the Mexican law enforcement to look the other way.  As for Congress,  Money buys  votes, just ask any crooked Congressman (there are a few in Congress).   It buys  Votes to put people in office who will then do the bidding of their benefactors and thus enable them to have more Power.  It will buy Votes to pass bills giving the campaign donor, possibly a no-bid contract, etc., etc.  I know you get the idea.  Bottom-line,  it’ always about Money and Power.  

So, this new revamping of the Immigration Laws, is in my opinion, being targeted as the next BIG Bill we need to pass,  for a couple of reasons: 

1)     Congress and the White House said that no Illegals would be covered by the Health Care Bill.  Give the (they say 12 Million), I say close to 20 Million Illegals, Amnesty and they can get Health Care coverage (isn’t that what Congress wanted all along ?) and then we won’t be covering Illegals, will we?  Then comes the chance for them to vote.  This is just a guess, but I would say that the majority of the Illegals are Mexican, Catholic, uneducated (easily swayed by a smooth telepromter reader) more likely than not, when allowed to vote, will vote Democratic, (The party that keeps on giving and giving,  everything away for free to the poor and/or unproductive and uneducated). 

2)    This will put at least 20 Million more people above the 30 Million people the Democrats say will already be covered by the Health Care Bill onto the roster.  Well, 20 Million  more people, create the demand for more service and products  from  the Pharma’s, Hospitals, Medical Equipment Companies, and a need for more Medical workers on the payroll (just remember these new Medical jobs will be at the lower end of the pay scale, you know the jobs that entail cleaning up other people messes).  Do realize since this new group of Illegals given Amnesty,  will also increase the amount of money we well need to pay for the Health Care Program (Oh no, they told us $1.6 Trillion would be enough)  more than the original $1.6 Trillion, and additional taxes and more money will be taken away from Medicare and Medicaid (the Congressional plan all along)  until they are completely eliminated.   Also, remember that before the Health Care Bill vote,  53% of the Medical Practitioners (MD’s)  said they would quit if the Bill passed, because they didn’t make enough money before the Bill as it is, but if the Bill passed and the government gets their hands on running everything they would make much less.  So with less Doctors we will have rationed Health Care, just like the Tea Party people have been saying, and the Democrats have been lying about.  Come on America, even a 5th grader can follow this line of thinking here. 

3)    So, will these new citizens be working and paying taxes?  Well, they won’t be making more than $250,000, and remember Obama said people making less than $250,000 will not pay additional taxes.   Or will these people be sending that extra cash back to Mexico,  to older family members ( Well, at least there will be lot’s of stimulus money for the Mexican economy)?  And then on our side of the border all these Amnesty recipients can take advantage of government handouts in the USA (free health care, food stamps, Hud  housing and free education etc.)?  Isn’t that what America is all about, give, give give?

4)   Oh, and remember that we moved the Census Bureau into the White House this year so Obama and his Czars can make sure that the Amnesty Program (Whoops!  I mean Census Program) does what it was intended to do, which is to make sure that all those new Americans will be properly represented in Congress thru changes made in the voting districts which will truly benefit the Democrats (you remember,  the Party that keeps on giving)?

Well, Gee, I think I know why Schumer, Graham and the White House want to overhaul Immigration.  It certainly isn’t some BS about how they want to create and protect more jobs for Americans.  And this new National ID?  Do you really think this will be used to make sure Illegals aren’t given jobs by American companys or is it just another way for our Government to keep track of what Americans do on a daily basis?  You know what I’m talking about, “Big Brother”.  Inquiring minds want to know.