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Americans Must Show Their ID Everyday

September 6, 2010

On Sun, 9/5/10,  Pat Christensen  wrote the following email.  I decided it was good enough to pass on, but I’m not an expert at implementing computer functions, so instead of copying and pasting, I had to re-write it to put in on my blog.   I hope it helps those who are against the Arizona Immigration Bill reconsider their stance on it.  

I’m a Legal American Citizen and I must show my ID when: 

  1. Pulled over by the Police.
  2. Making purchases on my Department Store Credit Card.
  3. When I show up for a Doctor appointment.
  4. When filling out a Credit Card or Loan application.
  5. When applying for or renewing a Drivers License or Passport.
  6. When applying for any kind of Insurance.
  7. When filling out a College application.
  8. When donating Blood.
  9. When obtaining certain Prescription Drugs.
  10. When making some Debit purchases, especially when I’m out of state.
  11. When collecting a Boarding Pass for Airline or Train Travel.

 I’m sure that there are more instances, but the point is, that we Citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are almost everyday.

 Why should people in our country Illegally be exempt?????

 So, why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the World?  ss

                                                          Go  ARIZONA !!



Mr. President, Secure Our Southern Border!

July 2, 2010

I got up early this morning.  I thought I would get an early start, go buy some groceries for a Fourth of July celebration that I’m having tomorrow, on the 3rd.  I thought I would prepare the food today, clean the house, and then relax tomorrow and enjoy our company. 

I happened to watch the news this morning, which is a daily habit of mine, and as usual, I’m upset again, about what I see and hear about Illegal Immigration and more importantly about the fact that President Obama still has not secured the Arizona border.

I am truly tired of hearing his campaign rhetoric about the comprehensive Immigration Legislation that he basically is demanding that Congress pass, and of course is blaming the Republicans (again) for not joining him and the House Democrats in passing this urgent (again) Legislation, which they undoubtedly will not read, even if it comes up for a vote.

Governor Brewer made a statement yesterday, and I happen to agree with her, that Americans are tired (so tired) of Obamas refusal to implement the Federal Immigration laws already on the books, to secure our Southern border.  She agrees with him that we need comprehensive Immigration legislation, as do many Americans, but right now, it is more important to cut off the illegal infiltration of our country by Drug Lords, Gun Runners, Rapists, Kidnappers, and Murderers.  This is an immediate and urgent matter, the lives of Americans are at stake, and the only thing he can say, is “I want immediate Immigration legislation passed”.   It’s always what “He wants”, never mind that 70% of the American public agree with Governor Brewer and the new Arizona Immigration bill. 

I am tired of Obamas repetitive speeches on what “He wants” all the time.   I am tired of this President’s constant immature behavior, his name-calling, and his threats to anyone who disagrees with him, and I’m just tired of him.   He is, in my opinion, by far, the most unprofessional example of a President this country has had the misfortune to have in the White House, and instead of representing the American people, chooses to impose his radical agenda on us all.  He deliberately ignores the fact that he is there to do our bidding, not his own. 

Just a side note here: Yesterday, just 12 miles over the border of Arizona, into Mexico, there was a battle between two Drug cartels, in which 21 people died.  This happened just Twelve miles away from the Arizona border.

The day before, a gun battle on the Mexican side of the border, sent bullets from AK47’s into the outside walls of a City Hall building on the American side of the border.

Last week along the border, in Arizona, the Federal government put up signs (on American soil) warning Americans to “go no further”, because that area has been taken over by the Mexican Drug Lords, and Americans could be killed.

Just how much land are you planning on returning to Mexico, Mr. President?  You keep saying that the border is as secure as it ever was.  Well, I don’t recall the last time that the United States of America, gave land back to Mexico. 

What are you waiting for Mr. President?  When will you start defending Americans on the home front by  “Winning the Hearts and Minds” of the American people?

If You Cross The Border Illegally, You Get:

May 18, 2010

I found  some of this information on the internet and thought I would add to it and pass it on to you.  ss









   3.   WELFARE

What’s wrong with this picture?

I guess I still don’t understand… we need to VOTE OUR LAWMAKERS OUT…….. !!!!

Invite your friends,  WORKING or RETIRED  and  all  AMERICAN Citizens to read this post…  For the Future of Our SOCIAL SECURITY, HEALTH CARE and Our COUNTRY… !!!!!!   ss

Democracy Begins With The Power of the Ballot

May 17, 2010

“And let it be said that we are the party of open, honest government that doesn’t peddle the agenda of whichever lobbyist or special interest can write the biggest check. The party who believes that in this democracy, influence and access should begin and end with the power of the ballot”.  Barak Obama, August 28, 2008

 With the passage of the Health Care Bill and the underhanded, manipulative and as far as I’m concerned,  illegal way this Bill was forced upon Americans, I can see why so many are truly angry.  I’m just an ordinary American.  I’m not famous or rich(far from it), but I have had a good education, and have had successes and failures in life.  I do have common sense though, and for the life of me, I can not understand why so many people don’t.  Maybe people don’t  have common sense because they didn’t have proper family guidance growing up, or maybe because they didn’t have a religious upbringing, or maybe it’s because they didn’t get a good education.  For whatever reason, it appears that ”common sense” is not as common,  now days, in the USA.  What we do have is an abundance of betrayal, bribary, cheating, lies, manipulation, threats and retaliation by our elected officials, directed at the American people and aiming at the heart of our Constitution, the foundation of our Republic, and it appears to be taking place on World Wide Cable News. 

As Americans we don’t want to be made fools of, so many try not to acknowledge what is taking place, hoping that if they ignore it, it will certainly go away.  Well, folks “it ain’t gonna happen”, it’s here and it’s here to stay until we defeat it by fighting back.  Others say “let’s give him a chance” referring to Obama (like  he hasn’t had enough time)?  Maybe if he got off the campaign trail and actually acted Presidential instead of like a Community Organizer, America would feel like someone was actually in charge in Washington. 

But to our dismay we have been led down a trail of back room, in the dead of night, unethical, and  in my mind, illegal deals putting the Health Care Bill into Law, by any and all means possible, even though the majority of the American public polled was against the Health Care Bill as it was written.  It has always amazed me at what point a person could be bought.  It seems though the price tag is above and beyond the price of money, and power, the price of Freedom is too high a price to pay, and Congress never had the right to sell what was not  theirs to sell,

So, to say that the Democratic Party is the Party of “Open, Honest” government is just another lie by a group of elected elitiests who have completely ignored their duty to God and Country for fame, money and power.  How were they able to accomplish this? By Americans lack of involvement, until it was too late, to stop them. 

The Tea Party people, though they have accomplished more than I believe anyone thought they would, and they have much more work to do, if they are to succeed in the end.  Success for them involves taking back their country from the grasp of the czars, (30 +) radical buddies of Obama’s and it entails removing a President from office whose agenda has always been to replace  our Democracy with Socialism.   More interested in hearing himself talk, by constantly campaigning, he has betrayed the people he was elected to represent, by not listening to what they have to say.

Now, he has encouraged the poor, uneducated, unemployed and those who have illegally entered this country to ban together and protest the legality of the new Arizona Immigration Law, by misrepresenting what it says.   We now have protests and marches all over the country against Arizona and it’s citizens.  Obama seems to forget that the residents of Arizona are part of the USA also. 

He is not protecting the citizens of Arizona from drug dealers, murderers, and kidnappers, by closing the border.  He’s made no attempt to recitfy the situation by continuing to build the wall which already had funds in place to pay for it.  He has said nothing to the people who are marching asking them to go home and wait for him to work something out with Arizona, like enforcing the Federal Law already on the books.  He has done nothing to stop what may well turn into riots during the hot months of this summer, when the unemployed full of dispair, become restless.

Today, the Obama administrations Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State, in a meeting with the Chinese, brought up the problem of illegal Immigration in Arizona, and the new Arizona Immigration Law.  Actually apologizing for America’s Human Rights failures as though China is on equal footing with the US on this issue.   What can this guy be thinking?  Just where has the “common sense” gone??? 

I believe a good education, where one is taught how to analyze the facts before making a descision  is imperative in possessing common sense.  By law most Americans have had an opportunity to get a good education.  Sure, some have not had it as good as others, but the basics have been taught in, I would think, all American public schools.  Students have been taught  that one plus one equals two.  It’s a fact.  We have been taught to look at the facts and come up with the proper solution. One plus one is always and will always be two.  

So, why, is it that this ability to add the facts up properly doesn’t extend to other problems in life?  It certainly should.  It’s at that point, when we aren’t talking about math that a problem and how to add up the facts and come up with the same answers, or the right or common sense answers gets slightly confusing.  Why is that?  Could it be because so many other factors enter into the picture?  For instance if the facts include lies, then how can you add them up and come up with the right answer or the same answer that someone else comes up with?

In the real world we have people coming from all sorts of backgrounds, educational opportunities, life styles, and upbringing, which all enters into how we look at the same facts but come up with different answers.  When lies, or false-hoods become a factor, when people cheat, or hide the truth, or when they don’t follow the rules or break the law then you can not expect to come up with a common sense answer to any problem which presents itself, much less agree on with others, what the answer is and common sense “will” bear that out.

I know this may sound confusing, but bear with me here.  Politicians have a way of either speaking the truth as it is, or speaking “a” truth as to how they want those listening to them, perceive it to be.  Politicians have gotten so good at spinning the truth that no one can actually tell what the “truth” is any longer.  This is where common sense “Must” come in, if we are to survive. 

It is up to each American to take the time, to read about the problems we as a Nation face.  Each of us, by any and all means, which includes TV, Radio, Papers, Speeches, Tea Party Rallies, or by whatever means are available, “Must” gather all the facts about what is going on in our country and then make a common sense decision as to what action needs to be taken and how we must move forward.  I have tried to do this and have come up with facts that I deem to be true which have helped me make some “Common Sense” decisions as to my part in reacting to the “Change” in America, which has been forced upon us by our elected officials in Washington DC.  

It’s not a pretty picture, I must say.  History tells me that it’s my “Duty” to participate and to come up with my interpretation of the facts, based on common sense.  It is my responsibility to decide for myself what is going on in DC and how it will affect my fellow Americans and me, and then I can act on this decision appropriately. 

So, it up to everyone to get involved, we cannot leave it up to the present elected officials in DC, to correct the wrongs that have been done, because they are the culprits.

We need new and honest representatives in Washington, men of character (not characters), men of honor to lead the American people out of the darkness and into the light once more.  We can do this starting with the primaries and work our way up the ladder to the mid-term elections. 

As our President said, The party who believes that in this democracy, influence and access should begin and end with the power of the ballot”.  Barak Obama, August 28, 2008

 Finally he and I can agree on something.  ss

Will Obama, Step Up And Secure the Borders?

May 13, 2010

I have been watching Cable news for the last few days and am quite upset with what is going on in response to the new Arizona Immigration law.   Obama preempted Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s scheduled press conference last week, where she was going to announce her decision to sign the new Immigration bill into law.  In his speech, at a naturalization ceremony for 24 members of the military, Obama made the following statement about the Governors decision to sign the Immigration bill, “Our failure to act responsible at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others. That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threatens to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe”. 

I cannot tell you how upset this President has made me.  Then I think who am I, that he should even care what I think?  My answer, to myself, surprised even me.

I’m a Patriotic American citizen, President Obama is supposed to “REPRESENT” me.  He is supposed to “PROTECT” me, as an American citizen.  He is supposed to be “HONEST” with me.  He is supposed to “LEAD” the American people.  He is supposed to be “PROUD” to be the Commander and Chief.  But what has he done?

He is more interested in “DIVIDING” than he is in “UNITING”.

Obama has been more interested in “REPRESENTING FORIEGNORS” than the people he was elected to represent.  He is more concerned with “PROTECTING” the rights of Illegals, than he is at protecting the LIVES of Americans.  He is more interested in “LEADING” the Global community than in Leading Americans according to the Constitution.  He is more “PROUD” of being Black than he is at being part Black and part White, a fact that he could have used to Unite Americans.  He seems to have forgotten that he is both Black and White.

His thinking is Racist, yet he constantly accuses others,  “Whites” of being racist.  He is more interested in driving a wedge between Blacks and Whites than he is in bringing the Country together.  Consider Martin Luther King, Jrs. words  I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. 

Yet, Obama has, with his comments about the new Arizona Immigration Law, deliberately misled all those who believe in him as a leader.  He has divided the American people.  He has convinced them that the new Immigration Law is Racist, that it involves racial profiling, even though, it plainly states in the Law that no racial profiling will be tolerated, it is prohibited.

He completely avoids mentioning that the new Immigration Law in Arizona was passed to help protect Arizona residents, Hispanic and White, from drug dealers on killing sprees, and from Kidnappings that have been in so many numbers that Arizona is second in the World, only behind Mexico City as the Kidnapping Capitol. 

He has refused to do anything to help these people,  American citizens, White, Black and Hispanic, who are legally here, by continuing to build the Wall, which was started a while back, to help keep the majority of Illegals out of the country.   He refuses to secure the Borders.  Foreignors do not belong here unless they come in legally.  It’s the Law and Obama has no interest in enforcing the Law.   Now, why is that? 

Why would the President of the United States of America not give a damn about protecting the American people?  Maybe some news media person might consider asking that question, that’s if there are any left who actually care about reporting “NEWS”.

Obama has, because he knows that he has the “power of words”,  used those words, to encourage  those, many who are Illegal (and as far as I’m concerned, do not have the right)  to march and protest in our country.  He has welcomed their misconception of what is a right of an American citizen, and what, if any, are the rights of visitors to our country, much less what is the right, IF ANY, of an Illegal alien, in our country. 

I can assure you that Illegals DO NOT have the right to demand that America changes it’s Laws to satisfy their wants and needs. 

No President, no Czar, no Congressman, no Illegal, and no misguided American, can tell me that it is “Illegal” for me to demand, as an American citizen, that the Law of the Country, my country, be enforced and “NOW,”  and if I know anything, I know this;  that it is “My” right to speak out.   ss

Why Is Detroit, Michgian 80% Black?

May 4, 2010

I read a question on line today and decided to write about it tonight.  The person writing the question asked “Why Is Detroit, Michigan 80% Black?  Then went on to say, that she thought it was because of Racism.  I did not agree so I chose to answer her question.

Yes, Detroit is black, but it’s not because of racism, it’s because when the industry moved out, the whites moved north, following the corporations that located in the northern areas of Detroit, like Southfield, then Troy and Sterling Heights.  The blacks chose to stay, many because they didn’t have the money to move, or already had a job and stayed to keep it, maybe to only to lose it later.  New industry came to town, like the Casinos, but not enough jobs with it. But racism, I don’t agree.  Just because Detroit is mostly black doesn’t mean it’s because of racism. It’s because they chose to stay when most others left. 

People who think alike, many times, come together and live in a certain location, city, neighborhood, it’s their comfort zone.  America has a long history of immigrants that came to this country and often they moved into the ethnic sections of a particular state, or city, or neighborhood, representing their culture, language, and religious beliefs and based many times on weather, or geography, like what they were used to in the old country, and sometimes it was because of the type of businesses in the area, similar to their interests.  The problem, (now, this is my own opinion) is with cultures and ethnic backgrounds and how they interact with others of different ethnic, or cultural backgrounds. The problem is a lack of education and interaction.

 As an example, Arabs are and always were considered merchants (groceries, tailors, today many are gas station owners) the Jews were more intellectual and were teachers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, and the Irish were farmers, when they came to America, these are the fields they prospered in back in the old country, so they continued in these fields here.  Many of these groups started communities on the Eastern coast and they became small cities with schools and churches revolving around their particular culture. 

In Dearborn, Michigan and the surrounding area there is the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East and certainly not because of racism.  It initially started because of the Rouge Plant and Henry Ford looking for more workers.  Today, the Arabs have a thriving community, they have businesses, and their children go to school.  One thing I can say for them is that they do make an effort to get an education.

 Everywhere Arabs go in this country they know that Dearborn is the Mecca here in the USA for them.  For the Arabs, Dearborn would be a place where they could go and live (comfort zone) in a strange new country and feel like they belong.

But it is still not because of racism.

They came to Dearborn because it was America the land of the Free, and because they could get jobs there, they came in droves.  They have stayed and made a new life for themselves.  They made the effort.  The Arabs came to America because it was their idea to come here for a new beginning, a job and Freedom.

Now, we have the blacks, whom were brought here as slaves, mostly in the south and lived on plantations, and though many men were involved with planting and harvesting, and learned farming techniques, and many women and girls did cooking and housekeeping there was one thing that was lacking, in there day to day routine and that was an education.  Many plantation owners forbid them to be taught how to read.  It took a very long time in this country even after they were freed for blacks to get a proper education and even today they are still fighting to get a top-notch education.

The difference between the Arabs and the Blacks who came to America, is that the Arabs chose to come here.  The Blacks were at a disadvantage from day one, because they were forced to come here.  So, where the Arabs had their lives in their new country all planned out, the Blacks were slaves, at someone else’s beck and call.  They had no plans, nothing to look forward to because they were forced to come here.  

It seems that they were always kept down.   And when the blacks saw no hope for themselves, many turned to selling drugs, or other illegal activities and actually made good money.  Others feeling that the government owed them because they didn’t do enough to help them, decided hand outs were the answer and they could get along with, Hud housing, food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, so why would they need to work?  This has been I feel the worst example of how to live in America that any parent could possibly hand down to their children, because it has continued on and on and on with no light at the end of the tunnel for the parents or their children.

These handouts from the Government have made many blacks think that there was no reason to get a good education because the Government would take care of them. Some would continue to try, work hard and get an education, then be held back in the workforce.  It all comes down to what Society thinks and what they expect from you, no matter what your race, ethnic background, or age is. 

It is hard to rise and shine on a personal level when you have society working against you.  Many years ago Society worked against the blacks, purposely.  In the last 40 years or so, society has tried to make up for their lack of effort in promoting education for the blacks, and have passed laws to enforce equal educational opportunities for all Americans, black, white, Chinese, Hispanics, but it appears that many of the blacks have given up. 

It takes an individual with a lot of drive, energy, motivation and guts to break out of a box devised by a system that expects you to be so-so, or one way when you aspire to be great, or another way.   It also takes a few generations of blacks who are educated to promote a positive self-worth belief, an energetic, goal oriented attitude in their young, in order for them to be able to break out of the downward spiral their lives are heading in, to enable them to look upward and climb to new heights, in their lives.

Sadly, the conditions now in this country are near the bottom or beginning for many blacks and they need to start again from square one.  Only now it will be even harder, because of the economic conditions in America there is no money to invest in structuring an educational program whereby the blacks can catch up.  Every time we turn around Congress, or State Legislatures are taking money from the Education fund to pay for their pork barrel projects.  

For the time being the Government is offering college and training for some of those who are unemployed but it’ only in certain fields and it might not last much longer. 

The Government is going forward with more handouts to a group of people who actually believe that now, they will be able to afford the things they always wanted, but couldn’t afford before and that somehow the Government will pay for it.  Well, this will not happen.  Again, the establishment is fooling them, because now, we have the Hispanics coming into the country, and when they are given amnesty they will not be the lowest on the totem pole.  The blacks will remain there.  There will be more Hispanics in America than blacks.  They also have and will have the jobs, minimum wage, maybe, but it will be the jobs that the unemployed blacks and whites would have had initially just because they were Americans. 

So, it is up to the black people to change their way of thinking and as hard as that might be, I can only tell you from experience, that you should never allow anyone else to keep you down.  You should never give up on being whatever it is you want to be.  You need to take some responsibility, much of the responsibility of educating yourself, by reading as much as you can, about everything that interests you.  Read books about the field or job you want to go into.

Read books about famous inventors like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, or Einstein.  Read books on American History, The Founders who wrote the Constitution, and about the Civil War, and stories like Huckleberry Finn and Sam Houston.  

Study math, science, and probably one of the most important things you can do to give yourself a boost is to learn another language and 3 of the most important languages to learn are Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese along with learning English. Any one of these three languages as a second language, could open many doors for you when you graduate from high school and/or hopefully college.  

There is nothing more important than a good education to get you where you want to go.  Nothing more self-satisfying than having a head full of knowledge that is there at the drop of a hat when you need to use it.

 The world is changing; don’t believe false promises from anyone.  Do it yourself.  You can learn a lot from books, movies on the History channel, even movies at the show.  Learning can be fun, especially if you make it into a game where you can be the winner.

 I’m sorry this was so long, but I truly feel that a child can take his education into his own hands as long as he is given some encouragement from his parents and/or caregivers, and/or teachers.  You are never too young or too old to learn, but it will always be up to you to start the process and keep it going, until you get to where it is,  that you want to be.

Obama Challenges Arizona Immigration Law

April 24, 2010

By Paul Davenport And Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press Writers

PHOENIX – Civil rights advocates vowed Saturday to challenge Arizona’s tough new law targeting illegal immigration, saying it will lead to racial profiling of Hispanics despite the governor’s assurance abuses won’t be tolerated.

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill that supporters said would take handcuffs off police in dealing with illegal immigration in Arizona, the nation’s busiest gateway for human and drug smuggling from Mexico and home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants.

Read complete article here:  Advocates vow challenges to Ariz. immigration law - Yahoo! News.

Earlier Friday, President Barack Obama called the Arizona bill “misguided” and instructed the Justice Department to examine it to see if it’s legal. He also said the federal government must enact immigration reform at the national level — or leave the door open to “irresponsibility by others.”  

Now, Obama, made this statement (most likely her people spoke to his people, so he knew she was going to sign it) before Governor Brewer announced she was going to sign the bill into law, so that he could set the story up to go his way. 

In my opinion, President Obama instead of insulting, yet another, duly elected official in this country, who just so happens to disagree with him, should have said that “I’m going to check with the Justice Department and Home Land Security, since it is the Federal Governments job to make sure that AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE SAFE, and see why they have not taken care of this problem, of Hispanics coming into the USA illegally. 

That would have been the appropriate response, from my point of view, but then, who am I, but just another American citizen who is not happy with what is going on in DC?

 American laws were set up to protect Americans, and law-abiding citizens, but in the last 20 or so years, it seems that there purpose has been changed to protect criminals, illegals and terrorists trying to destroy  the USA.  I am tired of anything that is described as “Politically Correct”.   

I know, I’m not a Congressman, I’m not one of the 4% richest people in the country, and I surely am not some liberal Professor from Harvard.  Nope, I’m or shall I say I was a hard working American Citizen until I lost my job.  But I do know one thing, and that is if you want to talk about “Political Correctness” then we should start by discussing how it is that Congress is considered “Politically Correct” when they vote for bills that their constituents do not want. 

Maybe we should discuss what,  I would assume, Nancy Pelosi feels is “Politically Correct” when she refers to American Citizens as being Astro Turf or radicals because she doesn’t like them disagreeing with her, and because, as she puts it, she feels that she is a better judge of what we need than we are.

Or maybe we should talk about the fact that OUR PRESIDENT feels an obligation to continually apologize to the world for what he feels is bad behavior on the part of the American people.  Just how is his non-Presidential behavior, which he has been displaying almost daily, in one manner or another, gets  misinterpreted by the Liberal media, to be “Politically Correct”? 

I’m so tired of people complaining about Racial Profiling.  If you are looking for illegal Hispanics (Mexicans) then it stands to reason that you are not going to stop and question a Japanese citizen 99% of the time.  Yes, probably many legal Americans of Hispanic descent are going to be stopped and asked to prove American citizenship, and why, because they look Mexican.   Hey, the saying is If it looks like a Duck, Talks like a Duck, then it’s a Duck”. 

 Why should this be Racial profiling?  It would be considered, along with how he was dressed,  part of  the description of someone who  potentially committed a crime;  like sneaking into the United States of America.  Yes, folks, that’s still ILLEGAL!  And I’m tired of constantly being forced as an American to bend over backwards to satisfy the sensitivities of people who are, in this particular case, “Enemies of the State (USA)”.  Yes,  if you are here illegally,  it’s a CRIME!     ss