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February 27, 2014

I think the Poolside 2014 Cadillac ELR ad is terrific.  I see it as a response to Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Charles Shumers (D-NY) ridiculous comments trying to cover-up the colossal failure of Obamacare, which resulted in the loss of full-time, well-paid jobs and the lowering of the full-time work week from 40 hours per week to 35 hours.  This Healthcare abomination has resulted in the creation of minimum wage, full-time, temporary jobs and Nancy is promoting this as a good thing, claiming that now these under achievers, and under paid workers can relax, follow their dreams and let the Government take over in supporting them.  Of course, what Nancy, Harry (Reid) and Charles don’t tell you is that along with that government support, that they claim is a good thing, they are also passing Bills that will allow the government to regulate what you eat, drink, and soon what activities you must participate in if you want to be supported and receive government paid for and less than optimal Healthcare.  

Most foreigners come to America to follow their dreams, but those dreams don’t include sitting on their duffs all day and painting a picture or playing the guitar Ms. Pelosi.  People come here, to the land of opportunity, where they have the Freedom to compete, in the work place, where the best of the best, rise to the top, and by doing so, they develop a good work ethic, sense of self-worth, satisfaction for putting in a good days work and pride in themselves, knowing they can pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, but on their own terms, with money they have earned and with pride because they too are a part of the American  exceptionalism that Patriotic, true Americans have always had.  For those who do not believe in American exceptionalism, well, all I can say is, WOW!  Evidently, there’s a sucker born every minute.  ss



America: In God We Trust?

May 5, 2011

I recently watched, one more time, the movie, Ten Commandments.  There is one scene in the movie that has repeatedly come to my mind over the last year.  When Moses parts the Red Sea and all the Jews cross safely to the other side, and the Sea falls back into place the Jews  finally feel free and safe.  Moses goes up into the Mountain at which time he sees the Burning bush and God gives him the Tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved on them.  While Moses is up in the Mountains the saved Jews below, in their over joyous mood, because they escaped from the land of the Pharaoh’s, work themselves up into a frenzy.  The mood among the Jews  goes from happiness to joyous to sinful erotica.   They build pagan Gods to pray to.  They dance in a very uninhibited manner, partake in orgies, drink themselves into a stupor, start praying to false Gods, lose all inhibitions, forget who led them to the promised land (God) and turn away from God.

In the movie version of the Ten Commandments, which is a story taken from the Bible, the Jews, man, lost his way and God was not pleased.  Those who did not repent were banished to hell, those who repented were saved.  And life went on.

Now, Two thousand years later, in America we are seeing a replay, so to speak, much like the movie version, and very much like the story in the Bible, but in some respects it is playing out in many different ways, our country is in total chaos, but the underlying theme of Godlessness, is still there.

Society has changed.  Many no longer value themselves, have no self respect, have no morals, have lost compassion for their fellow man, and have become selfish, and self-serving.

It is apparent in our leaders, like Congress, who have an uncontrollable appetite for more money and power.  They have no qualms about walking over one another to climb the ladder of success.  The President had no reservations about throwing his party’s members under the bus, for not voting his way on the Health Care Bill.   Our leaders believe they are above the law and openly break them.  If they have money and power they do not suffer the consequences of breaking the law.   Did Charlie Rangel ever relinquish those HUD apartments in New York or lose his seat in Congress?

These same ugly excuses for human beings spew hatred against law-abiding citizens.  They call Patriotic Americans “Astro-turf”.  Look whose calling whom “artificial.”

Many of these Congressional leaders call Tea Party people Racists.  They make deals under the table and get rich on our time and buck.  These bloodsuckers have no ethics, no honor and no humility.  They are truly un-American. 

Our Congressional gold-diggers are like the people in the movie, Ten Commandments; they have lost their way and it doesn’t look like they are about to change for the better, anytime soon.  They have taken American history out of school books.  they have taken the Ten Commandments off the walls of our court houses.  They have taken over almost every sector of our society and turned it into a government entity.  They have promised the poor a better life, so that they will vote to keep them in office.  This will change, once they get what they want, which is a weak America, where the citizens do what they are told.

They have decided the elderly are of no use any longer, and it’s not because they are old, but because they are smart and know what the leaders are up to and would stand in their way.  Those seniors, Congress wants to get rid of, with their “Death Panels” are the only people holding this country together.  Once they are gone, so is America. 

Americans have lost the one thing that made America great; “In God We Trust”.  They have lost their faith, they have turned their backs on God.  ss

Republicans: Second Chances are Hard to Come By!

July 11, 2010

Congress took a week off for the 4th of July holiday and left DC without extending the unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.  Now, I grant you that in normal times I see nothing wrong with someone getting unemployment benefits while he looks for another job.  Many of the unemployed receiving benefits have been doing so for 2 years, which is normally more than enough time to find another job.  

There is in my estimate close to 25 million people out of work.  The majority gave up looking for jobs a few years ago.  Those who were expecting an extension in benefits are out of luck.  The thing that is different this time, more than any time in the past is that there are no jobs, and truthfully, there are not going to be any jobs, for years to come.  Not unless we replace the incumbants in Congress, and not unless we replace the President in 2012.

Obama promised 3 million jobs if the Stimulus bill was passed.  He lied.    This was a promise he was not equipped to make.  He is not an economist, and though he is supposed to be a Harvard graduate, that doesn’t mean he is  “all knowing”.   The Congress did everything they could think of, threats, blackmail, begged, bribed and I’m sure much more to their peers, to get enough votes to pass the Stimulus bill,  against much opposition and now that they have been proven wrong and have lost 8 million jobs, instead of creating 3 million, they want to pass another Stimulus bill. 

Now, there are millions of Americans, this past week who are beside themselves trying to figure out where they are going to get their next meal from, and how they will survive, without those extended benefits, that Congress didn’t feel was important enough for them to take a pass, on their week long vacation and actually sit down and do something about the job problem.  That being said, there really isn’t anything Congress can do about the job market or lack there of, because it will take the American people to turn the economy around.

So, what do these Americans do now?  Well, if they can’t get help from family, or friends, there really isn’t much they can do.  So, now what?  Well, I have been having visions (not really) of soup lines sponsored by the government, like they had during the depression.  I would think many would say that I’ve gone out of my mind that this can’t happen in America.  Well, I’ve got news for all you die hearts, it can and will unless God performs some miracle. 

I have been saying for the last few years, that if there is no industry in America, if there is no manufacturing, then there will be no recovery.  All those jobs that the American corporations sent overseas, are gone and are not coming back and just in case Congress is reading this, I want them to know that part time, minimum wage jobs are NOT going to turn America around.

I am fed up with the outrageous, condescending attitude that this Congress has toward every American who basically is not in their immediate circle of campaign contributors and Lobbyists who are the bearers of financial, under the table, non taxable gifts to these Congressmen in order to secure votes that swing their way. 

It’s time Americans stand up for what is right.  It’s time to remove these self-serving elected officials out of Politics and out of DC forever.   Actually, believe it or not, but the Tea Party people have gone a long way in scaring incumbent Democrats and must continue to do so, if they want to get them out of office.  

It is time for the Republicans to “wake up and smell the coffee,” because they can be replaced too.  I think the Republicans think that they can just sit back and let the Tea Party people take care of the Democrats by themselves.   Well, I have news for the Republicans; if they want to take control of the House they had better help the Tea Party people and if they don’t want to go out there and campaign for those Republicans. that are running for office then the least they can do is come up with some money and hand it over to the Tea Party people.  Why do I say that?  Well, if the Tea Party people, who are not nationalized by any means, are going to win this mid-term election for America  they will need money.  Since they are doing the work of taking back the country on a shoe string budget, and when they succeed, it will most likely be the Republicans who will benefit from the win, then I say the Republicans can at least donate some money to the cause.  

Obama is on a roll and has been campaigning for Reid over the weekend.  Reid is almost as bad as Pelosi and needs to be removed from office.  There needs to be lots of Republican and Tea Party ads run in Nevada, and that costs money.  The ads need to start running now, and continue until the election.  This is going to be the last chance and maybe for 6 more years to get Obama’s agenda off the docket, so to speak.  Look what he and his followers have done to this country in just a year and a half, just how much more damage can this country take?  So, just imagine what these progressives can do if they have the next 2 years to do it in and then that rolls into another 4 years.  We may find ourselves to be worse off than some of the 3rd world countries we have always gone out and helped.  When we are that bad off, which countries do you think will help us out?   Don’t worry, I’ll tell you “None”. 

So, to the Republicans I say, “help the Tea Party people, help you”, get to work on this election, invite them in and work together.  There is no need to fear the Tea Party people; they want what you want; the Democrats out of D.C. and the easiest way to do that is to work together.  Do some fund raising, and start having your heavy weights go out on the campaign trail (besides Palin) and help those people who are running for office. 

This mid-term election, in my opinion, will be America’s last chance to save it’s self from any further destruction.  Turning things around will not be easy, and Americans will not have the chance to try unless we replace 41 Representatives in the House, with real, patriotic Americans, you know the kind I mean, the ones that actually tell the truth and work for and not against the American people who put them  in office.  Congressmen  enjoy a fabulous life-style paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of everyday Americans.  I can assure you that there has been a lot of tears in American homes in the past few years.

The time has come for the Republicans to help the Tea Party people take back our country.  It’s time we put Americans back to work (and I don’t mean one of Obama’s half baked stimulus job programs, where Americans work for minimum wages, part-time and for a few weeks before they are returned to the status of being unemployed).  For America to survive we need real jobs, we need industry and manufacturing  jobs which we can retire from years from now. 

It’s time for the real Americans to stand up and fight to keep this country “Free” because it just won’t happen by wishing it.  Second chances are hard to come by, and third chances, well, there usually aren’t any.  ss

Poor Charlie Rangel

March 4, 2010

I have always enjoyed watching Charlie Rangel speak; maybe it was just his colorful presentation that I enjoyed.  That being said, doesn’t anyone wonder why he is still allowed to actually be in Congress?  The investigation into this man’s under-the-radar antics, by the House Ethics Committee should have been finished by now.  So, over a year since they started their investigation these morons announce that he took a trip paid for by private money, and they are admonishing him for doing so. 

 Come on people; get off your As_ _ _.  After all this time of investigating Charlie Rangel this is the best that you can do?  

What about the fact that as the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, the man in charge of writing the country’s tax policy, Charlie Rangel,  hasn’t paid taxes on income from a home in the Dominican Republic.  How about the 3 or 4 HUD properties he owns in Manhattan?   How the h _ _, did he get those?  I couldn’t possibly get a HUD apartment in Manhattan, and I’m pretty sure I would qualify for one. 

Where is the IRS?  Oh, I know everyone on planet earth knows about Charlie Rangel’s lapse in paying his taxes, thanks to the Internet, yet the IRS knows nothing.  If somehow the information about his lack of filing a legal tax return was accidently overlooked by the IRS, they sure know about it now, and they would have a good chance of getting their money, since Mr. Rangel should be very well known to them, and they do know where he works.  I mean he is in charge of writing tax law.  I thought the IRS was in charge of collecting the taxes.  I guess just not from the guy who writes the law.  

And what about this Ethics committee? 

 Why has it taken them so long, over a year and a half to investigate something I’m sure they all already knew about?  Let’s face it Charlie Rangel is known by all in Congress, and I’m sure the water fountain gossip knows about all his little under the table dealings.

 So, why come out and reprimand him on a few trips paid for by the private sector? 

1)      And not get him on proven issues of not paying taxes on income from his home in the Dominican Republic?

2)      I would think he would owe taxes on the HUD apartments in Manhattan. so where’s the money?

3)       I want to know how he was able to get 4 of these apartments, depriving someone who really needed a home, out of getting one?

4)       Also, I want to know how he qualified for even one of these apartments, and what is the punishment for procuring them illegally?

5)      When will these apartments be taken from him?

6)      What restitution will he be paying for the illegal use of the apartments?

7)      I would think, lying about his economic status, and qualifications in getting the apartments would lead to legal action by the attorney generals office, right?

8)      Or did he just call someone up and throw his weight around, and demand the apartments, and because of who he was some low, on the totem pole, government employee, gave him not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 HUD apartments for his personal use.  By the way, what was that employees name?  I’m sure he’s still not working for HUD, right?

9)  When does he get removed from Congress??????

 Well,  Ethics Committee, I believe you have your work cut out for you.  I would think by now, though, you should have the answers to all these questions, and I want to know why you have not done anything about this YET!   

It seems to me that someone who has been re-elected some 20 times should know the rules.  When asked about Charlie Rangel, Nancy  Pelosi seems to be content with letting the Ethics Committee take it’s time.  Could it be that she needs old Charlie there in order to pass the Health Care Bill?   I wonder. 

I also wonder about the fact that Americans are just as indifferent about Mr. Rangel’s  “I’m above the Law attitude” as Nancy Pelosi is, as Speaker of the House.  Where is the demand for his removal from Congress?  Where is the demand for Honesty from our elected officials?   Where are the Patriots?

Well, since I wrote this, yesterday morning, good old Charlie asked Nancy’s permission to take a temporary leave of absence (hanging on for dear life here) from his Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee position.  Charlie’s explanation to the news media was, so his colleges wouldn’t have to answer questions about him during their mid-term campaigning.  But the real reason is a little bit more truthful; so his colleges wouldn’t need to explain while campaigning to get re-elected, in the mid term elections, why, one of their own could possibly get away with so much illegal activity, for so many years and they did not say or do anything about it?   

As for Charlie, he could give a damn about his colleges’ re-election ability.  He knew if he didn’t ask for a leave of absence, that he would have been permanently removed.  He’s just self-centered and egotistical.  He wants this job until the day he dies, he wants, no he thrives on the power of the position.  After being re-elected 20 times, he thinks he owns it. 

Tea Partiers Need More Action, Less Talk

March 2, 2010

I watched the National Tea Party’s first gathering a week ago.  Sarah Palin was the main speaker.  She did a good job,  expressing her views and the views of the Tea Party movement.  I am pleased that Americans are finally standing up and getting involved.  One thing I want to point out though, is that the Tea Parties have been reving up for the last year, but now it’s time to go into action.  Yes, they have started, but to really effect this mid-term election, they need to  Stop talking and start “Doing”. 

We need to get to work Now, Today!  We have only 9 months until the elections and time flys by very fast.  It’s time to start targeting some issues and we need a National Referendum put on the ballot in each state this year. We need to change how Congress gets paid.

1)No continuous pay checks once they leave office.
2)They need to be put on Social Security like the rest of us
3)If and/or when they pass a Health Care bill it will apply to them also. No more treatment as though they are Royalty.
4)They only serve TWO terms and then they are out. This will help limit the amount of corruption within those Congressional walls.
5)The spouses should be on Social Security now.

They also need to be put on the same Health Care program that they so graciously pass for us. These very disgustingly poor examples for Human beings, much less Americans deserve to be run out of town with no benefits at all. They have done nothing but waste a whole year working (supposedly) on a bill the majority don’t want, instead of spending that time working on a plan for jobs for unemployed Americans.

These people, especially this Congress, starting with Nancy Pelosi, are condescending in the way they speak to or about their constituents, they are rude and self-absorbed. They refuse to listen to their constituents when they say “NO” to a bill they are working on. The Health Care bill is an example, something like 70% of Americans do not want the Health Care bill Congress has been fervently working on, and they have yet to listen.

This Congress just wasted 1 year, working on a Health Care bill that the people they are supposed to be helping by passing this bill, cannot afford to pay the monthly payments on because they are out of work. Congress hasn’t listened, but has instead said, “Hey, if you don’t pay then you will be fined”. I mean this really makes sense, doesn’t it? The fact that many Americans have no job doesn’t even matter. Of course, I believe if they don’t pay the fine they are sentenced to a term in jail, where they will at least get food, shelter, and “YES” Health care for free.

Really do you actually think these idiots deserve the salary they are getting paid now, much less after they retire? I don’t. In fact, just writing this is making me sick.

This Congress has yet to earn what they have been paid this year. And I truly hope, with all my heart, that we pay them the bonus they deserve for  all their hard work this year, by not re-electing them.