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Trump: I’m Very Proud of Myself Today!

April 27, 2011

“I’m very proud of myself today” Trump announced.  In a live interview by the media today, Donald Trump took a bow.  His constant demand to see the Big “O’s” Birth Certificate paid off.  He got his wish when the White House released a copy of what is supposed to be the real, true Birth Certificate of President Obama

The White House claimed all week long that Trump’s demand for the President to show his Birth Certificate would be Trumps undoing.  Actually I think that thought backfired on the White House, especially after Obama’s news conference, which I would say, purposely, cut into Trump’s news conference.   The White House was determined to make Trump look bad.  Yet, he’s the only American that has been able to make the White House provide a full copy of the President’s Birth Certificate?   This was certainly a feather in Trumps hat. 

Obama said, with a BIG GRIN on his face that “This issue has been going on for 2 years and I have watched with amusement.”  I’m glad to see that he’s so easily amused by something that is so serious and something that has caused so much controversy among millions of American citizens, and yet he preferred to be amused for two years, instead of setting the record straight.  I find this a very smug attitude on his part.  I’m actually somewhat appalled by his arrogant remark.

I don’t find it amusing at all, that being asked to prove one is a Natural born, American Citizen, according to US election laws, before running for President of the USA and getting elected and then implying that this is a non-issue.   Being amused for two years instead of just producing the Birth Certificate is totally un-Presidential.

This should have been brought up in the vetting process.  As I recall, maybe wrongly though, Obama was never really vetted.  I think the Dems used the book Obama claims he wrote as the way to vet him.

The President went on to say that “I have been puzzled and amused by this topic.  Yes, I was born in Hawaii.  We have some enormous challenges out there.”  Paraphrasing here, We have important decisions to make and this is going to lead to serious debates.  Then he said, but we are not going to be able to do that if we make things up or if we are distracted by Sideshows and Carnival Barkers, the last remark referring to Mr. Trump. 

By the way, Mr. President, what happened to your plea for no more name calling by politicians, or don’t you count?

 As far as I, a Patriotic American am concerned, the only sideshows we as Americans have been inundated with by the leftist media, are those of the President involved in his basket ball and golf games, vacations, parties at the White House for (how many sports teams is it now?) and of course his on-air March Madness NCAA picks, his trip to Brazil during the Japanese tsunami, earthquake and Nuclear site melt-down, showing a complete lack of concern or compassion (you do remember Japan one of our major allies?)

Of course, we have also been an audience to his insulting, condescending remarks, about America, in speeches to foreigners, and his favorable remarks about his supporter/friends (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and don’t forget the Harvard College Professor Gates, and Democratic Congressional members, that’s until he didn’t need them any longer, then he got rid of them by throwing them under the bus during the Health Care voting session. 

All these distractions were during major catastrophes, like the BP Oil Spill, the Libyan Protestors trying to over-throw their government, the Health Care bill, the Wisconsin Union protests, the Mexican illegals protesting, the illegal Mexican Drug Cartel murders, rapes and muggings in Arizona, and illegal immigration into the USA, the Minister from Florida, with a handful of parishioners, burning of the Koran, which caused riots in the Middle East, and now the rise in Oil prices that Obama says he has no control over.

The only one distracted by sideshows seems to be the President who was the star performer in all of them and he claims to have time after all the side-shows he has orchestrated to have two years to be puzzled and amused by Patriotic American citizens, his Bosses’, demands to see positive proof that he is actually a legally elected US President.  It seems to this American that the only sideshow that the media has been broadcasting is the “Main Event” performed by the White House and it’s staff.  I don’t think I’m interested in a second season of that show.

This all makes me wonder, whether or not Obama’s handlers are considering throwing him under the bus, because the reports from the White House all week long were: give Trump enough rope with this Birther thing and he’ll hang himself.   It appears that someone is giving the President the wrong info.   Trump came out a winner today. 

Obama may have been like the Pied Piper of community organizing, when he ran for office the first time around, but that’s old news.  There is no way he can out debate Trump on issues, if Trump considers running.  Trump has many years of business experience.  Yes, not all of it has been without pitfalls and blunders, but no man has ever been successful without suffering some failures.  

Remember, Thomas Edison said, after many failures, when trying to invent the electric light, “We haven’t had a thousand failures, we’ve just discovered a thousand ways to not invent the electric light”.   So Trump is in good company.

 Mr. Trump is a true entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs  have been the lifeblood of this country for two hundred plus years.  To be an entrepreneur one needs to be a risk taker, and needs to be prepared to fail and Mr. Trump has been both risk taker and had business failures.  But without risk takers and without people who have failed yet got up and started all over, America would never have turned into the Greatest Country on planet earth. 

For those who think Trump is playing, well maybe he is, but he’s pretty good at scaring the Democrats isn’t he?  Certainly no one else in the Republican Party has stepped forward to take Obama on yet.  I guess they haven’t heard that it’s campaign time.  As for the media, if Trump does run and wins, well, their heyday will be over, if they think they can get away with anymore “Hair” jokes and still get interviews. 

And for all the non-believers, those who call Trump a “Big Joke”.  Well, if I had 7 to 8 Billion dollars you could laugh at me all you wanted to.

For those who think he can’t beat Obama, if he runs, well, they better think again, he’s a master businessman, and has made many influential friends among world leaders and people from all walks of life including both Republican and Democrat.   That’s how you get ahead in business for those  in the media who don’t get that yet.  That’s also how one get bills passed in Congress if he’s President.

For those who think that Trump can’t beat Obama then the joke will be on them.  I believe Mr. Trump can obliterate Obama in a one on one debate and the reason I believe this to be true is that Trump unlike Obama has had to work for a living, therefore has much more worldly knowledge and experience.

 Nothing beats hard work when it comes to the American Dream for Success and Trump has 7 to 8 Billion dollars to prove it.     ss


Americans Must Show Their ID Everyday

September 6, 2010

On Sun, 9/5/10,  Pat Christensen  wrote the following email.  I decided it was good enough to pass on, but I’m not an expert at implementing computer functions, so instead of copying and pasting, I had to re-write it to put in on my blog.   I hope it helps those who are against the Arizona Immigration Bill reconsider their stance on it.  

I’m a Legal American Citizen and I must show my ID when: 

  1. Pulled over by the Police.
  2. Making purchases on my Department Store Credit Card.
  3. When I show up for a Doctor appointment.
  4. When filling out a Credit Card or Loan application.
  5. When applying for or renewing a Drivers License or Passport.
  6. When applying for any kind of Insurance.
  7. When filling out a College application.
  8. When donating Blood.
  9. When obtaining certain Prescription Drugs.
  10. When making some Debit purchases, especially when I’m out of state.
  11. When collecting a Boarding Pass for Airline or Train Travel.

 I’m sure that there are more instances, but the point is, that we Citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are almost everyday.

 Why should people in our country Illegally be exempt?????

 So, why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the World?  ss

                                                          Go  ARIZONA !!


Governors With Guts! Christie, Jindal and Brewer

July 3, 2010

Well, I like Governor Christie of New Jersey.  I like a Politician that does what he says.  To help balance his states budget, his state Treasurer gave him 378 quick-freezes he could put thru and he did 375 of them.  Now, this is a guy who takes his job seriously and does it. 

Congratulations Governor Christie, you are a man of your word.  We need more Politicians like you.

I would like to also point out that there are a couple of more Governors out there that need mentioning.  One is Governor Bobby Jindal.  This guy has been out there with his constituents everyday, since the oil spill, which is about 75 days in a row, helping and doing what he can.  Now, that’s dedication.  He certainly deserves recognition.

And last but not least Governor Brewer of Arizona.  I mean this woman is really good.  I’m amazed that a Governor has taken on the crooked machine in DC, and even the President.

And she has been very straightforward in her criticism of Obama, and I love it.  She’s mad that he has not secured the border, and she’s right.  It is his sworn duty, his obligation, to make that border secure.

There are Americans being raped, kidnapped and murdered in Arizona by illegals, gunrunners, and Drug Lords and “He” (Obama) wants to sue her, and the state of Arizona.  It’s time he gets his priorities straight. 

I call for Impeachment!  He has basically destroyed this country and done it in a year and a half too.  It’s time for him to go.  He may (or May Not) have been born in the USA, I don’t know, because whether or not that Birth Certificate they show on the Internet is real (and I’m one of those who says it’s not) or not, he doesn’t act like an American.  Which should be a tell tale sign that he’s not. 

So, he can’t be Impeached until the Republicans replace 41 Representatives in the House, and gain a majority, so all I can do right now is pray that they do.

Then we can fix what he has broken.   ss