Charlie Rangel asks for Mercy, Right!

I just read “The Capitalist” on the Internet.  I was somewhat perplexed by the lack of disapproval by the author of an article about Charlie Rangel, until I realized, I think it was an actual news piece, and not someone’s political point-of-view.  Now, I don’t know if Patricia Murphy is left, right or in the middle when it comes to her political point-of-view, but the article seemed, on just a fast read on my part, totally neutral on her part, which was refreshing but odd,  compared to what we see in the media today.   I was surprised. 

That being said, I find that now, it’s seems that Charlie Rangel after walking out of the Ethics Committee hearing the other day in a disrespectful, condescending manner and then stating in interviews with the press, in a “feel sorry for me demeaner” that he feels as though he was treated unfairly by the Committee, because they wouldn’t give him more time to prepare (he had over two years)  only to come back today asking for mercy is really to much melodrama for me.

He said today that “How can 40 witnesses, 30,000 pages of transcripts, over 550 exhibits measure against my 40 years of service and commitment to this Body I love so much?”  Rangel wrote.  “I hope my four decades of service merit a sanction that is in keeping with and no greater than House precedents and also contains a drop of fairness and mercy.”  Is Mr. Rangel, delusional?

I’m sure Mr. Rangel does love his job, because he actually thinks that 4 decades of lining his wallet was serving the American people?  Just where do these elected people come from?  I’m watching what punishment this committee comes up with and I hope they take into consideration his attitude and the lack of respect that he not only has given the position he holds, but gave them when he walked out of the proceedings two days ago.

Mr. Rangel has known about the ethic rules and which ones he was accused of breaking for a few years if not from the very beginning when he thought he could take advantage of the system and not get caught.  He was willing to take the chance of not being caught and break the rules, because he thought he was above the law.  Now it’s time to pay the piper. 

He has had ample time to sell his Dominican house that he rents out and doesn’t pay taxes on and/or pay the taxes he owes on it.   He has had ample time to move out of the rent-controlled apartments and I believe there are four of them that he has, not one as was stated in the Capitalist blog and pay the cost of the lost rent on them as though they were not  rent-controlled apartments, and then and only, then would he have had the right to ask for MERCY. 

If this Committee does not do their job properly and remove him from office then I would say they better look out when they run for office again.  They too have a lot to lose if they don’t represent the American people in this matter.

 In the real world, his constituent’s world, one only needs one witness to a crime to be found guilty.  Playing the “Feel sorry for me card” doesn’t change my mind.  He has been arrogant to his peers in Congress and to the American people.  It’s time the law caught up with him.  Those dispersing punishment better make sure they do their job ethically.    ss

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One Comment on “Charlie Rangel asks for Mercy, Right!”

  1. Good post Snappy, or Sappy or whatever! 🙂 There are days that Sappy would apply to me with due justification. AND, that would be a very mild epitaph.

    Anyhow, back to Rangel: he is now and has always been a turd. Has NEVER done anything at all; for his district which is the poorest in New York. He has in fact done much to keep his constituents poor and ignorant. 40 years in the Congress gave him much time to enrich himself. So did he do all these things: of course and the committee ruled correctly. Will he be given justice which can only be being thrown out of office? No! Never with justice take place in this Congress.

    You know something? I never heard the words “I am sorry” flow over his lips. BB

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