Charlie Rangel “GUILTY”!

Today the Congressional Committee bringing charges against Charlie Rangel (D) in the House of Representatives convicted him on 13 charges.  Mr. Rangel well aware of the fact that the Committee had been investigating him for the last two years told them yesterday that he couldn’t afford to pay attorney fees and that he fired his attorneys just last month.  He asked for a continuance and when they said “No” he walked out of the proceedings. 

This behavior on his part smacks of someone so full of himself and who truly believes he is above the law.  It was condescending and disrespectful of the people, his peers, mind you, on the committee.  It’s as though he was telling them, by walking out, that he didn’t give a damn about them or the committee, and he will do as he pleases. 

This man had what I understand to be, 4 HUD apartments in NY, which he obtained under false pretences and used them illegally as his offices.  This fact alone should be a reason to kick him out of Congress.  His actions denied someone who was qualified to get a HUD home, a place to live, and the opportunity to do so.  He did this so he could look and feel like some big shot.  As someone who has been in Congress as long as he has, I find it disgusting that no one in the House ever reported the fact that he illegally owned HUD properties.  No, they looked the other way.

Now, I would say as part of his punishment on 13 counts of illegal activities, he should have to pay the monthly cost of those 4 properties in their entirety, from the day he first took possession and return that money  to the taxpayers.   I certainly hope that this Committee makes him give these properties up, and not in 6 months or a year, but within a month or two at most.  They need to get him served by sending the Sheriffs out to serve him.  Just like they do to the people he represents when they foreclose on their homes. 

There is no excuse that I can think of that a US House of Representative should be allowed to skim money from the tax payers he was elected to Protect and Serve, in order to SERVE HIMSELF up a life, living in style, while many of his constituents are jobless, homeless and hungry.

 I am watching to see what this Committee hands down in the form of a  punishment to this so-called “Public Servant”.  All I can say is that their jobs are on the line on this one.  The punishment had better fit the crime.  A man who cheats the people he works for needs to be fired.   ss

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