Obama: Divide and Conquer

“I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be President of the United States of America.”

Barack Obama, speech, Nov. 10, 2007 

How can a man who said these words, who professed himself to be the “One” who would unite America, end up doing just the opposite, and in a very big way.  I always believed that actions speak louder than words and yet, with Obama it has always, only been words.  Pretty words, sophisticated words, meaningful words, well written words, by someone else, words he has read, not words that he meant or words that he truly believed in and in the end, it has only been empty words, nothing more and nothing less; just words. 

I have compared the words, someone else’s word, that Obama has read in speeches, and though they have a certain meaning, a certain ring that cannot be ignored, those beautiful words, that so many rave about, I have concluded that they have no meaning for the man, President Obama, who claims to own them. 

I can sadly say I have seen the results, not of his words, but of his actions and have seen no proof that he has attempted to unite anyone who would normally disagree.  I have seen no effort on his part to unite, but have seen a deliberate, constant and on going attempt on his part to divide, and he does it well. 

So, I sat here today and just wrote “words” that in my opinion represent the actions that President Obama has used not to unite but to divide Americans.  He has, in my opinion, promoted hatred, racism, and distrust among the following:

 Black vs. White                                                          America vs. Israel

Haves vs. Have Nots                                                America vs. China

Gays vs. Straight                                                        Legals vs. Illegals

Hispanics vs. Whites                                                 Blacks vs. Hispanics

Overweight vs. Thin                                                  Socialism vs. Free Enterprise

Family vs. Family                                                      Jews vs. Arabs

Young vs. Old                                                              Muslims vs. Christians

Small Business vs. Big Business                            America vs. Britain

Unions vs. Non Union                                               Mexican Gov. vs. Arizona

Educated vs. Uneducated                                        States vs. States

Americans vs. Wall Street                                       Federal  Gov. vs. Arizona

Democrats vs. Republicans                                    Oil vs. Green Energy

Non-Global Warming vs. Global Warming       Democrats vs. Sarah Palin

Democrats vs. Glenn Beck                                       Democrats vs. Tea Partys

Democrats vs. Democrats                                       Fed. Judges vs. Voters

Good vs. Evil                                                               Obamacare vs. American People

He has pitted people against people, Americans against Americans, Religions against Religions, States against States and Countries against Countries.   He has actually done in the real world what most people only read about in books “Divide and Conquer”.  

There is one campaign promise he did keep, he definately brought “Change” to America!

My question is,  “What the hell are we going to do about it”?  ss

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3 Comments on “Obama: Divide and Conquer”

  1. Snappy, I have missed you. Are you on holiday or have you just gotten so fed up with the whole Obamanation thing? I know how you feel. I have backed off a bit too because I really mess up my days when I get on line. BB

    • snappysandy Says:

      Thanks for noticing that I have been gone. Actually there have been some health issues with two members of our family and it took up all my time. But, I’m back and I hope to be commenting soon on your site as well as mine.

      By the way, when you read my posts does the text in the comments section, by others, look a lot smaller than in my posts? On my end they do, and I have looked everywhere on wordpress to figure out how to make the text in my comment section larger, but can’t find anything that covers that.

      The text in your comment section are the same size as your posts but mine don’t seem to be. If you know how to fix that problem will you let me know?

      Other than that, thanks for checking up on me. I hope everything is going well with you and pray that the tea party people pick up some momentum here, before the election. ss

  2. hungry4food Says:

    Where is the Multi-National Free Market Corporate Giants that Got bailed out so they could stay in Business , to build quality of Life , Heres a Market in Need of Supply and they are doing NOTHING to Meet the Needs , So Is this the Plight of the FREE Markets ??? GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKETS NOW , The Fundamentals of Supply – SIDE economics are FLAWED because POLICY IN WASHINGTON IS ANTI – GROWTH which is ANTI- HUMAN , they want to control the Capital and ration HUMAN LIFE !!! GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET NOW!!!!
    Russian Population Control: Heatwave May Kill 15,000 People , so what happened to Innovation creating a Better quality of life and that be expressed in our Supply-side economic fundamentals ???? This is why The Free Market is Flawed and the will to drive economic policies to SUPPLY People a Higher Quality of LIFE is Not reflected in our economic VALUES any more with DEMOCRATS Leading the Free Markets !!!!! WE NEED CHANGE AGAIN , Cause this is what You GET With a DEMOCRAT IN CHARGE !!!!!


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