Mosque at Ground Zero, Just Say “NO”

I recently ran a post with the title “Politically Correct, According to who?”  And a reader responded with this comment:

Is it possible that this is the “blowback” for the US construction of the biggest embassy in the world in a Muslim country (Iraq)? Remember, US embassies built in foreign countries are deemed “American Territories”. If you consider this situation honestly, you can figure out why this issue is being buried under layers of “freedom of religion” and “politically correct” arguments. Americans are going to have to accept that there are consequences for our interventionist foreign policy, and act accordingly.

My Response to his, is as follows:

CJ:  I see your point. All Embassies around the world are considered that particular Embassy’s, country’s Territory.   I think the idea of the US Embassy, in Iraq, which is the largest Embassy in the world, could enter a little into the decision to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, but it would be more of an after thought, if anything.   I don’t think it is the primary reason.  By the way, why is it that we need an Embassy that is 102 acres large?   Normal Embassies around the world have what, maybe 30 employees, if that and are located in one building.  Why is it we need to build a compound with 1500 employees in our Embassy in Iraq?  Something is very fishy here.  I thought we were leaving Iraq?  But I bet no news media network has asked about this. 

As for the reason the ASMA wants to build at Ground Zero, well it’s really not about building bridges between Americans and Muslims.  Like I said in my post, if that was their intention, they had 8 years to build that bridge and did not. 

No, I’m sorry, though your statement has merit, I can’t agree that it’s the reason.  I think if you look back at the Muslim terrorist thinking and the basis of Islamic philosophy, it is hard for Americans to understand the reasoning behind their thinking on just about any subject.   They do not calculate or analyze situations, events, or political actions based on the same line of thought or facts, that we do.  We really don’t understand where they are coming from, which is a very big problem, when trying to deal with them, or respond to anything they say or do.  They on the other hand don’t care where we are coming from because their true belief is that we are “Infidels” (non-believers), and as such we need to change our thinking and religious belief and become believers in Islam or be destroyed.  Bottom-line that’s all it is.    

So, for them to say they want to build bridges within the American community, I say, “Right!”  Because if this were true then why did they wait so long?  Why now?  And why here?   According to our way of thinking, this is not the time or place (Ground Zero) to start building that bridge.  Building a Mosque at Ground Zero is considered a slap in the face to most Americans, and does the opposite of building any bridges.  So, for as much as they think they understand us, they don’t.  Or, my guess is, is that they understand us better than we understand them.

The Muslim community had their chance after 911; and they said nothing.  There was no outcry of outrage against the Islamic terrorists, for what they did.  No, they said nothing and did nothing.  There was no bridge building then.

They want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero to remind American’s, the Infidels, that they can get to us at any time, and anywhere.  That this is an example of how far and how much farther they will go to destroy the Infidels.  The intention is not to build bridges but to always have a visible presence at Ground Zero, so Americans will never forget what they are capable of doing.   They put little messages out there for you to catch on to, but you have not, when the story first showed up, it said that the Mosque would be 13 floors high (considered an unlucky number in America.  And what was unluckier that 911)?   How about the plan to start construction on September 11, 2011 (911), are you getting this yet?  They know what buttons to push.

I’m sorry, CJ, I just look at it in a different way.  I connect the dots, which most Americans are afraid to do.  ss

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One Comment on “Mosque at Ground Zero, Just Say “NO””

  1. You are soooo right Sandy. I can not believe the people of New York will allow their fearless leaders to get away with approving this. This story hasn’t yet ended. BB

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