“We the People” vs The Enemy Within

 We  in America are all so economically intertwined with the international communities around the world that it is necessary for us to survive, so that all will survive.  Our future and what we can accomplish is only limited by those who limit our actions, by limiting our individual freedom.  The only limitations we have in today’s world are the limitations we put on our selves.  

We have taken way too long to stand up to the elitists Politicians who have been chipping and chipping away at the foundation that our freedom is built on.  These elected Politicians, these manipulators of truth, these greedy, self-indulgent, ego-centric representatives of the people, have somehow been morphed into empty vessels that look like human beings, but who can only survive, when sucking the breath of life out of “We the People” and they do this for nothing more than money and power. 

 This Congress and this White House are the closest examples that mankind has, to the idea of vampires, which legend leads us to believe, can only survive on the blood of humans.

I’m talking about a Congress and a White House who spend  their days blaming others for their mistakes and short-comings, trying to make their opponents look unworthy and to top it off this White House has no problem with throwing it’s own people under the bus.  

The Democrats in the House, spend their  nights hidden behind closed, locked doors, while Americans sleep, writing 2000 + page legislation, which they will never read, and yet they have the gall to vote for it.

 They have no idea if their legislation, if voted into a bill, will even work, because they have not written a working plan, but just a shopping list of ideas of anything that pops into their heads, so they can vote it into a bill and always with a price tag attached to it, which basically amounts to the highest number they can count up to.

This price tag has nothing to do with what the bill, when put into action, will cost to implement, but will just be an additional slush fund that they can dip into when the mood strikes them.  The real catch here is, that it is always the American people who get stuck paying for that bill, when it comes due. 

The time has come for “We the People” to take action on a National level.  We need to unite and there is no question about it.  The “Power of One” a united front, of “We the People” is what this country needs if our Republic is to survive. 

There are no “Limits to what we can do, if we do it together”.  We need to stop our Congress from continuously attempting to take our  freedom away from us, by limiting what we can and cannot do, by voting it into law.

Never in my lifetime, have I seen a Congress and a White House show so little regard for the freedoms we as Americans have been guaranteed by our Constitution.  This Congress and White House is such an embarrassment to the American people that, I honestly believe that, even our enemies are embarrassed for us and that they secretly hope and pray (yes, pray, that’s how bad this is) that we somehow will take back our Republic, so that they can continue to have an enemy worthy of their hatred. 

Now, if one looks at things from this point-of-view, it should be evident that America is in the fight of a lifetime.  This is no longer a time for talking, it is however, a time for action and it is about this moment in time, we will want the history books to say, that “We the People” woke up, united and took our country, our Republic  back,  from the “Enemy within”.  ss

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4 Comments on ““We the People” vs The Enemy Within”

  1. norma dosky Says:

    sandy, please type in the address bar: ‘uss liberty’ and click on the site by a former navy man who will inform you on what happened to the uss liberty and its crew.

    let me know what you think.

  2. snappysandy Says:


    I could not have said it better. “We the People” need to be educated if we are to have the ability to recognize wrong doing within our Federal Government, by elected officials who are supposed to be doing the work of the people, but are instead doing the work of the power hungry elitists.

    The false premise that “this is America, nothing bad is going to happen here”, is a statement only an ignorant person would give. You see, it “has already happened” and still there are those who don’t believe it.

    Believe what? How about “Change” only it’s the kind of “Change” that no “Real” American was even contemplating when they voted for a man to be President, that wasn’t qualified to be anything more than a community organizer.

  3. norma dosky Says:

    the first requirement of ‘we the people’ must be an informed, educated people. the second requirement is that they should apply their knowledge by indepth study of the candidate and his program. finally the person must vote, not only nationally, but state and county so as to ensure good government on all levels. when people are educated they will not tolerate corruption by government officials on any level. should government officials seek to line their pockets at the expense of their constituents, justice must be swift and without prejudice. until these actions are taken, i fear ‘we the people’ shall continue to suffer the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune’of a government that serves corporate interest rather than the peoples interest.

  4. Go Girl! This is a really great rant. Sometimes we just have to get it all out of our system.

    Something has to be done soon as Obama is taking over more and more. Congress has been made irrelevant ans so have the courts. Obama has lost twice in the courts on the moratorium on drilling so he is simply going to stop it with a Presidential Decree. That’s 100,000 jobs during a depression and in an area where the economy has been shattered by the killing of the fishing industry which may take years to come back if it comes back at all.

    Obama has all the power he needs to take complete control of the country dictator style. In fact, I am not sure that he hasn’t already done so. I too am waiting for We the People to wake up. BB

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