Mr. President: Leave the Morse’s Line Port of Entry Alone

At the Morse’s Line Port of Entry, on the U.S.-Canada border, the border station is located smack-dab in the middle of a Vermont dairy farm. On average, 2 1/2 cars pass through an hour. Basically there are approximately 40 cars per day that go thru this border crossing into Canada or from Canada into the US. 

Note that  the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:  The government, which got $420 million from the federal bailout to modernize land ports like this, wants to spend about $7 million to build an expanded station. To do it, the government says, it needs an adjoining 4.9-acre parcel now used to grow hay and corn.    The government is trying to use the “Eminent Domain” law to confiscate almost 5 acres for this Dairy farms land.

Now, their actions will basically put this family’s Dairy farm out of business, because they need all the acres they have for their cows to graze on.

I am extremely upset with Home Land Security for even considering putting this family, this small business, out of business, just so they can use some pork barrel money, to add on to a border patrol building site, where only 40 cars a day pass thru, and to spend $ 7 million dollars to do it, is crazy.

 Mr. President, I thought your message to the people when you ran for office was that  you were going to help the small businesses?   

Leave this man and his small family Dairy business alone.  Try keeping one promise will you?  Send that $7 million dollars to Arizona, where it’s truly needed.  ss

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