Happy Birthday America!

Today is the 4th of July.  There has been a TV marathon of John Wayne movies the entire weekend.  Theses movies that John Wayne, a great actor, starred in, were about World War II, the war with the British, Civil War, the Alaskan Gold Rush, and settling the West, as Ranchers and Farmers.  All excellent movies, which showed the perseverance, the drive, determination, and the strength of the first men to land on our shores and what they went thru just to stay alive.  The Baby Boomers will remember these movies, with fond memories.  Many veterans will remember the events depicted in these Hollywood gems. 

For myself, I always watch these movies and think about what it would have been like to actually live then and endure the hardships of those times and events. 

The Pilgrims were the true adventurers, because they came to this country from Europe to a land not knowing what to expect, but prepared,  for anything, so they thought.    I don’t think they realized how difficult it would be to survive here.  The first winter most of them died from starvation or disease because they had run out of food, and the weather was extremely cold and they became sick.  Those who had survived went on, they were fortunate to meet some friendly Indians that showed them how to grow corn and other crops, native to America, and how to hunt and fish for food.  More of them survived the next year. 

As news of America traveled back to Europe, more people decided to come here to start life anew.  They endured many hardships but did not give up.  They cleared the land, started building towns, churches, schools, and country stores with supplies brought over from Europe.  They traveled past the outskirts of town and laid stakes for their own homesteads.  Many had large parcels of land, and they had to clear the land, cultivate the soil and plant the seeds they brought with them from Europe.  They grew crops, and soon they brought beef (Cattle and Sheep) over from Europe and started ranches where they were raised for food, and were sold on the open market.    

Survival was not easy.  Most people died young.  They had to fight the weather, drought, bitter winters, and illness with no doctors for hundreds of miles, and no medicine.  They fought unfriendly Indians and marauding outlaws.  They fought neighbors for the rights to water.  They had to dig irrigation ditches for their crops and dig wells for drinking water.  This they did because they wanted to be Free from the Royalty that ran Britain.  They wanted to be free from paying taxes to the Crown.  They wanted the chance to become rich and were willing to work for it and die for it. 

These settlers fought the English, the Spanish, the Indians, outlaws, the weather, disease, starvation, and all this they did, just to get a taste of Freedom.  The Founding Fathers after much arguing as to whether or not they should become a nation unto themselves, and break away from England, finally signed The Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776  which is 234 years ago today. 

I often think about the fact that I was fortunate enough to be born in America.  No matter how difficult life is at the present, we in America are still better off than any other country.

Americans are a compassionate people, they are strong, driven and determined to succeed.   Americans are a dependable people, they will always come to the aid of those in need, it matters not if they are rich or poor, and Americans will be there to help those who cannot help themselves.  Americans offer what no other people offer, Freedom, and they will fight along side any man or country who wishes that Freedom for its people, just ask the British, the French and the Italians, if this is not so.

America not only offers, but guarantees that it’s people have the right to political liberty, religious freedom, economic opportunity and the pursuit of happiness.  defending it, and it takes work.

Why has America survived all these years?  It has survived because we have the  The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights, upon which our laws are based. They are the law of the land and  the laws apply to all its people.

Foreigners  want to live in a country with laws that limit the power of government and secures the liberty of its citizens.  People from all over the world come to America for a chance to live in a country where one can be anything they wish to be.  A country where one can get an excellent education, start a business and make money.  Yes, money certainly is a big part of why people want to come to America, because we have free enterprise and competition here, and anyone can take part in this economic arena and with hard work become successful.

People will risk everything to come to America, because American offers them hope; they rather die successful and rich, than in despair and broke. 

We understand the hopes and desire of all those who have the dream of coming to America and pursuing a life full of possibilities. All we ask is that it is done in a legal manner.  We are a country of laws.  We must obey these laws and so must those who wish to come here.

So, today on Independence Day I ask Congress to do their duty and enforce the Immigration laws that have been on the books for years and help protect the people of Arizona, and the other Southern states.  Do your duty or we will do ours in November and vote you out of office.  This is our right!

As an American,I am willing to fight for those who wish to be free, as our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing.  I only ask that the Iraqi’s and the Afghans fight along side our troops for the Freedom that they wish to have.  This is their chance to be Free, so they need to fight for it, like our American ancestors did and as we continue to do today.

To President Obama: As Americans we are imperfect as all God’s children are.  We are a driven people and we have worked hard to build a country where the right to be Free applies to all.   We, the people are a Christian nation at heart.   We are a proud people.  We are a Patriotic people.  We are a generous to a fault people.  We will fight to the death for the right of any man to be free.

Mr. President, we are not an arrogant people. Speak for yourself if you must, but do not apologize to the world for me.

Happy  234th  Birthday   America! 

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