$130 Million Dollar Payback to Medicare

I was watching the news tonight and saw this little tidbit.   I remembered the story about the trailers not being used, after our government spent millions of dollars to buy them after the Katrina Hurricane.  Now, 5 years later these same trailers pop up again?  Very strange and here is my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

Trailers that were once bought to house the homeless after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, are now being sold to the BP oil spill clean up people along the Gulf.   It seems the Government banned these trailers because they have levels of formaldehyde higher than federal limits.   Evidently the workers who are buying these trailers, 20  so far,  have not been warned of this ban.

It seems that the owner of a disaster contracting firm is the guy who is selling them.  He says that they are perfectly alright to live in.  He said that the smell of formaldehyde is the same smell one gets in a brand new car.

As I understood it, these trailers were bought during Katrina and basically just sat on some farmland, I mean thousands of them, and the homeless people they were supposedly bought for never used them.  We never found out why, these trailers just sat there unused which was a total waste of our federal dollars.  Now, after all these years they are being sold to workers cleaning up the Gulf beaches. Yet, again the government does not want them to be used.

If, as the government claims, these trailers, which our tax dollars paid for, are not in livable condition, then why have they not been destroyed?  They are sitting on some acres of land, thousands of them mind you, and the rent for this parking lot of trailers is $130 million dollars a year, to store and maintain what, a bunch of contaminated metal?

This deal smells very fishy.  I think it’s time to find out, just who sold these trailers to the government in the first place, and who okayed the purchase. Or was the claim that the trailers had toxic contamination just a “LIE” so that the government could have a publicly acceptable excuse as to why they were bought and then never used?

Just who made the decision not to use them after they were bought?  But most importantly, if these trailers are contaminated with toxic formaldehyde and are not livable, why have we been storing them for 5 years at a total cost of $650,000,000 and to what end? 

Inquiring minds, really want to know the answer to this one.  Which Congressman’s buddy owns the property where the trailers are being stored?  There just might be something fraudulent about this whole deal.  I think I just found the next case for the Justice Department to investigate. 

I also think I just found $130,000,000 dollars a year we can save in wasteful government spending.   We can give the $130,000,000 dollars to the State of Arizona, so that they can start building that wall along the Southern border.  Though I thought President Bush had okayed $700+ million dollars before he left office for the wall, I guess Home Land Securtiy decided they could protect us better by taking pictures of all t he illegals coming over the border at night, with there very over-the-top expensive camera’s with night scope capabilities, then we could watch these invaders from the South on our nightly news.  Bottomline the the money was there once before, until someone thought cameras were a better idea, and we have seen how that worked. 

So use the rent money from the “Katrina trailer park” for border security.  If not, then use that $130,000,000 to pay back the money the government borrowed from Medicare for years and never paid back.   Either way, the money goes to main street America, and not some pork barrel scam some Congressman conjures up.

Well, I solved one problem for Congress today, and not only did it not take me more than 5 minutes to solve, and I didn’t have to do it at night, behind closed doors, and they don’t even have to pay me.  ss

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