What Other Changes Do You Have Planned, Mr. President?

Sitting here in the warm sun, outside in the courtyard where I live, I happen to think about the Stimulus bill and all the unemployed people in America.  It’s not a subject I’m happy to be thinking about, but just the same, it popped into my head today, and so, here are my thoughts. 

When Congress passed the Stimulus bill, in such a desperate hurry, they did everything humanly possible to make Americans think that they were the smart intelligent ones, and the rest of us were just stupid and didn’t get it.

Congress assured the American people using words that implied that the Stimulus bill was the answer to all their problems and that the Stimulus bill would turn the economy around.  Never mind that they didn’t take the time to read the legislation.

Now, after they have spent every penny there is, they come out and say, hey, remember all the jobs you people lost; well they are gone for good now and they aren’t coming back.  And to put things in a more realistic light, we want to let you know that there is no more money left for extended unemployment benefits. 

In other words, the word from the White House and Congress is, now that we have saved and taken over two of the auto companies, (except for Ford “the smart one”) and that we have been able to fund and save the banks, and  that Fanny and Freddie, will have unlimited funds available to them, because they are  TOO  BIG  to fail, we have succeeded in implementing many changes. 

The fact  that Obama has allowed the Gulf  to be destroyed, and will at the height of destruction allow approx. 80K jobs, to be lost, due to the oil spill and that we have waited until a hurricane is hitting the Gulf, after waiting 71 days, he will waive the Jones Act so foreign countries can come in and help clean up the mess, will be the cherry on top of the cake.

You may also recall that  Obama said, just two weeks ago that the fish in the Gulf are still good to eat” so maybe some of you can move to the Gulf and even though fishing has been banned, you might be able to grab some, when no one is looking, and as they hit the beach drenched in oil, wash them off with Dawn soap and cook them up for dinner.  Isn’t “Change” great?

I’d like to send some shrimp to the White House from the Gulf and go along and prepare them for the President’s dinner, and see if he wants to eat them, when he finds out I just grabbed them out of the Gulf.

Bona petit,  Mr. President!

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