Obama’s Blame Game Is Getting Old

Today I can hardly believe what I have seen and heard on the Cable News stations.  There is so much going on in DC that I can hardly stay on top of the news. 

First we have President Obama, in Wisconsin where there is, I believe, something like 14% unemployment, holding a town hall meeting (again) ripping apart (yet, again) another Republican.  This time it is a Senior House Republican John Boehner, and he  ridicules him for equating the financial legislation to “like killing an ant with a nuclear weapon”. 

This President refuses to take the blame for any mistake or wrongdoing, and has continuously blamed others for his incompetence.  Everything has been Bush’s fault, unless he can find someone else to blame things on. 

His modus operandi is the “bait and switch” mentality, and he’s pretty damn good at it.  According to Obama, nothing has been his fault since he was sworn into office,  if you can imagine that.

Then Obama continues, in his own unique way of sucking the public into his version of what he wants Americans to believe is the truth, by yelling out to the crowd, as he continues to refer to Congressman Boehner “that this is the same financial crisis that led to the loss of nearly 8 million jobs ( on Obama’s watch).   The same crisis that cost people their homes and their life savings” and then he says “He (Boehner) can’t be that out of touch with the struggles of American families”. 

OMG, can this man be for real?  Wasn’t it Obama that promised 2 million jobs to the unemployed if he could just get his stimulus package passed?   Wasn’t it Obama who at the beginning of the year said, that the stimulus bill actually saved jobs, and created jobs, and that the economy has turned around?  But now it’s a different story because people are finally waking up and realizing that the economy is not recovering.

Before the recession started, we had already lost 7.7 million jobs in this country due to outsourcing.  Since it began and since Obama has been at the helm we have not created the 2 million jobs, that he promised would be created if we backed him and his Stimulus bill, instead we lost 8 million more.  Not only that, but the Dow has been on shaky ground, and dropped over two hundred points the other day, and he says  House Rep. John Boehner is out of touch.  I think the only person overwhelmingly out of touch is the President.

Now, for months Joe Biden, the overseer of the Stimulus money being paid out, has told the American people that we are on the road to recovery.   

 Then Monday, in a speech, Mr. Biden who has claimed how successful the Stimulus package was, came out and basically said, hey, all you unemployed Americans, we have lost 8 million jobs since the recession started, and the bottom line is that they’re not coming back.  And as though that news wasn’t bad enough, Congress came out and said, “We aren’t going to extend unemployment again”. 

These people just keep on giving.   ss

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