Obama, Finally Waives the Jones Act

All of a sudden, Tuesday, day 71 of the oil spill, the White House waives the Jones Act, and will now, allow foreign ships into the Gulf to help with the oil spill cleanup.   Day 71, whatever happened to the days between the first day when Obama said he was on top of everything and day 70?  Remember on Day 38, Mr. Obama came out and said, “I have been on top of the situation since day 1.  We had a meeting”.  Wow, a meeting!  At that time he had never even met with the CEO of British Petroleum.  How can you be on top of everything and not talk to the CEO of BP? 

On day 3, 13 countries offered their help in cleaning up the oil spill, yet Obama told them we didn’t need any help.  For two month Governor Bobby Jindal has asked for booms, skimmers, and permission to build a burm out by the wetlands, and our inept Army Corps of engineers said (after almost a month and a half) after the request was submitted, that they thought this would be ecologically destructive to the wetlands.  I mean, really, are these people all there?  The oil will destroy the wetlands and every living organism living there.  What were these people thinking? 

Wasn’t it a week and a half ago when Obama told the American people, we could still eat the fish from the Gulf?  Oh, yes he did.  Now, if we wanted to, which there is no way in hell that I would eat the fish from the Gulf, but I wish he would have told us how we are supposed to get that fish.  Commercial fishing has been shut down in the Gulf.  Authorities have said that no one should even get the oil on their skin. 

Then the authorities have said that there are fumes coming from the oil that has been washed up on the beaches.  Now, with all these warnings of don’t touch, don’t breath it, tell me again, why would we still eat it, Mr. President?  

Then Obama comes out a week ago and says his self appointed group of experts that he appointed to advise him on the spill said that there should be a 6 month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf.   Soon after this announcement was made public, eight (8)of those same experts, on the committee said this was not true, that there wasn’t anything in the report that they signed and submitted to the President stating that there should be work stoppage or a moratorium on any drilling in the Gulf.  Obama lied!

Does anyone in DC or the News media even care about the fact that this moratorium is just Obama’s way of making sure that massive job losses in the oil, fishing, hotel, restaurant and other related businesses, due to the oil spill will be the incentive needed to push people into an emotional urge to demand an Energy bill be rushed thru Congress, just like every other bill they have passed this year?

Sadly, I have to say that I’m afraid that President Obama just doesn’t care about the damage to the Gulf and the land surrounding it, the wild life, or the jobs of the citizens that he’s supposed to be helping.  Nope, Obama only cares about getting his own way.

This moratorium will cost approximately 80,000 jobs.  It will cause businesses to shut down, more home foreclosures, and more people on unemployment.  The oil companies will move their rigs out of the Gulf to other locations around the world, and those rigs will be tied up for 5 to 6 years, before we can get them back. Which will be another way to push his agenda of an alternative energy bill. 

This is just more of the “Change” that Obama has bestowed on America. ss

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One Comment on “Obama, Finally Waives the Jones Act”

  1. Obama’s Machiavellian plan to get his energy bill? BB

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