McChrystal’s “Walk of Shame”

 General Stanley McChrystal, the top guy, the U.S. Commander and Strategist for the Afghan War, after being summoned to DC, by the White House with his resignation in hand,  awaits his one on one meeting with President Obama.   The controversy is over an article that appeared in  Rolling Stone magazine, where  McChrystal and his aides mocked the National security team and critisized Obama over their stance (or lack thereof) concerning the Afghan War.

McChrsytal is expected to endure the “Walk of Shame” by first having  an initial meeting with the Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the Pentagon, then head over to the White House and have a sit down with Obama, and then meet with the administration officials in the Situation Room.  His future is uncertain. 

It is my opinion that he will be replaced and that this appearance at the White House is more of a “Walk of Shame”  before he is relieved of duty.   It is a well known fact that Obama cannot tolerate ANY critisism (as Jack Nicholson put it in the movie A Few Good Men when he said “You can’t handle the Truth” of his performance, by anyone, so this man’s fate is definitely already decided.


It was just announced that McChrystal has been relieved of duty ( the media keeps repeating “relieved”) not that he resigned, because the White House (who is in bed with the media) wants to give the impression, even if not true, that McChrystal was “fired” and didn’t resign. Obama must always have the upper hand publically.

It is a sad day for this country when the reputation of a man of  McChrystal’s long, heroic and patriotic  service to this country is wiped out by a man who never served in the military, was never vetted and was not qualified to be President in the first place.

 The news media will not remind the public about the fact that McChrystal requested soldiers last year in order to carry out his mission successfully and that Obama (as usual) waited and waited to respond to the General even though McChrystal at the time said he needed these soldiers ASAP if we were to win the war.  Instead Obama took, I believe 2 months before ever responding to the General’s request, and then he gave him 30,000 troops instead of the 40,000 he requested, and it took another 4 months for them to get there.

McChrystal as the top General of the military forces in Afghanistan, certainly earned the right to be upset, having to wait for a response, while trying to do the impossible, for a group of unqualified administrative officials, and President Obama, most of whom, never served their country in the military, to make up their minds,  about his increase in troops request.

 Obama and his group of administration officials set dead lines for progress and ending the war and bringing the troops home, yet Obama took his good old time giving McChrystal the tools (troops) he needed to perform the job.

 It is too bad that the message in Rolling Stone magazine was overlooked, just because it’s Politically incorrect  for a military man to point out the Presidents incompetance, when in fact, that is all he has displayed since taking in office.

As I write this the President is giving another speech on TV.  It seems that is the only thing he is good at: reading the teleprompter.  This is just one more opportunity for  Obama  to be Presidential and keep the man who came up with the plan to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan,  in charge of the Afghan War.  But, his groupies, the Dems in the House wanted this man out, claiming it would show weakness if the President did not relieve him of duty.   His weakness is that he can’t make a decision on his own.

I believe it would have shown strength if he had kept McChrystal on the job, after having a one on one meeting with him and disgussing their differences.  Sadly, Obama can not see his own biggest weakness, which is his “High Regard” for “Himself”.

As I listen to his speech I hear him say that “He” just can’t tolerate division in the ranks”. Obama said he welcomes debate but won’t tolerate division.  Is he kidding?  He has done nothing but divide every aspect of our country, and every group of Americans (The Tea Party people), including “blacks and whites” (when he called Boston’s,  White Police officer’s actions stupid,when he detained Obama’s  Harvard friend, Gates) and how about the hatred he has promoted between American citizens and Mexican citizens and illegal Mexicans. 

I believe Obama will go down in history as the “Divider”.  As for the fact that he welcomes “Debate”  I don’t think so.  He and the Democrats in the House have done nothing but relentlessly and publically “slice and dice” anyone (Gov. Brewer, Sen. Barton, BP CEO Tony Hayward, and even Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers) who has disagreed with them. 

This is truly a sad day in America, because after repeated incompetance by the White House, and Congress,  many Americans still don’t see it.  ss

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