Scandal Hits Detroit Public Schools

Just when things start looking up for the Detroit Public Schools the DPS Board of Education is hit with a new scandal.  

It seems that in a meeting with Ms. Teresa Gueyser, DPS District Superintendent, last Wednesday, Detroit’s school board President Otis Mathis engaged in “inappropriate actions” of a sexual nature, which continued for approximately 20 minutes, at which time Ms. Gueyser called the meeting to an end (what took so long?)

In a written accounting of the incident, Ms. Gueyser said “This is a usual habit of President Mathis during any private meeting with me… Most times I try to ignore him.” 

She then went on to say, that Wednesday was different than other meetings, because Mathis “unzipped his pants” and appeared to be masturbating.   (Yes, I kid you not, this story is true, and I would find it hard to believe, if it weren’t  for the fact that it happened in Detroit).

DPS President Mathis submitted his resignation, on Thursday, with a written apology to Ms. Gueyser, claiming that he may have medical issues that contributed to the inappropriate behavior, (this is straight out of the Hollywood elite’s play book of, “I’m sick, I’ll get help, therefore don’t prosecute me”) but do note that he did admit that his actions were inappropriate.

At a board meeting held Friday, Mathis tried to have the board rescind his resignation based on the fact that, as he put it, “the health battle that I am making will be better served by my continuing on the board” (and whose medical opinion is that?) 

Is this guy even all there?  His actions already interfered with his job, that’s where the incident happened.  This man works for the schools, and the fact that he is not afraid to sexually harass a college educated woman, who holds a position superior to his, in the school system, only makes one wonder what he “might do” around other female faculty or female students?

 Society makes it very difficult for women to report such incidents.

Ms. Gueyser has been a repeat victim of this mans deviant sexual behavior, yet said nothing until now, because this was the first time he “unzipped his pants?”  Actions of this sort, especially by someone one knows, are hard to respond to for a woman, because women are many times accused of either “misinterpreting” what was going on, or are accused of “asking for it” and therefore, unfortunately pretend not to notice what the man in question is doing so that she doesn’t have to deal with it. 

As if things were not bad enough, another board member Reverend David Murray basically said, that in his opinion, Mathis did say “he was sorry” and that “He’s a young man;  maybe he didn’t know it was offensive to her”.  Mathis is 55 yrs. old, and his behavior would be offensive to any woman.

This statement by a man of God, serving on a school board, is questionable at best, and very reckless at worst and should be a matter of concern to the parents of DPS students.

Ms. Gueyser needs to file a police report against Mr. Mathis, not only to regain her own self-respect, but also as an example to young women in the DPS school system. Women of all ages need to know that this type of behavior is unacceptable and if they are victimized in this way they need to report it.  It will also serve as an example to the male students and men of all ages that this type of behavior has legal consequences. 

Ms. Gueyser should file charges against Mr. Mathis and if found guilty his name should be put on the “sexual predators” list.

There is a petition drive to eliminate the school board and put the oversight of the school district in the hands of Mayor Dave Bing.  This incident is just one reason out of many why this school board should be dissolved.

 So, the drama in Detroit  continues at the DPS.  ss

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2 Comments on “Scandal Hits Detroit Public Schools”

  1. actually public schools can also give great education to your kids, it is also as good as most private schools *

    • snappysandy Says:

      Certainly many public school systems provide a good education, but Detroit is sorely in need of better teachers, safer schools and a much better educational system.

      Sadly, the residents of Detroit continue fighting the very people in the administration who are now trying to improve the Detroit schools. These Detroiters, parents of school age children are their own worst enemy, because they continually fight the people who are trying to help them, by taking them to court every time they try and implement a new educational program for the students in the Detroit Schools.

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