Shopping With Mom: Leveling The Playing Field

I decided to do a little shopping today with my mother and to our surprise we woke up to the fact that the clothes (made overseas) that are coming into our country are not up to the standards that we were use to for many years.         

I can remember that not that long ago, teen girls and 20 and 30 something’s, were into designer this and designer that (purses, shoes, dresses, blouses and just about everything you can imagine) and price was no object, because women had to have it.  Since NAFTA has taken hold, just about everything we now buy, in America, comes from Mexico, China, Yugoslavia and many other 3rd world countries. 

Business at the Malls, where one could buy better-made clothes, has almost evaporated because of the economy.  So, many Americans now shop, more than ever before (Because money is tight) at stores like K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco and Kohl’s. 

So, what we get are blouses that have square necklines, very unbecoming to wear, or blouses that have scoop necklines with a bunch of gathered material in the front, which basically makes women look chesty, but not in a nice way.  To add to that unattractive look, women now have a choice of at least, 15 different brands of bra’s (yes, I said “bra’s”) made in every color imaginable, yet the cups are all solid bowl shaped molds that, are not only uncomfortable, but make you look like you are wearing a tire around your chest, which is totally unbecoming.  

The clothing styles are straight out of the 40’s and 50’s, and very (before designer clothes hit the markets in the US or Europe for the average buyer) 3rd world  European, something you might have found in Hungary, Russia, or Poland at the time of World War II.   Now, you can find some blouses or dresses that are stylish, but then they are, for some unknown reason, made with unattractive looking patterns, using atrocious colors, which basically renders them unwearable, if you happen to have taste.  Yet, women buy them and it’s not because they “just love them” but it’s because “that’s all any of the stores sell anymore”.  There is rack after rack of these cheaply made, unattractive  looking clothes in just about every store.  

It used to be,  if you went to the Mall, you could find some very attractive, classy designer and fashionable clothes right off the rack, which were beautifully styled, and with attractive prints.   Today, even the Malls sell the clothes made with cheap material, unattractive styles and unflattering prints so that they can compete with the less expensive chain stores. 

 So, what has happened?  I think part of the  leveling out of the playing field, by those in power, seems to include taking away the average person’s desire for the better things in life.

This aspect of leveling out the playing field can only be accomplished when everyone is seen as equal.  To facilitate this process in America it is necessary to take away our competitive spirit, our desire to out shine our competition thru appearance.   Let’s face it;  the powers that be know that Americans will not go willingly to living in a society that takes us back a hundred years.  For us to “dress down” so to speak, it had to be forced upon us, without our knowledge.   So, the stores only buy cheap, inexpensive and unstylish clothes to sell us.  We have no choice; we have to buy what the market place has out there.  So, what better place to start leveling the playing field, than by making the importance of our personal appearance a non-issue? 

Hence, the cheap looking clothes and the problem of  “what should I wear today?” is a non-event, and no one cares because, now,  we all look lousy.     ss

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