Obama’s: Failure to Engage


I started this last week, but didn’t post it.  So, today I added more to the post and here it is.  ss 

05/26/10 Wednesday

 Today I have come to the conclusion that the Liberal news outlets have begun to wake up, and I think it’s because Obama has not been talking to them.  I believe he hasn’t had a news conference since last October, or around there. 

He’s been avoiding all news people, so he doesn’t have to answer any questions about Arizona’s Immigration law, or bribing Senator Sestak not to run against Specter, or about the Oil Spill.  Let’s face it he has his hands full, but of course he does continue to go out and campaign and community organize doesn’t he?   What’s wrong with this picture?

 05/27/27, Thursday 

It’s a new day, a new strategy for the White House.  Late yesterday, BP started their new idea, of plugging the hole where the oil is spewing out of, at probably 12 to 15 thousand barrels a day.   Now, I know that’s a lot more than they claimed was pouring out of the oil well, but as I remember when it first started it was only 1,000 gal/day, and then I think it went to barrels, like 5,000 per day.  Hey, at this point it doesn’t really matter, because the White House did not address the entire mess for weeks, though they say they had a meeting the very first day.  Right!  Or should I say, “So”?  Big deal, they had a meeting, I suppose it was with the Oil Czar, you know, one of Obama’s appointees, that has no experience, in the real world, much less in the  “Oil” industry, who no one sees or hears about, but is probably coming up with all the “Good” ideas the White House has  supposedly “made”  BP use,  to stop the oil spill in the Gulf.  Remember Obama said, he’s been on the job since day one, and the White House has been in charge, and “I’m taking full responsibility”. 

Well, as far as I’m concerned, he is responsible though, by waiting until day 38 to mention that “he’s been on the job since day one, or that ‘I’m take full responsibility’”,  is not too reassuring.  This is a disaster of humongous proportions and this guy has been giving speeches at college commencements, having $17,000 per plate fund raisers where they served Beluga Caviar ( the most in demand Caviar in the world) insulting the Governor of Arizona, encouraging racist protests (by illegals mind you, who think they have the right to make demands of the American people) with his remarks and of course he was so busy with the Oil disaster that he couldn’t even make it to Arlington Cemetery for the Memorial Day Ceremony.  Whoops!  I forgot, he skipped the Memorial Day Ceremony so he could go home to Chicago for a mini vacation.  Wow, what a guy! 

Oh, and by the way, the news media forgot, or should I say, decided not to show America the big protests in Chicago, in regards to Obama’s reluctance to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws already on the books, concerning our Southern border and there were those who protested his anti-socialist agenda.  They couldn’t possibly show the world that there are people,  in the city that he calls home,  that are against his policies,  and don’t like  him sitting on his Loral’s while Arizona falls by the way side, because he is allowing foreigners from Mexico, drug lords, drugs and potential terrorists to enter America illegally over our Southern border.  They  are against a Cap and Trade Bill, and an  Energy Bill, where their monthly utility bills will go up. 

Well, he made his “I’m in charge, speech on Thursday” because BP said if the mud and cement exercise worked, they would know it within 48 hours.   They started very late Wednesday afternoon, and the under water pictures showed a substance of mud and oil mixed coming out of the hole, which was mostly brownish in color, which BP said was normal even if it was working.  So, Obama came out on Thursday, thinking that if this works he needs  to make sure that the  American people think that he’s been in charge the whole time and that it was the White House that told BP to do the mud and cement deal, to plug up the hole.  Problem is BP said it would take until Friday or Saturday to really see if it was working.  By Sunday they said it didn’t work.  So, Obama, who said on Thursday that he was in charge from day one, had to do something else to cover the ineptness of the Federal government.

Obama decided to send Attorney General Holder down to the Gulf to inspect what was going on.  When he came back to Washington he made a grand announcement, basically saying the US was going to take criminal and civil action against BP, basically transferring the fault back on to them and away from Obama who swore that  “I’m in charge”  and the “Buck stops with me”.

So, here is the timetable I have come up with.

 1)      4/20/2010 On April 20th there was an explosion and fire on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, in the Gulf.  Eleven men died and 15 were injured.  The White House claims they were on top of this disaster from day one.  (They had a meeting).

2)      4/29/2010  Governor Bobby Jindal, sends a written request to the White House, and Homeland Security asking for 6000 National guardsmen to help prepare for the oil that is headed for the shore line.

3)      5/02/2010 Obama, 12 days after the spill, comes down to  Louisiana to inspect the catastrophe.  Jindal again asks for help and equipment to build 6 foot berms out in the Wetlands to keep the oil off shore.

4)      5/07/2010 BP attempts to lower a Containment box over the exposed, gushing oil leak, 5,000 feet below the surface.  It doesn’t work.

5)      05/26/2010 Late afternoon BP tries new idea called  the “Junk Shot”, dropping sand then cement over the oil leak to basically smother it, then seal it.  The pictures on Cable News shows the oil coming out of the leak has turned mucky brown from solid black.  BP said that it  is normal even if  it’s going to work.  It is just some of the mud escaping along with the black oil from the leak.  Once they get enough mud in there it will plug up the holes. 

6)      05/27/2010 Before going to Louisiana, Obama, Vice Pres. Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton welcomed the U.S. men’s national team to the White House on Thursday morning, with Obama delivering a message to the coaches, players and staff.

7)      05/27/2001  Obama decides that this, so far, looks like the best chance to plug the leaks and comes down to Louisiana to give a speech on how  he  “ has been in charge since day one”, (remember he had a meeting, the very first day, in the White House).   He also said, that the responsibility has always been on his shoulders and that “the buck stops with me” .   BP said it would take 24 hours to see if the “Junk Shot” worked, giving Obama a day to claim victory before BP announced that it was successful.

8)      05/28/2010 Obama invited the Duke men’s basketball team to the White House, on Thursday and praised them for winning the NCAA championship last month.

9)      05/29/2010 BP announces that the “Junk Shot” didn’t work.

10)  05/30/2010  Obama sends Attorney General Holder down to Louisiana to inspect the damage and find evidence to bring criminal charges and civil charges against BP.  This way he could distance himself and the White House away from the whole situation.  Obama was willing to take credit when it looked like the “Junk Shot” would work, but since it didn’t he wanted no part of the blame.   He basically miscalculated the outcome, and now he had to change directions fast when it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to.

11)  05/30/2010  Obama is a “No Show” at Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day Ceremony where a wreath is normally put on the unknown soldiers grave.  He went home for a mini vacation instead.

12)  06/07/2010 Obama has grand Concert at White House for family and Political friends, for a Tribute Ceremony and Obama’s presentation to Paul McCartney of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, awarded by the Library of Congress.  Other performing guests were the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and Faith Hill. 

13)  06/07/2010 I haven’t seen or heard from Obama today.  He must be tired from all the entertaining he has been doing. 

14)  Don’t overlook the fact that Congress is now, using this Gulf spill as the excuse to hurry up and pass the Cap and Trade Bill, so that they can take over the Energy industry. 

15)  Maybe this was what Obama was doing all along,  by not doing anything: Letting things get bad enough so those people who were for drilling off shore could no longer convince the rest of the country that it was still a good idea.  Then again maybe it wasn’t his plan.  You never know what is “real or not real” with this guy.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

I can only say that in my opinion, Obama’s “Failure to Engage” every time there is a major problem, by not acknowledging a problem until the dust settles (so that he knows which way the wind is blowing) can only be interpreted as his modus operandi and certainly renders him a Harvard graduate that is terribly inept.  ss

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