“Home Alone”, SEIU Protest Scares 14 Year Old


This morning I was watching Fox news and saw the story of the SEIU protest on the private property, a home, of a Bank of America Lawyer in the state of Maryland.  

As the story goes, this SEIU group boarded 14 buses in Washington DC and were then escorted to the DC/Maryland border.  The police gave the reason for escorting the buses as wanting to make sure no protestors were hurt along the way.

Now, the DC police say that they notified the Maryland police that the buses were coming and what their destination was, so that they could be prepared.  A neighbor of the family, whose home was the target of the protest, called 911 and reported that the SEIU group was on the front lawn of her neighbors private home and that they were protesting.  Inside the home, and alone, was a fourteen-year-old boy who locked himself in a closet, because he was afraid. 

Now, the Maryland police department had a representative responding to the Fox news  America Live show host, Megan Kelly.  He said that the DC police called and let them know what was coming their way.  They said that when “3” police officers arrived the group was already dispersing and were causing no problems.  It was reported that  one of the police officers told the neighbor who called them that since there was only “3” of them they didn’t think it was safe to try and arrest any of the protesters and that when they were told to leave they did so and peacefully.    The Maryland police representative denied this statement was made and just said that by the time their police officers arrived, the group was already in the process of leaving.

Well, here are my questions.  Why did the DC police not check to see if this group had a legal permit to protest?   If not, why did they bother escorting these busses?  Bottom-line the buses, 14 of them could have caused a traffic jam, and I can see the police helping to prevent that problem, but that problem did not seem to be their concern, because it was never mentioned in the interview. 

My next question is at just what point did the DC police call the Maryland Police department to let them know what was headed their way?  It should have been when they first started escorting the group from DC, giving the Maryland police the opportunity to meet the buses at the border and check to see if they had a permit to protest.  It’s almost as though some of these people (police) enjoy actually being personally involved in something that will get national attention, so they say nothing to the Maryland police until what, the point at which they reach the border?  This way they will have something to talk about during the morning meeting at the station, Big shots, all. 

So, this Bank of America’s Lawyer supposedly lived just a few blocks in from the state border between Maryland and DC.  As I understood the interview today on Fox, the police from Maryland said they sent “3″ officers to the scene but when they arrived the protest was already breaking up?  Right!

Well, this comes down to who called the Maryland police and when.   If the call was not placed until the DC police reached the border with the busloads of 700 SEIU protestors, then I feel they should be reprimanded or removed from duty to take some extra emergency training.  The fact is, that no one knew if there would be a problem, or a fight among the protestors and possibly neighbors, or if a weapon would even be brought out.  No one knew who was at home at the targeted house.  The fact that a child was home alone to suffer in fear of what might happen is disgusting at best.  These SEIU people need to be arrested for disturbing the peace, and gathering on private property with out a permit.  They can be identified by the news footage.   I would also like to know if anyone in the neighborhood saw what I heard was there; two DC patrol cars, and  that they might have taken pictures of them with their cell phones.  This would tell us that the DC police lied. 

Now, the best questions for last.  The neighbor who called 911 said it took the police an hour to get there and if this is so, then why?   If the DC police had already called the Maryland police then the protestors and the police should have arrived at about the same time.   If the DC police called the Maryland police, I would think that they would have told them that there were approximately 700 people on 14 buses headed their way to protest someone’s home;  and the Maryland police sent only “3” police officers????

What is wrong with this picture?   It appears to me that this was a planned attack, and the police were asked to look the other way for a while so the protestors could do their yelling.  When the Maryland police were asked why they didn’t arrest anyone, they said,  “Well by the time we got there, the protestors were already dispersing, peacefully”.   He then added “we didn’t’ want to start something, because there were only “3” of us there.   Again, why was that? 

I truly believe that this situation should be investigated, by an outside source, but who?  Who can you trust anymore?  You certainly can not trust the Maryland police because they only sent “3” cops to handle 700 hundred professionally , well trained, Bully Protestors from the SEIU.  You can’t trust the DC cops because they must have waited until the last foot of land under the last busses rear wheel, crossing the border before notifying the Maryland police, or they would have arrived sooner.

I’m glad this Bank of America father is a lawyer; I hope he sues the hell out of these cops, from both sides of the border and especially those SEIU union members who were standing on his front porch, because I know they can be identified.  And for those reading this, who think I’m being too harsh, then stop for a moment and think about how you would feel if one of your children were home alone and this group appeared yelling and screaming at your  front door.  ss

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