A Mosque At Ground Zero Is Not Politically Correct!


I thought I would add another post on the subject of “Politically Correct” which just the mention of those words absolutely infuriates me.  This one will not be politically correct, and is just this American’s opinion.

I feel that our government officials have no pride in their country any longer.  Mayor Bloomberg in NY should have stopped the building of this mammoth Mosque project at Ground Zero. 

Now, it was evident to me, when Bush decided to go to war in Iraq, even though the majority of the actual terrorists on 911 were from Saudi Arabia (I believe there were 16 from Saudi Arabia) that Americans in general did not understand the thinking process of the Islamic world.

Believe it or not the average Muslim does understand the radical Islamic thinking and of course most do not all agree with it, but they do know about it, they understand it, it’s part of their old country mentality, and its part of their culture.    So, let me say this, and this is my own point- of- view that I, too  understand their way of thinking.

The Islamic radicals, Al Queda, and the Taliban all understand one another.  These people take revenge on those who they feel are their enemy.   To them the infidels (the Western World) the Christians are their enemy, and believe me when I say, there is nothing we can do about that.    They will hate you until you die and even into the after life.   

That being said, does anyone actually think that the group,  putting up the money, and  buying the property with the intention of building a Mosque chose this land because it was the only land left in NY big enough for their purposes?

Does anyone actually believe that Mayor Bloomberg could not have stopped this project?  Well he didn’t stop it because he is for it.  What a guy!

Does anyone believe (and I hope it’s not Donald Trump, because I do like the guy) that it did not cross the minds of the people selling this property that no American would like this particular transaction?  So, I would think that one hell of a lot of money must have changed hands here.

Allowing this building to go up is almost sacrilegious.

If anyone in this country thinks that this location for the Mosque, was not chosen purposely by this group, no matter what the American Society for Muslim Advancement   (the people who are putting this Mosque up) says, then they are very naive.  If these same people were so concerned about getting along with the Western World and Americans in particular, as they claim is the purpose of this grand Mosque, then I would have thought that there would have been such an outcry from the Arab community in this country, after 911, and after the  attempts to blow up planes over American soil, that it would have been heard like a bell ringing, around the world.  

But no, this location of this Mosque is their way of sticking it to us, for everything they believe Americans, the infidels,  have done wrong over the years, including having Israel as an ally, which also includes the war in Iraq and the Afghan war, as the most recent activities America has been involved in  etc., etc., etc.

The reason for this Mosque to be built in this location is so that we always remember the enemy, who killed so many people on American soil.  So, every time some American goes to pay his respects at Ground Zero he can look up and see the 13 story Mosque over shadowing him and Ground Zero, as a reminder of how vulernable we really are.  

By the way, these radical thinking Muslims, many of who went to college  in our country, also know that Americans are superstitious and therefore the building will have  “13” floors, which symbolizes bad luck, basically they are telling us that we were unlucky on 911 and  we are unlucky now,  because they bought the land near Ground Zero and are putting up a Mosque to remind us on a daily basis, especially during the call in Arabic over the outside loud speakers for daily prayers. 

Now,  to top it off,  the Mosque is scheduled to open on September 11, 2011.   I really don’t agree with the moderate Muslims who say that a Mosque at Ground Zero will allow them to improve interfaith understanding.   They could have tried to improve interfaith understanding anytime in the last 8 years, and especially right after 911 but during the months after 911 these people were  noticeably silent. 

These people are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing.  It matters not, who is putting up the money or the building.  To the radical Islamist it only matters that it is being built at this location.  It will be said, by the extremist Islamists that this is “Allah’s” will.   The moderate Muslims know that this is true, but will not admit this to us.

We on the other hand have forgotten to stand united for what we believe in.  Our leaders, dishonor those who died on 911, by allowing this Mosque to be built on this site, but this is nothing new, they have been dishonoring the American people for sometime now, and will continue to do so, unless they are stopped.

Do you really need any other evidence that there are  radical Islamic thinking people living right in America, who live and breath revenge? 

Homeland Security should investigate this group.  Even if they are American citizens, they have another agenda, which has nothing to do with bringing Muslims, Christians, and Americans together (as they claim)  so that they will learn to better understand one another.  Please, if anyone believes this then I have some beachfront property on the Louisiana Gulf that I would like to sell you.  It’s beautiful and the white sandy beaches are to die for, at least for another week or so.

Now, tell me, at what point do Americans, and our President say to this group, the American Society for Muslim Advancement that building this mammoth Mosque near Ground Zero, is not  “Politically Correct” and therefore,  No Can Do?   ss

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