7th Grade Isaiah Johnson, Gets Beaten by His Teacher

 I just don’t know how to stop the insanity in this country.  The news is getting more and more unbelievable day by day.  Bad news about the schools just keeps on getting worse.

For instance, yesterday I saw a report about some teacher (who by the way did not have a teaching degree, it seems you only need some type of certificate) in a charter school, somewhere in the USA, beat the hell out of Isaiah Johnson,  a 7th grade boy in her classroom, while students and other teachers looked on.  Now, you would think that one of the other teachers would have stepped in to stop this woman, but “No”, evidently, they did not want to get involved. 

If you saw the stance this female teacher took before she started beating this kid (she was slightly bent over, but she had her arms and hands out, at the side of her body, almost like you would stand if you were playing around and were imitating a ape (It was later reported by the boy that the teacher did in fact bang on her chest just like an ape would do).  There was a student desk in front of her and she picked it up and threw it behind her.  If I hadn’t known better, this looked like a fight scene you would see on some weekly TV action, program like NYPD.  She then cornered this boy, and started beating him across the face and head, got him down on the floor and kept beating him.  

All the while someone was filming this on his or her cell phone.   This boy never once hit, or kicked her, but tried to protect his face and head with his hands and arms.  I was disgusted, and as much as I hate violence, if I had been there, well let’s just say this would not have continued after the first swing by her.

Now, it’s a little vague, because of the lousy reporting that gets done in this country, but as I understand it they didn’t say if this boy was sent to the principles office, or was sent home, after this event.  It sounded like he stayed in school for the rest of the day, and then went home.  

No one from the principles office called his mother about the situation, or called to ask her to come in or pick him up.  It was a nonevent as far as the school was concerned.  So, does this mean things like this happens all the time there and no one ever filmed this kind of thing before, therefore parents were not told that this was going on?  Or was this a one-time event?  I really feel that this teacher must have done things like this before.  You would have had to see this video clip to get what I mean here.

So, the boy goes home after school, and asks his mother “is it okay for teachers to beat kids up”?  Evidently he then told her what happened.  The mother called the school, and basically they blew her off, saying that they would check into it.  She kept her son out of school on Friday. 

But over the weekend someone showed the mother what her son went thru by giving her the video of the incident, that was filmed on a cell phone.  Monday morning the mother went into the school and asked what happened, and they said that they had camera’s in the class room and they will check it out and get back to her in a couple of hours.  Well, two or three hours later they called the mother and told her the cameras in the classroom did not catch the incident. Right!   They did ask her to come in and discuss the matter though.  I wonder if she had already told them that she had a video of the incident.  It sounded like she hadn’t told them this earlier, because if she had, there would have been no reason for them to have to check the cameras in the classroom.   I think the cell phone video  would have given them a good enough picture of what went on, and to assure them that they were going to get sued. 

What kind of school is this charter school?  Why didn’t the principle notify the mother right after the incident?  Maybe the principle was never told, and if not, why not?  If this kid was so bad why wasn’t he sent to the Principles office, and why wasn’t his mother called to take him home? Why wasn’t he put in detention?  Why didn’t the cameras in the classroom catch this incident on film?  Why did they not call this mother or tell her when she called on Friday to come in that day?   Why didn’t they apologize?  Why didn’t the teachers who saw the incident step in and stop this teacher from beating this boy?

Why, Why, Why was nothing done until the school found out that there was a video of the entire incident?    Is this the type of security this school system provides for their students?  I believe this teacher, the Principle, and the other teachers that observed the incident and did nothing should all be fired.  I also, feel, that the mother should sue the charter school, including filing criminal charges against the teacher and the other teachers who stood there and did nothing. 

As an American and a parent, I want to know what the hell is going on in our schools?  ss

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2 Comments on “7th Grade Isaiah Johnson, Gets Beaten by His Teacher”

  1. As for people not doing anything while watching this beating again this is a sign of abnormal behavior and a defense against this negativity that surrounds us. People pull back and try to protect themselves. Only the very strong personalities would step into the fray. You would and I would, but my mother and my daughter would not. They would become literally paralyzed for the duration and then after-wards they would shake themselves and go on as if nothing happened because they wanted nothing to have happened and have convinced themselves that nothing bizarre happened. Watch animals when one is killed. They are terrified into abnormal behavior by some negativity that they don’t truly understand until the danger is over. We are after all just Naked Apes.

    I have for years told people if they wanted to understand human behavior they should first ask what an animal would do in the same circumstances. That is then the key and is the action that will come to the individuals mind for action FIRST. For most people this is the action taken. For stronger personalities the brain suggests alternative actions and sometimes the individual chooses a more humane course of action. BB

  2. Things are getting bizarre Sandy. This is what happens when people “feel” insecure but don’t know what to do or have the power to do anything. I have felt it in clinics for drug users and those with a mental illness but now it’s in the air in the United States. There is a negative vibration that affects people’s behavior and if they have a weakness it flips the switch and the bizarre behavior becomes evident.

    In this picture it was evident to me that the teacher was totally out of control and really couldn’t stop herself from banging on that kid. Check her body language; Look at how she pulls her arms far back and then swings putting her whole body into it. She is striking out at “something” and the child has merely become an object. This is not excusing her behavior and she should have lost her job, but it is explaining what really happened.

    It is everywhere you go. Watch people in the grocery story and in the doctor’s office; people are not relax or smiling but moving a leg or arms or shifting in their seats or paging thru a magazine without even looking at the pages.

    I have never in my life felt these negative vibes seeming to be coming out of nowhere and affecting everyone. It is common to feel negative vibes from individuals independently but no in mass as is the case now. BB

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