Arizona’s New Immigration Law, Good or Bad?

I have been thinking about the new Immigration Law in Arizona and how people are reacting to it.  It’s not pretty.

You may have heard the saying, which is often, used in movies, where one of the characters will say to another, “I’ll have my people call your people”.  Well I think that is just what happened last Friday, April 24, 2010.  I think Obama’s people called the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer’s people to find out whether or not she was going to announce the signing of the new Arizona Immigration Bill.  We can pretty much guess what they were told, because just hours before Governor Brewer’s scheduled News Conference, when she was to announce her decision, President Obama made a preemptive move.  He announced his displeasure with the Governor. 

At a naturalization ceremony for 24 members of the military, Obama made the following statement about the Governors decision to sign the Immigration bill, “Our failure to act responsible at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others. That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threatens to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe”. 

 In my opinion, he as well as admitted that the Federal Government has not done it’s job to protect the citizens of this country and the citizens of Arizona in particular, something that I, as an American, find very irresponsible on the Governments behalf.  Still he calls the Arizona Governor irresponsible.  I don’t think that Governor Brewer has acted irresponsible at all.  She is doing what she has been elected to do, and is paid to do, and that is to protect the citizens of Arizona.  You would think that after 911, the Southern border would be locked up.   

Obama has ignored the fact that Phoenix, Arizona has become the 2nd worst city in the world for Kidnappings.  Yes, that’s right 2nd worst in the World and it has become America’s Kidnapping capital.  Yet he neglected to bring this to the attention of the Americans he was speaking to when he chose to blame Governor Brewer for doing her job, and implying that this Bill she signed into Law was a racist, law, when all she’s doing is trying to stop crime in her state. 

Obama said he instructed the Justice Department to examine the civil rights and other implications” of the new law.  This statement really angered me.  Mr. Obama should have said, “I have asked the Justice Department to look into why the Federal Immigration Laws already on the books have not been enforced”.  He should have told them to start enforcing them immediately, to keep Americans safe from the Illegals who are climbing walls, digging tunnels, transporting drugs or just coming to American to take our jobs.

For the President of the United States to say that the Governor of Arizona is threatening, “to undermine a basic notion of fairness that we cherish as Americans” is ridiculous when he and Congress are more concerned with being fair to Illegal Immigrants, who entered this country illegally than to the citizens who pay their salaries.

We have Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Home Land Security, when asked by Congressman Lindsey Graham the other day, if the Arizona/Mexican border was secure now, replying with, “that’s an unfair question”.  My God, what planet did she come from?  Does this woman even know what her job consists of? 

We have Al Sharpton, saying he’s bringing in outsiders to march in Arizona,  for the Civil Rights of the Immigrants, and Americans of Hispanic descent.  I ask myself, “Why are these people making a genuine effort to divide the people of this country, instead of leading them to a place where they can work together?

I know I’m just an ordinary, Patriotic American, who loves the Freedom she has, and thank God, I’m still allowed to think for myself, because I really see something wrong with this picture, and can’t believe that anyone who looks at what is going on, with an open mind, doesn’t see it too.  

Obama gave as an example on how the law will work, saying; if parents of Hispanic descent decided to take their child out for an ice cream they could be stopped and asked to show their American ID (citizenship papers) and this would be a direct result of Racial profiling.

As I understand the law, people cannot be stopped and asked to prove American citizenship unless there is a suspicion that they have committed a crime, or they get caught in the act, like robbing a store, or stealing a car, or committing any number of crimes.  By the way, when anyone in this country is suspected of committing a crime or has just run a red light, they are stopped and asked for their ID, so this is nothing new.  The law, and the Governor specifically stated that there is to be no racial profiling.

 Let’s say someone of Hispanic descent came to this country through legal channels, applied for citizenship and became a citizen.  He may have had to wait for years before he was allowed to come to the USA, he may have had to do a number of things to be eligible to become a citizen of the USA.  He is more likely than not, happy he is here.  He is now an American citizen.  He should be glad that he lives in a state where the Governor is taking his safety seriously.   His safety and security is now one of the privileges he has as an American Citizen of Hispanic descent.

He should also be directing his anger not towards Governor Brewer but towards those illegals that come into our (his country now, too) everyday.  It is because of them that he may be asked to show his Citizenship papers.   It is because the Illegals committed a CRIME, by coming into the USA, illegally, he may someday be asked to show his proof of citizenship.  It is still a Crime to enter the USA illegally, and it’s time he realizes that the laws are to protect him tooIt’s time for him to act like an American.

Mr. Sharpton if he had any common sense at all, should, if he really wants and needs the press coverage, bring his people to DC and march there.  Why you ask?  Because the Federal Immigration Laws are already on the books, but have not been enforced.  If the Congress or the White House had enforced them, there would have been no need to pass the Arizona Bill.  If Al Sharpton is interested in justice, and not just getting his name and picture on the news, then he needs to go to DC to march on the Capital.

So, here’s the deal, as I see it.  The Arizona Immigration Bill was signed into Law because the Federal Government, again, is not doing its job.  President  Obama readily admits that the Feds have been irresponsible in not doing anything about the Laws already on the books, and he intends to continue down that path.  He down played the seriousness of the situation, (the Kidnapping Capitol of America) but, he has, with carefully chosen words, made race an issue where it was not.  He has started, what I believe will be a long hot summer, filled with Protests and Civil Rights marches.  

All week long I have thought about what he has said and done about this new Law, and all I can think of is Protests and Civil Rights marches, will be used as his new reason to coerce Congress into writing a new Immigration Bill and then pass it fast.  They won’t need to read it, but just vote for it (as usual), before the mid-term election.   And if things get out of hand this summer, well then Obama can impose Marshall Law, with the New National Police force that I have heard about.   Is there one?  I don’t know.  But I have heard about one.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

No one can ever say Americans are a dull people.  Stupid, maybe, but dull?  Definitely not! 

Well these are my thoughts on the subject, but, hey, who am I, but just an ordinary still, free, American.  ss

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