Glenn Beck vs American Idol

It’s no secret to anyone who reads my posts, that I watch the Glenn Beck show every afternoon.   I also watch  O’Rielly,  Hannity,  Megan and Shepard on Fox.  I do check out the news on the other Networks  and watch Anderson Cooper also.   Glenn Beck has mentioned a few times about the number of viewers he has had, on any given day.  Many times it has been close to 3 Million, which is high for any talk show on Cable. 

I like Glenn’s show because he always backs up what he is saying by showing clips of the person he is talking about saying or doing something he said they did.  He always proves his point, unlike the other Networks who basically promote the opinions of their host.  That’s fine if I want their opinion, but I feel I’m more than capable of coming up with my own, based on fact.

Now, last week, I was watching American Idol and of course the Host Ryan Seacrest   mentioned or shall I say yelled out to the audience that something like 34 Million people voted after the previous show, for their favorite singer.  I do have to say that that’s a lot of people watching a program that basically gives a singing contract away to the winner.  I don’t know what the age is of the majority of the viewers, but I would think many or even most may be teens too young to vote in Presidential elections. 

Though I’m sure that there are quite a few, of those 34 Million viewers, old enough to vote in the National elections.  So, why are these same viewers,  not at all interested in what is going on in America and the fact that they are the ones who will eventually have to deal with the results of all these new Socialist laws being passed by Congress?   Do they not know that their personal Freedom and Rights are being taken from them by a group of appointed (Socialist Czars), elected officials (Congress and the President) and other Elitists who are determined to take total control of America, away from the people? 

So, this got me thinking, 3 Million people watch Glenn Beck, the Political talk show host who is trying to let Americans know what is really going on in Washington DC, and inform them on how the United States Congress is basically destroying our country by eliminating much of our Freedom.  Glenn has spent a little over a year trying to teach the American public about the US Constitution and what it means and warn us about who is trying to destroy America’s way of life.  Though only 3 Million people are watching, give or take a few, that number has put him in the number one position a number of times for a Political Cable talk/news show.  But why doesn’t he have more viewers than that?

Could it be that Fox News hasn’t realized yet, that the Glenn Beck show should be on during prime time?  Right now, in the Eastern part of the US, his show is on at 5PM.  The people who have jobs are either still at work or just leaving to go home for the night and by the time they get home, maybe after running to the grocery store on the way, he’s off the air.  It seems to me, without knocking any of the other Fox hosts out of their time slots, they should move the Glenn Beck show to at least 7PM.  By then people are done eating and have time to watch him.   The 7PM time slot is closer to Prime time and he should be able to at least double the number of viewers for his show.  So, Fox, how about it, let’s move Glenn to a later time slot and see if I’m right?

An article I read today in the New York Times, gave  the ratings for some TV shows,  that made me do some thinking.   Well, let’s look at Nielsen’s TV estimate ratings for last Monday nights; reality show “Dancing With the Stars”, according to Nielsen’s estimates, had 20.8 Million viewers, the premiere of a new show called “Romantically Challenged” had 11.6 Million viewers, on CBS that night a new episode of “CSI: Miami” had 11.7 Million viewers, and “Castle” on ABC, and one of my favorite shows, had 10.5 Million viewers.  Fox came in third for the night with “House” having 10.6 Million viewers and “24” also, one of my favorite shows, with 8.9 Million viewers.  

It appears that Americans are more interested in reality TV, like “Dancing With the Stars” and/or “American Idol”, “Survivor”, and the live shows like “What Not to Wear” (should include the clothes coming in from China, with the European look for women), then there’s “Hoarders” and the Cooking shows, etc., etc., etc., than in the actual survival of Freedom in their country. 

Yet, only 3 Million or less are watching one of the more  important Reality shows in the country which is the Glenn Beck Show.  Okay, I know it probably wouldn’t be considered a Reality show, but since the White House, and most of the other Networks (mostly liberal, left) are contributing to the bashing of Fox News and the Glenn Beck show, on a daily basis and trying to get Becks  show off the air, in every way possible, I will put it in the Reality category.  

Let’s see here:  Glenn Beck= 3,000,000 viewers,  American Idol= 34,000,000 viewers.  

So, what’s wrong with the over-all picture here?  It’s a little scary when more Americans are interested in who the next singing sensation will be, or what celebrity is the best dancer, instead of what the next American leader is going to be; an elected President of the Free world, or maybe a Communist Dictator or how about a Socialist Leader?  

For the last maybe 15 or 20 years I’ve heard on numerous occasions how the powers that be have been dumbing down America.  Well, all I can say is, “They have succeeded”.  Duh!    ss

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