President Clinton “Taxation By Representation”, No Way!


Last week I watched portions of a speech that President Clinton gave in honor of the 15-year anniversary of the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing. 

During his speech he spoke about the Tea Party movement, and in my opinion, he implied that the Tea Party people didn’t know or really understand what they, themselves, were standing for.

He said, that the Tea Party people compared themselves to the Original Boston Tea Party, in 1773, when the Colonists threw bags of Tea into the Boston Harbor, to show that they did not want “taxation without representation”. 

Clinton went on to say that the complaint of the Tea Party people was not the same because today (Americans) have duly elected officials who represent the people, so we have “taxation with representation”.  He also said if we do not like the laws our elected officials pass we can replace them every two years in the next election. 

Well, President Clinton, is right to a point.  Our officials in Congress, are elected officials but that’s as far as it goes.  They do not nor have not represented the People.  In fact they have consistently done what they wanted to do, and have ridiculed, insulted, and called their constituents radicals, domestic terrorists, and now they are pushing the “racist” card. 

To explain away their actions of not doing what their constituents have wanted them to do they have claimed that we aren’t smart enough to understand what is going on in our country.  Congress claims that they are smarter than we are, and they will do what is best for us (and all the time they exempt themselves from the laws that they are passing in “OUR BEST INTEREST”.  

No, President Clinton, this time you are wrong.  We do not have “Taxation by Representation” as you say.  In order for that to be true Congress would have had to not pass the HealthCare Bill, because the majority of Americans did not want  the Bill that was on the table.

 I have always enjoyed listening to President Clinton speak, because I have admired his ability to answer any question put to him and respond in detail.  He always has an answer, and can adlib an entire speech if he has had to, without any problem.  He is a smart man.  He has always been able to explain things where the people could understand what he was talking about and more importantly he had the ability to change our minds to his point of view if he needed to.  The voters trusted him. 

I don’t know what has happened to President Clinton, but he has changed, he no longer speaks the same language as the rest of us. 

 So, President Clinton spoke in partial truths.  Yes, we have elected officials, so in Legalize it IS considered “Taxation by Representation”.   He said that “Words have Consequences” and he knows what he is talking about.

How does the old saying go?  “Fool me once, Shame on you, Fool me twice,  Shame on me.”  

Not again, President Clinton, I know what IS means this time around.  And in the real world,  it IS Not  “Taxation by Representation” when Congress IS only representing itself and not the people.   ss

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3 Comments on “President Clinton “Taxation By Representation”, No Way!”

  1. snappysandy Says:

    Brenda, you are exactly right. President Clinton said words do mean something, and he chooses his words very carefully.

    Bottom-line, the day after the Health Care Bill was passed, the Dems went into their attack mode, against Glenn Beck and against the Tea Partiers, accusing them of racism, because most of the Tea Party rallies have White people there. There are Blacks too, but maybe just not as many. The problem is that it just so happens that the Middle Class has been mostly White (I’m guessing here) and that’s why the Tea Party has more Whites. I would like to point out that No one, including President Clinton ever accused the 95% of Black people who voted for Obama of being Racist, now did they??? Ninety-five percent of White Americans have never voted for just one candidate. So, you be the judge on that one.

    So, it is apparent that the Dems have been on a very aggressive offensive mode against the Middle Class and the Tea Party people. I think their plan is the more they say the Tea Partiers are Racist, the more often the (their) Media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC) reports the Tea Party people as Racist that the thought will stick in the minds of many people; those who are uneducated and do not comprehend what is going on, those who don’t pay attention to what is going on, but hear bits and pieces, those who are a little extreme in their thinking and those who are Racists, and Radicals, hoping to create a diversion, like incidents at rallies, or riots, which then they will say proves their point, that the Tea Party people are being Racist. I feel that the Dems are the Racists.

    This they do, because they cannot fight the Truth, because they are not telling the Truth.

    The Dems are fighting to hold on to what they have right now, for fear the Tea Partiers are going to take it away from them. These type of people usually survive, so if they lose their seat in Congress, stay alert, snakes usually pop up again, somewhere else.

  2. hungry4food Says:

    the Giant Sucking Sound Ross Perot talked about in the 1992 Presidential Campaign , is the result of Prez Clinton’s Free Trade agreement , and thats now crashing our economy and causing the American people pain and suffering , and that is taxing our ability to provide our families needs . Read here the results were forecast but Everyone in Washington DC continued to ignore the independent studies because Big Box Retailers were making ALL the MONEY from USA retail markets , and the same has happened in the UK , all these Politicians that kept on supporting this Free Trade agreement need to be Voted out of Office NOW !!!!! The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
    By Robert E. Scott,
    February 1, 2000

  3. To my mind the speech Bill Clinton gave was a prime example of the incendiary speech and use of words that he is warning us about and claiming that the Tea Party Patriots are using. I wonder how the traitors were able to pull so many people into their way of thinking. I would have sworn Clinton was a true American. He is intelligent and he knows he is lying about the TPP movement. I am just dumb founded Snappy that these people and the Congressmen who stand up and blatantly lie about the legislation they are forcing on us can do what they are doing. What is their reasoning? What will they gain? How in the world can they sleep at night or face themselves in the mirror in the morning? BB

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