Can “We The People” Take Back America?


In case you didn’t know, Congress does not collect Social Security, nor does it pay into it.  No, Congress set up their own retirement payout many years ago.  Basically when they retire they continue getting paid their salary until they die.

Now, I,  like the rest of the working class Americans who retire, get a Social Security payment based on some mathematical calculation.  This monthly pittance can be any amount of money based on what you have ultimately paid into Social Security.  Most of us will get anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to a couple of thousand dollars a month, with the average being somewhere around $1000 per month. 

I don’t know about you but I have worked my butt off to earn a livable retirement.  For those who do not have any savings, or pension, or 401K, Social Security may be all they will have to survive on when they retire.

I don’t think that Congress has earned their monthly salaries while they are on the job, much less a lifetime of paychecks for doing nothing after they retire.  Congress has been elected to represent their constituents and work on their behalf, but let’s face it, they haven’t, and especially, this term.  This past year is evidence of what they consider to be their responsibility for earning their paychecks.  It has been to spend more money than the country has available to spend and what they haven’t printed they have borrowed from China, you know, the country that all our jobs went to. 

Of course, they have passed laws that their constituents have repeatedly told them not to vote for.  It has been my real world experience that when one’s Boss tells an employee to do or not do something they are expected to listen and do what they are told.  Yet, this Congress has decided that they no longer need to listen to us.  This is a very big mistake, on their part; one, which I hope, will be corrected in the Mid-term election if not before. 

Change can only happen when people get involved and more than ever we need people to get involved stand up for their rights afforded to them by the Constitution, and to throw anyone out of office that does not follow the law of the Land.  

Can we change the under-handed Political activities going on in DC and throughout America right now?  Can we make it clear to our elected officials that they work for us and not the other way around?  Can we really take back control of America from this Criminal element that is running amok throughout the halls of Congress?  Can “We The People” turn this country around before it’s too late?  

To put it in terms that sound quite familiar and that everyone will understand, “Yes We Can”!

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One Comment on “Can “We The People” Take Back America?”

  1. Judy Jacobsen Says:

    Great article…….my husband Art and I agree. Our lawmakers have their own healthcare and retirement plans. The ones that the rest of us have or will be having aren’t fit for them. There is something terribly wrong with this. When will the masses wise up and become more vocal. I hope soon!!

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