David and Goliath (Glenn Beck vs The White House)

So, the powers that be want to silence Glenn Beck.  This reminds me of a story I was told when I was a child, I hope you enjoy it.  I think it fits right in with the events of today.

Long ago, the Philistines and the Israelites were ready to go to war with one another.  The army of Philistines had their camp on one mountaintop and the Israelites army was camped on a mountaintop across from the Philistines.   Below the two camps was a Valley.  

The Israelites were called God’s chosen people.  But the Philistines had a secret weapon, a giant of a man, 9 feet tall, called Goliath.  He was so enormous in size, wearing heavy armor,  covering his legs, and chest that fear ran thru the hearts of anyone who saw him.   Goliath, the warrior was an awesome site to behold causing  fear throughout  the Israelite camp.  King Saul, King of the Israelites, and his army were afraid that they could not overtake this fearsome warrior and so they were afraid to attack the Philistines. 

Every morning Goliath would stand on the mountainside by the Philistines camp and yell out  taunts at the Israelites.  He would call them names trying to get them to attack.  Trying to get them to come down the mountain and into the valley where they would surely be slaughtered, because the Philistines would have the advantage of being above them and able to overtake them.  This taunting by Goliath went on for 40 days and nights.

Now, there was a man, Jesse, a father who had sons in King Saul’s Army.  He wanted to know how the battle was going and so he sent his youngest son, David, to the Israelite camp with food for his older sons, and to bring him home news on how the battle was going.

When David arrived at King Saul’s Camp, he heard Goliath yelling out, calling the Israelites names, and daring them to come down into the Valley and fight him.   David could not believe the fear he saw in the eyes of the Israelite Army.  He spoke with his brothers and asked, “Who is this Philistine that he challenges God’s Army”?

David then went to King Saul and told him “Tell your army not to be afraid any longer, I will fight Goliath”.   King Saul told David that he could not fight this giant of a man.  He said Goliath was an experienced soldier, a great warrior and David was just a boy.

But David stood his ground.  He told King Saul how he, while watching his father’s sheep, had fought a Bear and a Lion on two different occassions as they attacked the flock, and how he killed them both with just his slingshot.  He told King Saul that God protected him then,  and that he would surely protect him now.

The King decided to let David fight Goliath, but only if he wore some armor for protection.   But David declined and said he could not move well with the heavy armor on. 

So, David started walking down into the Valley, and when Goliath saw this, he too started down the mountainside and into the Valley.

When Goliath reached the bottom and saw that David was only a boy, with no armor, and just a slingshot in his hand, he became very angry.  He told David he would kill him and feed him to the animals.

David told Goliath that even though Goliath came to fight him carrying a sword and shield, and dressed in armor, that he came with the blessing of the Lord and the Lord would protect him.  Goliath was furious.

David ran toward Goliath, and with his slingshot in one hand reached into his robe and brought out a single stone, and swung his slingshot over his head and let the stone fly, hitting Goliath in the forehead, killing him instantly.   The sound of Goliath hitting the ground shook even the mountains.   The Philistines, seeing that David killed their Great Warrior, ran from the Israelites in fear.

I have told this story for one reason, which is the Boycott of Glenn Beck and his Radio and TV shows.  It seems that the far left have decided Glenn Beck is causing the Democrats in Congress and the White House too much trouble, because he has been pointing out the un-American tactics like Bribery, Payoffs, Threats, Arm twisting, and broken promises to the American people, that they are using to get their Bills passed in Congress.

Glenn Beck has talked about the 30 + unvetted, Marxists, Socialist and Communist Czars that Obama has chosen to surround himself with, in the White House.  Our President has taken on a Socialist agenda and is in the process of fundamentally transforming America.    He has taken over the Auto Industry, the Banking industry, the Health Care industry, the Student Loan industry, and is in the process of controlling the Educational program, the Farming industry, and overhauling the Immigration laws, and he has even taken control of the Census Bureau by moving it into the White House, and as of todayhe has fundamentally changed our National Security Policy.   All these changes are to level the playing field in America,  by redistributing the wealth and changing America from a Free country to a Federal  Government controlled Socialist country.

Obama’s, for the lack of a better term, Enforcers, also serving dual rolls as his Advisors have decided to go after ONE   PRIVATE  AMERICAN CITIZEN, by trying to destroy his means of earning a living and destroying his reputation and most importantly taking away his Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech and the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Now, I ask you, has anyone ever seen a sitting American President go after a Private Citizen with the intention of destroying him? 

I would think that with all the problems we have in this country that even the Czars, which I do not approve of, would be focusing their attention on something more important than One American Citizen.  Unless, of course, this One American Citizen, Glenn Beck, is saying all the right things and letting Americans know the real truth about what is going on in Washington DC. 

Then I would say that the reason the Obama White House has started this Boycott and encouraged Corporate America to also join them, by pulling their advertising from the Glenn Beck shows, is because they are AFRAID that Americans might just learn the truth about what lengths the Left will go to in order to get what they want, which is POWER.  POWER to control every aspect of every AMERICAN’S LIFE, the POWER to control the Country. 

 This group who are evidently very AFRAID of the Truth that GLENN BECK speaks of, have secured promises to not run ads on GLENN BECKS shows, from numerous Sponsors and Companies, such as Wal-Mart (who buys close to 70% of its products from American companies who have out-sourced their manufacturing to China), and Sprint which has also out-sourced American jobs to China.  Then there is Bank of America who has also contributed to the unemployment of Americans by out-sourcing much of it’s client service to India, and other foreign countries, Bell & Howell who out-sourced American jobs to China, and General Mills who has out-sourced 75% of it’s engineering.  These are just some of the companies that have joined the Boycott of the Glenn Beck shows.    Others include Direct TV, Regions Financial Corp., Travelers Insurance, Vonage and there are more.

 I just have one question to ask any unemployed American, “Do you really patronize these companies that have contributed to the enormous amount of unemployment in America,  and the elimination of our manufacturing industry, by out-sourcing American jobs to China and other foreign countries, for the sake  of Greed on their part?   Do you actually buy their products, knowing you and your neighbors have lost jobs, possibly your homes, and maybe forced into bankruptcy, because these companies did not care about the American worker?  Do you actually care if you do not see one of their ads on the Glenn Beck show

Fear is a peculiar thing, if you have it, you own it, and it’s hard to fight it.  Obama is beginning to find that out.  It has been apparent right from the beginning that Obama can not tolerate personal criticism and he with his band of enforcers will go to any lengths to destroy those who disagree with anything he says or does.  He is evidently  very insecure.

Glenn Beck always ends his TV show with a friendly reminder, “Do Not Be Afraid” to speak up.  Glenn has proven he is not afraid to tell the truth.   If it were not for Glenn Beck many Americans would not understand what has been going on in America, the past few years.  He has taken the place of a teacher by giving us the facts.  He  wants Americans to be able to make educated decisions on what to expect from our Government.  He wants us to understand the concept, the values and ideals which make up the very  foundation of our  Democracy, and how  the Founding Fathers put them in place for us to build upon,  and what our elected officials are now doing, behind closed doors,  to destroy it.   It is important that we know the truth.  Do Not Be Afraid!

I, for one, will not buy any product from any company that is trying to promote the destruction of ONE  PRIVATE  AMERICAN CITIZEN, or put him, Glenn Beck out of business, to satisfy their LUST for POWER

I believe it is time for Americans to Fight Back and BOYCOTT THESE COMPANIES  who think they have the right to gang up on and destroy any American who chooses to exert their Right to Freedom of Speech.  We need to Boycott the Companies who have systematically helped destroy America’s Economy.

This White House Origination of the Glenn Beck shows Boycott is just an example of what lies ahead for any American who chooses to speak up or disagree with those in power if they are not stopped,  now.   Be very careful because this can happen to you.

 Think carefully America, before you ignore this warning sign, this disgraceful display of mob-like enforcement by elected officials who think they answer to no one.

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2 Comments on “David and Goliath (Glenn Beck vs The White House)”

  1. I goofed: It was not the Supreme Court but the US Court of Appeals that ruled against the FCC. This probalby will be appealed again and might have to go the the SC however. BB

  2. The Obamanites have done everything they can think of to silence Beck and have not succeeded yet. Their latest ploy with the FCC was knocked down by the Supreme Court. I think the only way they will stop FOXNEWS (which is their real target) is to blow up the studio, but then another group of Patriots will pick up the banner and carry it forward. BB

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