Amnesty for Illegals, To Protect American Jobs? I don’t Think So!

“Democratic Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, are  drafting an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. They gave Obama an update on attempts to lay out a path to win bipartisan support for the measure.  Schumer, of New York, and Graham, of South Carolina, are working on a measure that would create a guest-worker program, tighten border security and resolve the status of the estimated 12 million immigrants in the country illegally. They also want the nation to adopt more secure Social Security cards to block undocumented immigrants from getting jobs”.

Now, Obama wants to do a complete overhaul of U.S. Immigration Laws!  Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and Sen. Lindsey Graham  (R )   presented their overhaul version of a bill to the country two weeks ago. 

So, what do I think?

I guess I would have more respect for Congress if they would only do the job that the American people sent them there to do. The idea of a  “new” Immigration Bill that Schumer and Graham have been working on is a good example of what I’m talking about.  We already have laws on the books regarding Immigration, it should be very evident to anyone who can read a newspaper, hear the sound on a radio or TV, or see what is on Cable News or the Internet, that these laws have not been enforced for quite sometime.

When these laws were originally put on the books (Iwas very young then) there was a quota set up for each country, and only so many people per year could come into the US legally, from these countries.  There were other stipulations they had to follow also, before they were approved for entry into the USA and able to apply for citizenship. 

So, what happened?  I’m tired of these Congressmen just picking and choosing what it is that they want to overhaul, totally disregarding the fact that it doesn’t matter what they do.   If no one enforces the laws already on the books, does anyone really think that re-writing them will do any good or change things?  Does anyone think that all of a sudden and magically the new laws will be enforced?   

Why has no one ever investigated, or even brought up in the News Media, after 911 and after we started a War in Iraq, and were scouring the World looking for Osama Bin Laden,  raising the level of alerts on a daily basis (at first) and worried about secret cells entering the US and spending a Billion dollars a month on the Iraq War,  and suffering the loss of American soldiers lives, that we didn’t think that closing up that southern border, was important or relevant?  Why didn’t we not only put up a Wall but have soldiers stationed along it to stop all illegals from entering the US? 

I guess our government thought the terrorists were not smart enough to even think about coming into the USA illegally, over the US/Mexican border.   

These new laws will not be worth the paper they are written on and for a couple of reasons: 

1) Congress doesn’t even read the bills before they vote on them, so they wouldn’t  know  what laws need to be enforced.

2) Even when Congress reads the bills no one follows up after the law is passed to see if the law is being enforced.  So, bottom line,  because the laws are not enforced then companies will still hire Illegals for less money than they would pay Americans or legal immigrants and there will be more Illegals crossing that border and taking what is left of any jobs from Americans.   

Let’s face it; we need to build a wall along the border just to slow the Illegals down and unless I’m mistaken, there was, maybe 2 year or 3 years ago (actually I believe it was under Bush) a Bill passed for I think, $700+  Million dollars to build that wall.  I know part of the wall was built, whether or not that money was used for that, I don’t know.  I want to know if it was, if its all used up, or if they never funded the project, and if not, why?  

Our Home Land Security, instead of completing the wall (which would constitute changing the purpose of the funding that Congress voted for building that wall) along the southern border to keep Illegals out, decided that putting up camera’s which,  might I add, cost a lot of money, would actually stop the Illegals from coming across the border.  I wonder if Home Land Security has the authority to change the purpose of the funding? 

In reality, it did nothing to stop the Illegals from crossing into the US, but it has allowed us to watch on Cable New, stories about  the  Illegals, seen  on video,  filmed using  Night Vision lenses, sneaking into our country in the dead of night.  It is more like watching a Reality TV show than doing what it was supposed to do,  which is keeping our country safe and secure . 

Now, they want to use drones to watch the Illegals cross the border, maybe using the drones gives the News Media better reception, (this is sarcasm here, in case you didn’t guess it). For a country that needs jobs for its citizens, I’m amazed at how many programs our out-of-touch Congress and Administration come up with that actually put people, Americans,  out of work.   Cameras along the Border means less Border Patrol Officers to basically patrol the border.  Instead, camera’s  need maybe one guy to watch the Illegals cross the border on  multiple  computer screens and  when he sees something suspicious he calls some Border Patrol car to go and check it out. 

The fact that the car may be 20 miles or more away from where the Illegals are crossing doesn’t even enter the minds of the idiots that come up with these ideas.   By the time the Border Patrol gets to the destination where the Illegals were seen crossing, the Illegals are long gone, and probably sitting in some restaurant,  at some truck stop in Arizona,  eating breakfast.  I mean really these camera’s were probably a no-bid payoff  to some big Congressional campaign contributor. 

How do camera’s stop Illegals from entering the country?  Simple, they don’t!   So, where is the common sense?  I would say that an 8 year old could  come  up with the right solution here to correct the situation, like a WALL?  After we build a wall, we need some kind of equipment (and I know we have it) to scan the ground along the border in order to find the tunnels that the drug lords have dug out, so they can bring Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigrants into the US, and destroy them.

It’s all about “POWER”, and the more you have the more you want.  And it’s about  “MONEY” and how it buys you that Power.  The more Money you have the more people you can buy to do your bidding, for the Drug Lords, Money buys them drug dealers, drug runners and people who will dig underground tunnels and it will pay for the Mexican law enforcement to look the other way.  As for Congress,  Money buys  votes, just ask any crooked Congressman (there are a few in Congress).   It buys  Votes to put people in office who will then do the bidding of their benefactors and thus enable them to have more Power.  It will buy Votes to pass bills giving the campaign donor, possibly a no-bid contract, etc., etc.  I know you get the idea.  Bottom-line,  it’ always about Money and Power.  

So, this new revamping of the Immigration Laws, is in my opinion, being targeted as the next BIG Bill we need to pass,  for a couple of reasons: 

1)     Congress and the White House said that no Illegals would be covered by the Health Care Bill.  Give the (they say 12 Million), I say close to 20 Million Illegals, Amnesty and they can get Health Care coverage (isn’t that what Congress wanted all along ?) and then we won’t be covering Illegals, will we?  Then comes the chance for them to vote.  This is just a guess, but I would say that the majority of the Illegals are Mexican, Catholic, uneducated (easily swayed by a smooth telepromter reader) more likely than not, when allowed to vote, will vote Democratic, (The party that keeps on giving and giving,  everything away for free to the poor and/or unproductive and uneducated). 

2)    This will put at least 20 Million more people above the 30 Million people the Democrats say will already be covered by the Health Care Bill onto the roster.  Well, 20 Million  more people, create the demand for more service and products  from  the Pharma’s, Hospitals, Medical Equipment Companies, and a need for more Medical workers on the payroll (just remember these new Medical jobs will be at the lower end of the pay scale, you know the jobs that entail cleaning up other people messes).  Do realize since this new group of Illegals given Amnesty,  will also increase the amount of money we well need to pay for the Health Care Program (Oh no, they told us $1.6 Trillion would be enough)  more than the original $1.6 Trillion, and additional taxes and more money will be taken away from Medicare and Medicaid (the Congressional plan all along)  until they are completely eliminated.   Also, remember that before the Health Care Bill vote,  53% of the Medical Practitioners (MD’s)  said they would quit if the Bill passed, because they didn’t make enough money before the Bill as it is, but if the Bill passed and the government gets their hands on running everything they would make much less.  So with less Doctors we will have rationed Health Care, just like the Tea Party people have been saying, and the Democrats have been lying about.  Come on America, even a 5th grader can follow this line of thinking here. 

3)    So, will these new citizens be working and paying taxes?  Well, they won’t be making more than $250,000, and remember Obama said people making less than $250,000 will not pay additional taxes.   Or will these people be sending that extra cash back to Mexico,  to older family members ( Well, at least there will be lot’s of stimulus money for the Mexican economy)?  And then on our side of the border all these Amnesty recipients can take advantage of government handouts in the USA (free health care, food stamps, Hud  housing and free education etc.)?  Isn’t that what America is all about, give, give give?

4)   Oh, and remember that we moved the Census Bureau into the White House this year so Obama and his Czars can make sure that the Amnesty Program (Whoops!  I mean Census Program) does what it was intended to do, which is to make sure that all those new Americans will be properly represented in Congress thru changes made in the voting districts which will truly benefit the Democrats (you remember,  the Party that keeps on giving)?

Well, Gee, I think I know why Schumer, Graham and the White House want to overhaul Immigration.  It certainly isn’t some BS about how they want to create and protect more jobs for Americans.  And this new National ID?  Do you really think this will be used to make sure Illegals aren’t given jobs by American companys or is it just another way for our Government to keep track of what Americans do on a daily basis?  You know what I’m talking about, “Big Brother”.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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4 Comments on “Amnesty for Illegals, To Protect American Jobs? I don’t Think So!”

  1. Joseph Loveland Says:

    I have had enough of Graham! He has proven to me that he is not worth what he says! After voting of Soytomyor, well ya do the math. If Graham is working to revamp the immigration law then we all might as well move. I don’t trust him with anything more.

  2. snappysandy Says:

    We could even do what Israel does; they put up a really tall wall, then lay out lots of sand and then put up a tall fense with the sand in between the two.

    When someone comes over the wall, they land in the sand and leave foot prints. The Israeli’s check the sand each morning for foot prints to see if anyone came over the wall. Then if they did and we not caught they know what area they are coming over the wall at, so they can keep an eye on it. At the same time they smooth out the Sand for the next day. So it’s always smooth and they can find foot prints. Hey, it seems to work. At least it’s better than putting videos on the nightly news in our country, and watching the illegals as they cross the border into our country, and never get caught.

  3. snappysandy Says:


    The part that is illegal is the fact that these morons in DC are not enforcing the laws on the books.

    We keep putting money aside for the Wall and some pencil pusher in Home Land Security keeps coming up with his own idea as to how to spend the money that has been designated for the Wall; like camera’s, and now its Drones. Will someone step up and call them on it? Not so far. That’s how inefficient our Congress is.

    We need these guys out of there NOW! It’s time for Conservatives in every state to get RECALL’s started for every Congressman that voted for Health Care and certain leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and Dodd. So, Dodd isn’t running again, look at all the damage he’s doing until he leaves. Let’s get them all out of there. Let’s scare them really good. Let’s start a National movement, not just in a couple of States.

  4. This is a ploy to garner Hispanic votes this November. We must do something about the illegal aliens already in the country to bring them into the fold and amnesty seems to me to be the only way. This will put them on the rolls as tax payers at the least. We can not round them all up and ship them back home; that is impossible.

    BUT, what we need to do is close our borders down real tight. Build a wall high and put razor wire on top. They are now arguing over putting the National Guard on the borders as being illegal. Our country is being invaded! BB

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