The End Justifies the Means!


“We meet at one of those defining moments – a moment when our nation is at war, our economy is in turmoil, and the American promise has been threatened once more”.  Barak Obama, August 28, 2008

Today, I am sad.   I find it hard to believe that our Congress (though right now I am disowning them) using any means possible, some of which I personally would think are illegal (I’m not an attorney) but to me, bribery, pay-offs, like job offers, money, special dispensations for certain states, inclusions for some, exclusions for others, in order for a House Member to vote “yes” to pass the Health Care Bill, borders on being Criminal.  

The fact that Obama twisted House Members arms and basically told them to take one for the team, if they had to and he would give them a job in the White House if the lost their seats in the mid-term election is incomprehensible.   All this was done not for the American people, like Congress claims, because the American people didn’t want it, but it was done to preserve Obama’s Legacy.  Wow!  If ever there were modern day traitors in DC these guys would belong in the club.

I would like to see changes in Health Care, but not at a cost of $1.6 Trillion dollars, not now when we owe China so much money that they basically own our country.  Not now when manufacturing in our country has just about dried up and along with it all the manufacturing jobs.   Not now, when jobs are really more important than even Health Care.

 I know some will disagree, but please take a moment to think.  If you don’t have a job, you cannot afford to pay for Health Care no matter how little it costs (the price of monthly premiums will go up, not down).  And if you cannot afford to pay for Health Care then the IRS will find you and fine you.  Now, if you don’t have the money for Health Care and you can’t pay your fine then it’s supposed to be “off to jail” where you will receive, food, shelter and “ah, yes” free Health Care.  None of this makes sense.  We need jobs, which is what the Congress should have been working on for the last 1½ years.   Instead they have passed a Health Care Bill that the American people Congress claims to be helping, cannot afford to obey.   What’s wrong with this picture?      ss

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3 Comments on “The End Justifies the Means!”

  1. snappysandy Says:

    I don’t know, but not anytime in the last 40yrs years, at least. But more importantly what are you saying? That it’s alright that this Congress is spending and spending and spending? That because no Republican President in recent History balanced the budget that it’s alright that this Congress move us into bankruptcy?

    Well it’s not alright. We are near not economically recovering at all. Please don’t be dumb enough to think that just because someone else could not or did not balance a budget that that means we need to give a pass to this administration.

    By the way, the President just presents a balanced budget to Congress, but it’s Congress that controls the spending and as a result the Pres. gets the glory if it’s balanced or not balanced.

    But please don’t be so immature. You sound like a grade school kid on the playground, “you didn’t do it(balance the budget) so I don’t have to either”)Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na!

  2. beardsandbellies Says:

    When was the last time a Republican President balanced the budget? Give me an honest answer.

    • snappysandy Says:

      You know, I shouldn’t have been so flip with you. Maybe you don’t really get it. There are 20 Million, that’s million foreclosures on the horizon for this year. That’s 20 Million People are going to lose their homes.

      Now, remember when the Government took over the two auto companies, Chrysler and GM? Well, if you recall they shut down tons of Dealerships across the country, many of which were in the black financially. One Dealership owner had just built a new Dealership spending $6 Million dollars to build it and they shut him down. Now, unless this guy paid cash for this, he’s personally out of his own money, which let’s face it, it’s a lot to try and recoup, but if he owes a Mortgage, how is he supposed to pay for that Mortgage if he can’t open his Dealership up for business? That means he will be foreclosed upon. Get it? This is just one example of the People that this White House claims they are helping. You know, the “Middle Class Entrepreneurs”, the Business owners that actually Hire the American workers. Right! The foreclosures have not hit the Commercial Properties yet.

      In other words, the worst is yet to come. The White House or should I say Obama is considering putting a Freeze on Foreclosures. Something no one has every done, by the way. He’s going to tell the Banks not to Foreclose on these Americans, YET.

      Now, this sounds like he really wants to help Americans doesn’t it? I mean it will give them a little extra time before getting thrown out of their homes. Well, this is what the White House is considering doing, but not for the PEOPLE, but for the Congressmen who are running in the Mid-Term elections. He doesn’t want the Sh_ _, to hit the fan before Election Day. He wants everyone to think the economy is getting better, well it’s not. The worst is yet to come. There will be 20 Million foreclosures and then the Commercial foreclosures will be next, but they will hold up the process until after November 8th, I believe, is Election Day. So that takes us into the end of the year before they start up again. So, Merry Christmas, to all and to all a Good Night!

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