Is It Time To Fight Yet, Mr. McCain?

This past Friday as I watched the morning news, and as I listened to hear a report on  the impending Health Care Bill, there was a short snippet about John McCain and something he said that day, at a political meeting or breakfast.   He said, “We have not yet begun to fight”.   Those in attendance gave a round of applause and cheers, in agreement.  And here I am, sitting on my couch, not smiling, not cheering but beginning to fume.  Before I know it, I’m talking back to the TV, as if it could hear, and asking John McCain, in a not too nice voice, “What ‘s been the hold up, John”?   And he wanted to be President? 

The Democratic Party for the last year and a half has been working on a bill that the American people have told them that they do not want.  Yet, these egocentric, self-righteous, elected representatives of the people have chosen not to hear us.  They have given every excuse in the books for why, “We” the Tea Party people,  “We” the Patriotic Americans, don’t know what “We” are talking about, when it comes to the Health Care Bill. 

 It’s funny that they think we know what we are talking about when they run for office and beg us to vote for them. 

They have called us names, as though we were their enemy, completely over-looking the fact that we are their “BOSSES”.  They have even taken the satisfaction we have felt, because we acted on our beliefs, and did speak up, and then they turned around and blamed the Republicans for “OUR” actions.  

Now, certainly anyone with the intelligence of a 10 year old could see that the Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with encouraging us to speak out against this bill, because they admittedly have had nothing to do with it and according to John McCain they have “not yet begun to fight”.   I don’t know how much more clear the Republicans can be.  Actions do speak louder than words.  

The Republicans have been whining for a year and a half about how they have been locked out of Health Care meetings.  That the Democrats have even gone as far as changing the locks on conference room doors so that the Republicans couldn’t get in, because  they wanted to come up with their own Health Care Plan, completely void of Republican input. 

The Republicans said they came up with their own version of the Health Care bill for discussion on the floor and until just recently could not even get the House Leader to allow them to present it to the members, and I believe them.   Yada, yada, yada!  Whine, whine whine! 

 Then we have Nancy Pelosi, well, excuse me, while I bite my tongue so as not to be toooooo colorful in my description of her, I will say that she and this fake smile she puts on for the camera’s as she continuously “Lies” to Americans on just about everything, has gotten real old.  In fact, I now have her look and her walk down pretty pat, when I imitate her. 

There is no doubt in my mind that she will say or do anything to get what she wants out of the House members.  She has the gall to call “Us” Patriotic Americans, names, like “Astro-turf” or “Radicals”, when “she” is the most dishonest elected official in Congress, and there are a lot of them, with in the Congressional walls.   And Nancy, if she weren’t trying to pull a fast one on the American public, could have  passed a Health Care Bill a long time ago, if it hadn’t been for her superior, condescending attitude, when she addressed the American people. 

No one really argues about the fact that Americans need Health Care reform.  They just don’t like the under-handed way Congress has gone about writing one or the amount of money it will cost to pay for it.   This Nancy,  doesn’t mean that “We” your “BOSSES” are stupid, radical, “Astro-turf” or un-Patriotic.  It does mean though, that we do  “Disagree” with “YOU”, Ms. Nancy,   “We”  have that right, “We” are the BOSS and “We” have had it with “You”.  

“We” your “BOSSES” disagree with the “Process” unlike what your President said in an interview with Bret Baier at Fox News, the other day, The President said, “I don’t  pay attention to the process”, he’s more concerned with passing the Bill.  And why?  So, he can have it written in his Legacy that “He, the anointed one” wanted his name to go down in History as the “One” who fundamentally changed the Foundation upon which America was built and did everything ethical or NOT  to get his Bill passed.  What is it that Obama’s radical old friend, and most frequent visitor to the White House, Andy Stern, has said about getting things done, “If we can’t do it thru the Power of Persuasion, then we can do it through the Persuasion of Power”, scary isn’t he?

 We have all seen and heard how Democrat after Democrat, have fallen on their sword, after a visit with the President.  They have been paid off one way or another.  They then come out and give the equivalent of a stand up comedy routine, for the news media, on how they “saw the light”. 

I think half of the cost of the Health Care Bill will be set aside to pay off some House Democrats for voting “Yea”.  Those are of course the representatives that didn’t get special funding for some state pet project, you know, like the Louisiana Purchase, or the guy promised a job as the next ambassador to the UN.  Or maybe you heard about the guy who was promised a position with NASA if he changed his vote from “NO” to “YES”. 

Now, there is nothing left to do.  Wait, I  hear something,  “We have not begun to fight”, Oh John, it seems to be  too little too late for those kind of fighting words (And this guy ran for President ). 

Really, where are all these Presidential hopefuls coming from, out of the woodwork?   I think it’s more like, out of some cesspool.    Well, soon, it will be over.  We will never be able to go backto the way it was.  Gee, thanks John McCain and all you Republicans for being on top of things in DC.  Personally, I can’t wait until the mid-term elections.

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2 Comments on “Is It Time To Fight Yet, Mr. McCain?”

  1. snappysandy Says:

    The fight sure has begun, but I’m afraid it’s too little too late. It would have been easier to defeat the bill before they voted, that now, after they voted. It’s too bad that the majority of the American people, don’t try and do anything about this crooked Congress. Believe me I talk to so many people, and they all agree with you and I. So, how the heck did the opposing side win????

  2. Just checked my stats (which I rarely do) to see who and what may be hitting my blog. High numbers for this early in the day and by the posts it seems people are looking for answers and what to do next. So the fight has begun. 🙂 BB

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