One Person, One Vote Will Make a Difference


Today President Obama is at some College Campus giving a Victory speech for passage of the Health Care Bill, even though he doesn’t have all the votes yet. There is so much  chanting, and clapping and screaming, that you would think you were at the Olympics Hockey game between Canada and the USA.

I’m watching the young, these college age students, while I’m sitting here, trying to figure out how our Congress and Administration became so powerful that they have literally taken on 300 Million Americans and actually seem to be winning. 

 Well, it certainly looks like Obama’s going to get the votes he needed, by crook or twisted arm, or promised jobs for those who do not get re-elected, in the mid-term elections, just for changing their vote to “Yea”.   If the bill passes it will truly be one of the saddest days in American history.  It will be the biggest step America has taken toward Socialism and away from Free Enterprise, since it became a Republic

Of course, Obama is young;  he used the Internet to his advantage in his campaign and since then, while in the White House.  It is the main communication tool of  the young.   John McCain and Hillary never had a clue as to why they lost their bid for President, it was because their generation came before the Internet was invented and they never paid attention.  They never connected with the younger generation. 

Obama has used the Youth in this country, made them his army of followers and at times has even encouraged them to sit their parents down and talk to them about Global Warming, and Health Care, as though they actually know what they are talking about.

These young people, who spend their days, and nights, Texting or on Face Book, You Tube, and/or Twittering, are about to get the biggest Jolt, and a real world lesson in Life.   The young, made up of under-achievers, poorly educated, politically inept and those young first-time voters who just wanted to get even with their parents, gave away, so nonchalantly, their God given Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.   And “Why”?  Because they liked the way some guy looked and talked when he gave a speech.   

The young voters mesmerized by one “man” Obama, who has more than once been loosely referred to as the “Second Coming of Christ” are in for a shocking surprise.  Well, some in this group of young people will look back some day and realize that they are responsible for destroying what was once the greatest country in the world because their loyalty was given so nonchalantly to a slick, smooth talking, Teleprompter reading, speech giving,  community organizer.  

The youth of America, based on their own vast and worldly first-hand experience in grammar school and those who were lucky enough to go to college, decided one day,  with their vote, to put their entire well being in the hands of a community organizer and a radical Congress.  This Congress and White House will soon be telling them what they can or cannot eat or drink, and what religion they can or can’t believe in, and will tell them what their country’s history should be, and not what it was. 

The young will soon be forced to buy medical insurance or be fined if they don’t.  If they are broke because they don’t have a job and can’t pay the fine, don’t worry, they will go to jail, where they will be given food, shelter and even free medical care.  But if they can afford to buy insurance well every thing will be terrific.  The fact that only 52% of the Doctors will still be practicing medicine after the bill is passed, will mean that they  may only have to wait a year or two for that emergency medical treatment they need,  shouldn’t bother them. 

The President they voted for, and this radical Progressive Congress which is totally out of control, through the implementation of the new Health Care Bill, (which is more like a Bernie Madoff trading scheme) will someday notify them that their space on planet earth is needed by someone else who is much younger than them, and then when they get old enough, they will be told when it is their time to just lay down and die.  And believe me, they will grow old. 

This grand idea these young people had of voting for someone who was not even vetted (look it up if you don’t know what that means) changed everything.  Whoops!  I forgot that’s what they voted for; CHANGE.   Well, they got it.  Now they can live with it.

As the young grow older they will only have a vague remembrance of what it was like, and what it meant to be Free.  Their children will never know Freedom. 

Congratulations, to the youth of America, I hope they live a long and Healthy life; they   should have at least 60 years to contemplate that vote for “CHANGE they gleefully placed one fateful day.   Hopefully they will realize it was “They and not their Parents” who got them into this mess, at a time in their lives when they thought they were smarter and knew more than their parents did. 

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, when the 216th  “Yea” vote is given in the House of Representatives for the Health Care Bill, these young voters can Kiss the Freedom they once knew, “Good Bye”.  

The young voters have thrown away the promise of Freedom that their fathers, uncles, brothers and grandfathers fought and died for in more than one war, so that they could pass on to future generations a better and Free world to live.   

As the young voters get older, they will have occasional flash backs of the Freedom they once had as children and a smile will come over their faces as the tell their children about the good old days. Their children won’t quite get it because they never knew what Freedom was.

Their parents, will have left this place by then, heartbroken in the end, sad about the “Freedom” they once had and lost, still wondering, as parents always have, how this all could have happened in America, when they truly had it all, “The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”!     What happened?     “CHANGE”!

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One Comment on “One Person, One Vote Will Make a Difference”

  1. Judy Says:

    I fully agree with your feelings about our young folks. There is something that makes adolescents want to be different…..go with the opposing view. We were all like that when we were younger too. The sad part of this in our current American History is that it is so detremental to the future of us all. I hope the current state of affairs gives all our young voter cause to pause and reflect on the negative direction we are going in our country. The cost for all these mistakes will weigh heavily on our next generation and generations to come for years and years.

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