Dennis Kucinich’s Last Days in Congress!

Dennis Kucinich just held a News Conference where he said that he thinks “Health Care” is a Right.  A Right!  How wrong can he be?  I would say his flight on Air Force One on Monday, and his One on One interaction with the President of the United States, was just what was needed to buy his vote.   Let’s face it; he’s not that important in the realm of things, outside the DC area.

 So, this man, has basically been talked into voting “YEA” if the House actually votes on the Bill.  I wonder if a flight with the President is all that it took for him to turn his back on his constituents?  Let’s face it; the  Rally, last Monday,  was a stacked deck, as far as who attended.  You can be sure it was a handpicked, all Democrat Rally.   What the News media didn’t show was the number of people who were outside protesting the Health Care Plan, as Dennis and the President drove from the Airport to the Parking lot of the building where the Rally was held.

 I’m appalled that Kucinich changed his mind.  I have no doubt he was promised something.  How sad that Americans have voted into office a man of such weak minded character, possessing no guts, and so easily swayed, that the integrity he once was proud of possessing, has now, vanished in seconds because he got to fly on Air Force One. 

In a media bite, no longer than 5 to 10 minutes, Dennis Kucinich has gone from a man who claimed to have moral character, to a man like any other weak minded elected official, running rampant down the Congressional Halls these days, easily swayed or brainwashed into thinking that everything he stood for and for so long, was totally wrong.   This is a sad day for Dennis;   he will never again be looked on,  by his constituents, as the man they once believed in. 

 He’s now just part of  the Cancerous growth in Congress,  deadly, but  Nothing special. 

 Well,  Mr. Kucinich, start counting your last days on the Hill, they are pretty much over.

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One Comment on “Dennis Kucinich’s Last Days in Congress!”

  1. hungry4food Says:

    his base must be communist …

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