Why are We Counting Illegal Aliens in the Census?

The Government is preparing to go door to door for the census starting I believe in June.  Now, most American households have had census papers mailed to their homes, and have been asked to fill them out and return them.  If this is the case why do we need these door- to- door people?  Will they be going to everyone’s home or just the homes of people who have not returned their census paper work?   I don’t know.

 I have a few concerns about this Census.  The first one is just who did the government hire to do this door- to-door work?  I have never seen an ad on TV or the Internet where unemployed people can sign up for the job.  Or will it be the Acorn people, but under their new name, though no one has said what Acorns new name will be.   Secondly, if the census is being taken so that the government knows exactly how to revamp the voting districts in each state then why are they including illegal aliens in the door-to-door information gathering?   The illegal aliens don’t pay taxes and they can’t vote if they are not American citizens, so why are they being counted in the information used to design new voting districts?  Could it be that it’s already in the works to give them amnesty? 

 I would assume that most illegals from Mexico would want to be counted as Democrats, because they would be for unions, government assistance programs, and this would certainly make the new boundary lines show larger voting areas that lean toward representing the Democratic Party.  The fact that the Obama Administration has moved the Census Bureau   into the White House, sounds a little fishy doesn’t it?

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One Comment on “Why are We Counting Illegal Aliens in the Census?”

  1. The Hispanic Caucus in Congress also want illegal aliens included in the Health Care bill.

    And yes, ACORN under different names are being used for the census. This is going to be the most corrupt inaccurate count ever made in the nation and we are going to be stuck with this for the next decade. So much depends on the census! BB

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