I turned on the TV this morning after I got up, and this is what I heard.

Now, Obama wants to do a complete overhaul of U.S. Immigration Laws! 

Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and Sen. Lindsey Graham  (R )   presented their overhaul version of a bill to the country yesterday.  So, what do I think?

Of course, this news bite sent me flying to my computer to write my thoughts on the subject. ss

I guess I would have more respect for Congress if they would only do the job that the American people sent them there to do. The idea of this “new” Immigration Bill that Schumer and Graham have been working on, is a good example of what I’m talking about. We already have laws on the books regarding Immigration, it should be very evident to anyone who can read a newspaper, hear the sound on a radio or TV, or see what is on Cable News or the Internet, that these laws have not been enforced for quite sometime.

I’m tired of these Congressmen just picking and choosing what it is that they want to overhaul, totally disregarding the fact that it doesn’t matter what they do.   If no one enforces the laws on the books, how could anyone really think that re-writing them will do any good or change anthing?   Does anyone think that all of a sudden and magically the new  laws will be enforced?  Well, the laws regarding these Illegal Immigrants from Mexico will not stop them from sneaking over the border.

Let’s face it; we need to build a wall along the border just to slow the Illegals  down  and unless I’m mistaken, there was, maybe 2 year or 3 years ago (actually I believe it  was under Bush)  a Bill passed for I think, $700 Million dollars to build that wall. I know part of the wall was built, whether or not that money was used for that, I don’t know.  I want to know if it was, if it’s all used up, or if they never funded the project, and if not, why?  

We need that wall put up along the entire border.  They put up camera’s, which might I add, cost a lot of money, and really did nothing to stop the Illegals from crossing into the US.  It did however allow Americans  to watch them, on Cable News, sneeking into our country in the dead of night.  Now they want to use drones to watch the Illegals cross the border;  maybe they have better reception for the News channels.   How does this stop them?  It doesn’t.  

So, were is the common sense, I would say that an 8 year old would have and could apply, to coming up with the right solution here to correct the situation.  A WALL!

We need to build a wall, then we need some kind of equipment (and I know we have it) to scan the ground along the border in order to find the tunnels that the drug lords have dug out, so they can bring  Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigrants into the US.

It’s all about “POWER”, and the more you have the more you want.  And it’s about  “MONEY” and how it buys you that power.  The more money you have the more people you can buy to do your bidding.  For the Drug Lords it buys them drug runners and people who will dig underground tunnels.

In Congress money buys you votes.  Votes to put people in office that will do your bidding.   Votes to  pass bills giving the givee (like that word?)  possibly a no-bid contract, etc., etc.  I know you get the idea.  Bottom-line, it’s always about Money and Power.

These drug lords have already taken over some of Americas Southern Border cities, and have kidnapped Americans for ransom, or have killed Americans, for possibly just getting in their way. Then we have our government going after an American sheriff for locking up these Illegals “legally, I might add” until he can send them back to Mexico.  Or what about the fact that the governement  arrested two border agents, and threw them in prison for shooting a Drug Lord in the back, as he was  trying to escape, over the border back into Mexico.

When will we really stand up and do something about these elected officials who think they can circumvent the law, and do it openly yet, because they believe that they can get away with it?  Don’t’ get me wrong here, I’m very glad that the Tea Party movement came along, and they have done a lot of good, and have awakened the American people.  If it weren’t for them, we would be in even a worse place right now.  But when will the Tea Party people do something about these misfits in Congress besides, talk and protest? 

The American people need money to further their cause, which is keeping the Constituition in tact and keeping Freedom alive, and Government very small.  The Tea Party people actually do need to Nationalize.  We don’t need a third Party, nor do we have to back any particular candidate, or fund any campaign. 

What we need to do is find some Constitutional Attorneys who are not afraid to legally challenge the misuse of our tax dollars which are being spent on financing or bailing out the Administrations, friends and/or backers. We need to legally stop the Congress from spending money (tax dollars) on pet projects, by any means possible even when the American people say “NO”.  

We need, it would appear, for Congress to vote on a bill, not “DEEM” it into being.   We need Attorneys to legally seek to remove from Congress  any elected official, who has been involved in illegal or unethical activities, even when they are not up for re-election, since the House Ethics Committee does not seem to be able to do its job.   In other words, what can we do to rid ourselves of elected officials any time during their term in office, if we so choose to do so?  We need to challenge how we as American citizens can take away privileges that Congress voted for, on their own behalf, like continuous paychecks after they retire, no Social Security, and no term limits which they have abused. 

Although we probably could and would have over-looked these special benefits they have showered on themselves, if they, at some point,  appeared  to  actually be doing the American peoples bidding in Congress.  But since this has  not been  the case, we need to know how we can change their status from “in Congress” to “OUT of DC”.

We can not continue paying some self-indulging, self-righteous Congressman, who thinks he or SHE can do whatever they want at Americas expense.  By our expense, I am not just referring to money, but to their initiative of revamping of our Rights under the Constitution, and to the complete overhaul of the belief system, the foundation, the basis of which the Constitution sits on, that has kept America the place on planet earth that people from all over the world have risked their lives to come to and be FREE for over 200 years. 

The Radical Left has a very rich man to run to for donations.  We don’t need one of the richest men in the world to help us, we just need the full backing of the American people and then we can remove the Cancer that is growing within the walls of the Congressional Hall.

Where are these American men and women, who have the Guts, the Drive the Determination, the Courage, the Strength, and the Education and the Knowledge of the Constitution, to Fight for the Right of All Americans, to live their lives under the dictates of the United States Constitution as it was Originally Written, and not re-written by the Obama Administration and this out of control, (Astro-Turf) Congress?

Where are the men who have Dreams and Ideals and Values like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin?

As Glenn Beck would put it, where are the men who represent “FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY”?

Where are the men who believe in “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”?  ss

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