China’s & India’s Workforce is 2.3 Billion: Are you Working?

“China and India have a combined workforce of 2.3 Billion people. If you include the rest of Asia, then you are looking at a workforce of 3 Billion.  China, India along with other Asian countries are in the beginning of an economic revolution that will go on for many years.

 Do not over-look the fact that 1000’s of American companies have opened manufacturing plants in Asia. China will be known as the manufacturing country of the world and truthfully, they already are.  We are in the beginning phase of a massive Global Economic Expansion. 

 …. And no one is talking about the new purchasing power of the Asian workers.

Oh, you may hear a story here and there, but no one is really talking about the fact that we will witness, in our lifetime, an Economic Explosion that could ultimately be so strong and so monumental, that fortunes will be made and lost many times over.  

Soon the newfound wealth for the Asian workforce, two-thirds of the world’s population  in China and India alone, will increase their purchasing power, and in turn, they will develop a taste for what money can buy.   A middle class is evolving in China.  This middle class is developing a desire for electronics, autos, clothes and better housing and this will turn into epidemic proportions. 

According to an article in the Deccan Herald, dated 8/24/2004, from D RAVI KANTH,  “China and India are set to overtake the United States by five times in their combined purchasing power by 2030 subject to implementing investor-friendly policies, says UBS, the Swiss-based banking behemoth.”

China may become the manufacturing capitol of the world but the USA has always been the Innovators of the world.  Do you want the chance to be a part of this economic expansion?

 Or will you be mumbling to yourself, something about the “road not taken”? 

So,   what about the opportunities for the average American worker?

 This Global Economic Expansion will last for years.  It presents an opportunity of a lifetime, for those who wish to participate, but participation comes with a price.  That price is our time, the time it takes to educate us about the world markets and understand what makes the foreign economies grow.  Well, they work the sameway overseas as they do here in America, thru  “Supply and Demand”. 

We need to take the time to educate ourselves.  There is much to consider if we want to eventually be employed by a company that will actually need our expertise, and not just hiring us with Stimulus money, for a week, 5 weeks or 3-4 months, on an hourly wage.  An hourly job is not the way we want to live the rest of our working lives, this will not help make a future for us and our family. We will need a job that has a future so we can grow financially.  What will we need to do?  We need to Educate ourselves.

 If we are unemployed, we need to get off the couch and get to work deciding what we want to be when we grow up (again) and hopefully that will be TODAY.  We have already been out in the real world long before we lost our jobs, so we have an idea of what type of work we are interested in doing.  Or maybe we want to change careers.

 Where there’s a Will there’s a Way.

 We can’t let, not having money stop us from educating ourselves.  Many unemployed can get government assistance right now, for school.   Go apply,  the money won’t last forever.  There are private grants we can apply for.  If we have savings there is no better way to spend it than by educating ourselves for a financially secure future (except on food).  We may need to borrow money from a family member, if we can, or sell something that we have that is worth some extra cash.   If we know what we want to do, then maybe we can find someone in the same field who will let us be an apprentice, with or without pay. 

If there is no other way, then we need to go to the library and read, study, and give ourselves tests.  The more we know the more ahead we are. We need to keep doing this, and if we really work hard at it we may be able to take some entrance exam and still get a job in the field we want.  No matter what happens knowledge always comes in handy.  We need to use our imaginations. 

 Now, that we have an opportunity to start over, though it may sound like it will take a lot of work on our part to re-educate ourselves, lets face it, what else do we have to do, sit on the couch and watch all the misinformation on cable news, with the exception of Fox News, of course?   

All that learning, going to school, reading and studying will prepare us for what lies ahead.  And in the long run we will be ahead of everyone else, maybe 20 Million some unemployed potential workers, in the USA alone.  Yep, starting over will take quite a bit, of initiative on our part, but in the end we will be equipped to compete on a global basis, which is what we will need to do in order to survive.  Let’s face it what is the alternative, do nothing?  That’s the attitude that got us into this mess in the first place.  Wake up, America.  

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