America, Still the Land of Opportunity

America must re-invent itself, we have done it many times before, over the last 100 years, and we can do it again.  Americans have the audacity to be great.  Americans have the initiative, the drive, and the fortitude to hang on, pull  ourselves  up and begin again.  Nowhere else in the world, even now, with the mess we are in, is there a place where a people have  so much  intellectual and technological property  to draw strength from.   

In order to rebuild America we need to start from the bottom and work up.  We need, thinkers, we need ideas, we need inventors, entrepreneurs, we need excellent teachers, professors who will enlighten us, to encourage us to continue learning, to open our minds up to the extraordinary future that lies ahead of us.  We need the very best of educational tools to develop new and inventive ways of doing things.   We need entrepreneurs. 

There is much to be done and little time to do it in.   We, as Americans must eliminate the chaos in Washington DC.  We need to rid ourselves of a Congress which has been a drain on the people’s bank accounts.   We need to remove the great men we thought we sent to Washington, who were taken over by evil doers thru the power of persuasion, men who have been morphed into unethical manipulators of the law, and who have turned into dishonest, Money hungry, Power hungry, double-dealing, behind closed doors, under the table, secret, clandestine elitists.  These Congressmen have become so good at looking into the camera as they speak on National TV as they try and convince us that they are really doing our bidding, that we can only describe them as Transparent.  We can see right thru them.

But now, it is time to rid our country of this disease called Congress, maybe by cutting off their Health Care Insurance, better yet,  let’s just vote them out of office.

We need new blood in Congress, we need Patriots, we need thinkers, planners, with our Founding Fathers’ belief system.  We need Leaders who have morals, integrity, honesty, drive, determination, education, and who feel a responsibility to do the right thing for America.

We need go back to our roots and find men and women of quality, those with Honor!  They are out there, they may not have a lot of money, they may not be famous, they may not be handsome or beautiful to look at, but believe me the Leaders we need now, are out there, somewhere in America.  We need to persuade them to step forward. We need quality people and for them to not be afraid to speak out.   We need these Patriots to know that we are all human beings, with flaws and have made mistakes in our past, and if this is what is stopping them from stepping forward and expressing their ideas for a better future for all of America, then know this, Americans have the biggest hearts in the world, they always find room for forgiveness, for those who have asked for it. 

Time is running out.  True, we are just at the beginning of this potentially explosive economic expansion, but being left behind will be a hard pill to swallow.  It’s not too late to start over.

As in life, there are no guarantees.  There is risk in starting over we may make some wrong decisions.  But, when has risk been a factor in stopping Americans from doing what they need to do to survive?  Learning how to limit that risk can be done thru educating oneself.  

Educating ourselves is the first step to becoming knowledgeable and knowledge is Power

…. Be a part of the greatest expansion of all time

 There is no better time better than now, while the Global Economic expansion is still at ground floor level, of what I believe will prove to be the greatest expansion of our time, to participate in.   Let’s face it; the Chinese and Indian economies are on a “fast forward” track. To be a participant in this worldwide event will take knowledge and guts.

 If we are up to the Challenge then we need to get started.  We cannot put our future in someone else’s hands.  We cannot depend on the Government for anything.  Congress has already broken the bank and will continue to do so, until we rid ourselves of the elected officials who allow Lobbyists to buy their votes.

 Knowing that the powers that be are on a fast track to promoting a Global Economy, where all nations will be participants, makes it imperative that Americans will be prepared to lead, not follow, by educating themselves. 

…. If we want to survive in the Global Economy then we must: 

Take control of our lives thru education

Take control of Congress thru elimination

Take control of our Country by rebuilding

Take control of our Economy by innovation

Take control of our National Security by securing our borders

Take control of our Health, thru Competitive Health Care Insurance coverage.  (Not thru a 3000 page Bill that no one has read, nor will ever read).

Then it’s time to get started.  Now is the time to take action. Starting over can be fun.  America is still the land of Opportunity. 

Let’s take that first step toward a new and prosperous future, and we need to do it NOW!



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One Comment on “America, Still the Land of Opportunity”

  1. Snappy, this is great! You do have a lot to say and a whole lot of common sense. So happy you started your own blog site. Keep writing and someone will hear you. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get many comments because most people don’t comment unless they have something to add and your posts are pretty comprehensive.

    I have put you site on my yahoo home page (RSS) so will be dropping in as often as I can. I to get so involved with reading newspapers and magazine articles searching for news that the FOXNEWS isn’t covering since they can not cover everything. then I have to spend more time trying to verify this news before I can post it that I don’t always get to the blogs I want to read. That’s why I have RSS a couple dozen so I can be reminded :). BB

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