Poor Charlie Rangel

I have always enjoyed watching Charlie Rangel speak; maybe it was just his colorful presentation that I enjoyed.  That being said, doesn’t anyone wonder why he is still allowed to actually be in Congress?  The investigation into this man’s under-the-radar antics, by the House Ethics Committee should have been finished by now.  So, over a year since they started their investigation these morons announce that he took a trip paid for by private money, and they are admonishing him for doing so. 

 Come on people; get off your As_ _ _.  After all this time of investigating Charlie Rangel this is the best that you can do?  

What about the fact that as the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, the man in charge of writing the country’s tax policy, Charlie Rangel,  hasn’t paid taxes on income from a home in the Dominican Republic.  How about the 3 or 4 HUD properties he owns in Manhattan?   How the h _ _, did he get those?  I couldn’t possibly get a HUD apartment in Manhattan, and I’m pretty sure I would qualify for one. 

Where is the IRS?  Oh, I know everyone on planet earth knows about Charlie Rangel’s lapse in paying his taxes, thanks to the Internet, yet the IRS knows nothing.  If somehow the information about his lack of filing a legal tax return was accidently overlooked by the IRS, they sure know about it now, and they would have a good chance of getting their money, since Mr. Rangel should be very well known to them, and they do know where he works.  I mean he is in charge of writing tax law.  I thought the IRS was in charge of collecting the taxes.  I guess just not from the guy who writes the law.  

And what about this Ethics committee? 

 Why has it taken them so long, over a year and a half to investigate something I’m sure they all already knew about?  Let’s face it Charlie Rangel is known by all in Congress, and I’m sure the water fountain gossip knows about all his little under the table dealings.

 So, why come out and reprimand him on a few trips paid for by the private sector? 

1)      And not get him on proven issues of not paying taxes on income from his home in the Dominican Republic?

2)      I would think he would owe taxes on the HUD apartments in Manhattan. so where’s the money?

3)       I want to know how he was able to get 4 of these apartments, depriving someone who really needed a home, out of getting one?

4)       Also, I want to know how he qualified for even one of these apartments, and what is the punishment for procuring them illegally?

5)      When will these apartments be taken from him?

6)      What restitution will he be paying for the illegal use of the apartments?

7)      I would think, lying about his economic status, and qualifications in getting the apartments would lead to legal action by the attorney generals office, right?

8)      Or did he just call someone up and throw his weight around, and demand the apartments, and because of who he was some low, on the totem pole, government employee, gave him not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 HUD apartments for his personal use.  By the way, what was that employees name?  I’m sure he’s still not working for HUD, right?

9)  When does he get removed from Congress??????

 Well,  Ethics Committee, I believe you have your work cut out for you.  I would think by now, though, you should have the answers to all these questions, and I want to know why you have not done anything about this YET!   

It seems to me that someone who has been re-elected some 20 times should know the rules.  When asked about Charlie Rangel, Nancy  Pelosi seems to be content with letting the Ethics Committee take it’s time.  Could it be that she needs old Charlie there in order to pass the Health Care Bill?   I wonder. 

I also wonder about the fact that Americans are just as indifferent about Mr. Rangel’s  “I’m above the Law attitude” as Nancy Pelosi is, as Speaker of the House.  Where is the demand for his removal from Congress?  Where is the demand for Honesty from our elected officials?   Where are the Patriots?

Well, since I wrote this, yesterday morning, good old Charlie asked Nancy’s permission to take a temporary leave of absence (hanging on for dear life here) from his Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee position.  Charlie’s explanation to the news media was, so his colleges wouldn’t have to answer questions about him during their mid-term campaigning.  But the real reason is a little bit more truthful; so his colleges wouldn’t need to explain while campaigning to get re-elected, in the mid term elections, why, one of their own could possibly get away with so much illegal activity, for so many years and they did not say or do anything about it?   

As for Charlie, he could give a damn about his colleges’ re-election ability.  He knew if he didn’t ask for a leave of absence, that he would have been permanently removed.  He’s just self-centered and egotistical.  He wants this job until the day he dies, he wants, no he thrives on the power of the position.  After being re-elected 20 times, he thinks he owns it. 

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