Americans: The Underdog

I was always outspoken when I was young.  I always took the side of the needy or underdog, for me it was like a daily Mission.  But today things are so much different.  We are in very bad shape in this country.  We are almost all underdogs, thanks to a Congress and a White House who has done everything possible to keep us almost subservient, for our “own good” that is. 

 Those who have jobs are too busy trying to hold on to them, so they don’t take the time to get involved.  Those who do not have jobs are too busy struggling to just survive, to get  involved.   Those who are fairly wealthy live their daily lives as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening in the world around them, and many look down on the less fortunate as though they are losers.  And, in a way we are all losers.  We are losing the very thing we all thought was so terrific about our country, the one thing that would never change about our country no matter what, our Freedom. 

 If things keep going the way that they are, then soon, 

We will lose our Freedom:

 1)      Of Speech because the Government wants to take over the TV Networks, Radio Stations, Newspapers and the Internet.

2)      To Work because the job market has just about dried up, with all the outsourcing, no manufacturing and no new industry.

3)      To be Entrepreneurs because our schools are producing dropouts not graduates.

4)      To Remember and be proud of what our fore fathers did to build this country because the government has decided that we need them to take over the educational system so that our children will get a proper education.  The fact that it will be more Socialist, Marxist indoctrination and less American or should I say, void of American history, should not worry us because it will certainly give America the “Change” Obamanites are looking for.

5)      To Eat a hamburger or drink a soda, because the government says it’s bad for us. 

And then, and very Soon I’m afraid, we will lose the Freedom to Think!

What’s that???

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