Tea Partiers Need More Action, Less Talk

I watched the National Tea Party’s first gathering a week ago.  Sarah Palin was the main speaker.  She did a good job,  expressing her views and the views of the Tea Party movement.  I am pleased that Americans are finally standing up and getting involved.  One thing I want to point out though, is that the Tea Parties have been reving up for the last year, but now it’s time to go into action.  Yes, they have started, but to really effect this mid-term election, they need to  Stop talking and start “Doing”. 

We need to get to work Now, Today!  We have only 9 months until the elections and time flys by very fast.  It’s time to start targeting some issues and we need a National Referendum put on the ballot in each state this year. We need to change how Congress gets paid.

1)No continuous pay checks once they leave office.
2)They need to be put on Social Security like the rest of us
3)If and/or when they pass a Health Care bill it will apply to them also. No more treatment as though they are Royalty.
4)They only serve TWO terms and then they are out. This will help limit the amount of corruption within those Congressional walls.
5)The spouses should be on Social Security now.

They also need to be put on the same Health Care program that they so graciously pass for us. These very disgustingly poor examples for Human beings, much less Americans deserve to be run out of town with no benefits at all. They have done nothing but waste a whole year working (supposedly) on a bill the majority don’t want, instead of spending that time working on a plan for jobs for unemployed Americans.

These people, especially this Congress, starting with Nancy Pelosi, are condescending in the way they speak to or about their constituents, they are rude and self-absorbed. They refuse to listen to their constituents when they say “NO” to a bill they are working on. The Health Care bill is an example, something like 70% of Americans do not want the Health Care bill Congress has been fervently working on, and they have yet to listen.

This Congress just wasted 1 year, working on a Health Care bill that the people they are supposed to be helping by passing this bill, cannot afford to pay the monthly payments on because they are out of work. Congress hasn’t listened, but has instead said, “Hey, if you don’t pay then you will be fined”. I mean this really makes sense, doesn’t it? The fact that many Americans have no job doesn’t even matter. Of course, I believe if they don’t pay the fine they are sentenced to a term in jail, where they will at least get food, shelter, and “YES” Health care for free.

Really do you actually think these idiots deserve the salary they are getting paid now, much less after they retire? I don’t. In fact, just writing this is making me sick.

This Congress has yet to earn what they have been paid this year. And I truly hope, with all my heart, that we pay them the bonus they deserve for  all their hard work this year, by not re-electing them.

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