Military Analysis – Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle –

Military Analysis – Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle –  


Published: February 20, 2010

“Scenes from this corner of the battlefield, observed over eight days by two New York Times journalists, suggest that the day when the Afghan Army will be well led and able to perform complex operations independently, rather than merely assist American missions, remains far off.”

The above is a snippet from an article I read today after going to a blogger friends site   and though I made the comment below, on her site, I decided to post it to mine also.   

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Military Analysis – Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle – 

 I could make this a very long post because there is just so much to say about the Iraqi, Afghan/Pakistan war, and too much hidden from the American public.  Now, I have to say that from day one, and I do mean day one, I was totally against going to war with Iraq.  I had many reasons, but the one I hold in the number one spot is that America and the Western countries do not, cannot and will not understand the culture of the Middle East.    The Western world cannot understand thinking that is still stuck back in the middle Ages.  I’m not being insulting here at all; it’s just the way it is.  It actually goes back farther than that, I would say it goes all the way back to Bible times.  Over the centuries the Arabs have not advanced their thinking to coincide with an ever-changing world.

 The decision about going to war in Iraq was based on Intel, from English speaking Arabs.  My contention is that the Intel we were getting was from people who lived in the Middle East, or in America or elsewhere; Arabs, Iraqis and Muslims who sympathized with the radicals and who had something to gain from telling America what it wanted to hear.  They could have been looking to make business deals, or get American citizenship for them and their family or just get paid.

 We as Americans are too willing to believe what we are told, especially if it is what we want to hear.  We are naïve at best and at worst too willing to believe what we hear from those claiming to be our friends, yet underneath it all, are our enemies.  We keep believing these people will change what is in their “hearts and minds” and see the light.   They, on the other hand, keep thinking, “How long can we fool these guys”?  They do it time and again.  We are too willing to give second chances. 

Weren’t the Iraqi’s supposed to line the streets and throw flowers at our soldiers feet as they marched by and praise them for freeing them from Sadam Hussein?  I don’t know about you but I didn’t see that Show on TV.

 The Sunni’s the Shiites, hey; they don’t trust one another, yet we expect them to trust us.  Though many of them appear to get along, underneath it all, they are true enemies, yet if we should chose to go after one group just watch how fast the other one comes to their aid.  Why is this, well maybe it’s because long ago they were from the same village, where inter-marriage was and still is a part of everyday life.  Bottom line, blood is thicker than water.  They believe that “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy”.  To both of them we are still the Infidels, the enemy of both groups. 

Nothing has changed for these people.  Why, I don’t know.  Could it be that from the time they are born they are taught that we are the enemy, they get a lifetime of indoctrination on this subject.   Those who are fortunate to get an education, mostly males, also have this thinking reinforced in school.  They are taught to embrace Socialism, Marxism and Communism in school, and to hate the Western world, the Infidels.  And we think that we can change their thinking somehow? 

 Even after coming to America to live, or even after becoming American citizens there are some who still have an undying loyalty to the homeland over their new country, America. 

So, when our government implied that “we have information” that tells us Sadam Hussein had something to do with 911, and at the time knowing that 15 terrorist came from Saudi Arabia, 2 from Jordan, 1 from Lebanon and 1 from Yemen, I questioned why are we going to Iraq to fight then?

When President Bush said we were going to look for Osama Bin Laden, who is from Saudi Arabia, and whose family owns probably the largest Construction Company in Saudi Arabia, we still went to war with Iraq? It didn’t make sense.  When we were given Intel that said we have information that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.  I always wanted to know if their source was trustworthy.   Why did I wonder, well, because right after 911 the FBI was running ads on TV asking for Arab speaking Americans to come forward and act as interpreters for the FBI.  I thought to myself, if the FBI needs interpreters then maybe some of the Intel we had been given and based a war on, was given to us by Arab sympathizers.   To our detriment we are too willing to believe what it is we want to hear.   In the meantime, many innocent people on both sides have died, are injured for life and Iraq’s country is in ruins. 

 Iraq’s people do not have the determination, the drive or the guts to learn how to defend themselves even after we have spent millions of dollars to train them.  And why?  Because most of the time the people they are shooting at, their enemy for the time being, is someone who is from their Tribe, their Village, somewhere back in time.  They still feel this sense of “Blood is Blood”.   They cannot whole-heartedly kill their own people, no matter what they have done, in the name of Allah.  So, now, maybe we know why these Iraqi and Afghani soldiers we train are not hitting anything that they are shooting at.  Maybe now we can understand why, they just can’t get their act together according to what we have planned for t hem.  The answer is simple; they will not fight each other just because the Infidels tell them to. 

 We are fighting a losing battle, really.  Our young have sacrificed everything to do what they believed to be right, to be Patriotic Americans.  Lives have been lost and destroyed.  Soldier’s families have lived on Food Stamps, and very little money, while their spouses risk their lives to free people who do not know what to do with Freedom.  

We will leave the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan at some time in the future and some Military Dictator will come along and take over again, then they will wish we were still their, but by that time we will probably be out trying to save someone else who doesn’t really want to be saved.

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