Martyr? Joe Stack (1956-2010)

                                      Martyr?  Joe Stack (1956-2010)  

 Sadly, this morning an American, I believe unemployed, just couldn’t take it any longer.    I only know what I have seen on TV news and read on the Internet, and it isn’t pretty.   

Joe Stack, not a terrorist, not a radical, just a plain everyday American gave up on life; as we are all beginning to know it, in America. 

 Joe Stack just snapped.    He flew a plane into a building in Austin, Texas, where the IRS just happened to be a tenant.  Was this his plan?  I think so.   Certainly, I don’t know all the facts, but according to a suicide letter he left, he blamed the Government, the IRS, Congress and yes, even the American people for not standing up and doing something sooner about the near depression like condition we as a country are now finding ourselves in.

 He chronologically told us about his financial and other problems he had tried to, in his opinion, legally handle.  His problems spanned a period of more than 20 years.  To me, it seems someone close to him should have been able to see that this man was living on the edge.  Yet, how would anyone of us really know if someone close to us were planning on suicide unless they told us?  Evidently, Joe thought he gave it a good fight, and just decided to die and take as many Americans that he could with him.  No one has that right, not even in America.

Is DEATH the solution, I don’t think so?  Murder, no way.  Is Joe Stack a Martyr?  NO!  He was just a man, too tired to continue fighting  what has become a corrupt system,  too distraught to go on and he selfishly wanted others to suffer as much as he had suffered.  No matter how bad things are, there is always a way out, but Joe chose the wrong way, and others could have died. 

America is,  I believe, the only country in the world where the DNA of it’s people includes “If there’s the will, there’s a way”.   No one, not even the elitists in Washington can nor will take our Freedom from us.  They may come close, but Americans have woke up, and we will not give up our country to any foreign power, to any Congress that tries to pull it out from under us, to any Government agency nor to any radical group.  Too bad Joe forgot that  Americans don’t give up.   Americans will not give up until the country is back on its feet again.  

 Why do so many people from around the world risk life and limb to get into this country?  It is because of the stamina, and the will of America’s people to survive and keep freedom alive.   When Americans get pushed into a corner they always come out fighting.  It’s too bad Joe Stack couldn’t hold on any longer. 

Things are beginning to change, slowly yes, but we always bounce back.  It would have been nice if Joe could have been here to see what lengths Americans will go to to make things right.  If only!  

Each of us have a different threshold for pain.  He had reached his.  What he did was wrong.  What he did was try and destroy other people, and indirectly their families and friends, and why?  Because,  though he tried, things didn’t turn out the way he wanted them to.   Well, even in America things don’t always go as planned.    And boy, don’t we know it.   But, when  our plans don’t work out we Americans do as we have always  done; we come up with a different  plan.   And then we go on!

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