What Are We Waiting For?

This is part of an article that I wrote last October as you can see nothing has changed.  You do remember the promise of  “Change” don’t you?

Today I have been watching the news.  It’s not looking so good for us. We need to do more than just cut the spending. We need to rid Congress of all the crooks. These so-called Congressmen, especially those who have made a career of double-dealing while lying to their constituents about all the hard work they are doing trying to pass bills that Americans don’t want,  need to be shown the door.

We don’t have any time left.  This White House is keeping the public busy with all kinds of nonsense, while behind closed doors; they sell Middle America down the river.

Stimulus package?  The only thing the Stimulus package did was send money to all the wrong places. Where are the jobs? Please don’t believe this BS about jobs saved. I mean really. Anyone with a grade school education knows there is no way to calculate that.  But Washington says it and people believe it.  When will Americans get their act together and start thinking for themselves????

Oil is going up, gold is going up. Oil normally goes down in the winter. So, what is pushing it up? Gold is a safe-haven for when the dollar is tanking. Yet, do you see Congress showing any concern over these two events? Nope. They are hell bent on getting a Health Care package together so that they can control the industry.  The country is sinking fast. The Titanic doesn’t even compare to the catastrophe we are about to witness.  The only way to make “Change” is to actually get up and do something about it.

Is there “Hope”?  Yes, there is “Hope”, but it takes action to get what you want.  There’s still light at the end of that tunnel, but it’s about to go “Pouf”.

It is imperative that we send new blood to Washington and get these political pirates out of there. Representing the American people in Congress was supposed to be a privilege, not a career.

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