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                                              Made In The USA

I read an Article in a local newspaper last night and I was quite impressed with what it had to say.   It seems that on July 4th, 2009 a new website was launched.  The name of this new site is quite patriotic   and it serves as a portal for Americans to find and then buy products made in the USA.  What a novel idea.  I say that with some sarcasm.  When I was growing up, we all bought American, it was just the American thing to do.   

I grew up during the period when Americans were self-sufficient.   Americans had something new (unheard of today, by the younger generation) it was called an imagination.  Americans had ideas, invented things, manufactured the products they invented, they distributed these products, and in the end, bought them and used them.  Why?  Americans were loyal to the companies they worked for and basically built with their blood, sweat and tears.  Products stamped “Made In America” meant the “Best”.    We were the greatest Manufacturing country on earth.  What happened?  Greed. 

 Corporate America made the unforgivable decision to move their manufacturing overseas, turning their backs on the very people who made their companies successful, through their loyalty and hard work.  Hey, this move would mean cheaper labor, and more money on the bottom line.  Money gets the vote every time.  Lets face it,  they had no moral compass.   Basically, the American worker was cast aside and Corporate America was off to make their millions overseas.  Of course, as smart as they thought they were and as stupid as they really are, these mental midgets just may not have had any idea as to the mayhem they would cause in their pursuit of more and more money, but damage they did.  

So, the world’s economies are basically fractured, each blaming the other for the problem, most blaming the Americans, as usual.   Americans do carry some of the blame, but unless you are the CEO of some corporation that has moved its production overseas, the blame you share is so very minute.   Americans should have done something to help themselves.  Something to show these corporate traitors that Americans will not tolerate being used and then thrown aside, like they don’t matter.  So, now, finally we have our chance to show these corporations, who abandoned America for cheap labor, just what we think of them.

 We have a website now, that has close to 370,000 American businesses already registered in the database and 9,000 consumers who have signed up (It’s FREE) as “Patriots”, who promise to buy American whenever possible.”  This website also has a Face book site where you can go and meet other Patriotic Americans online and refer them to American businesses that carry a product they are looking for.

Bottom line, money spent in America, on American made products stays in America. What better way to stimulate the economy?  I would like to see Patriotic Americans sign up as a “Patriot” on this site and start buying American.  Believe me, it will make a difference especially when we all do it together.

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