Trying to Reach the President, What a Joke!

February 6,2010

Last week I saw a story on TV about a 15 year old girl and her father writing a letter to President Obama requesting help in getting out of their country, Yemen,  for Religious reasons resulting in fear for their lives.  This story ran for a couple of days, showing their plight.  I’m sure her letter reached the White House and even some Congressmen.  The whole world knows of their desire to come to America.  Yemen is the place where  the Christmas Day Bomber in Detroit, Michigan trained in a Al-Qaida training camp. 

So,  I’m thinking, well I have a letter I want the President to read.   I figured if some 15 year old from a country training Al-Qaida members can get a letter to the President, I as a loyal American can do it too. 

In his State of the Union Address President Obama said he wants to concentrate on using Stimulus money to create JOBS this year.   I have  come up with a plan on how he can put thousands of the American unemployed to work this year and though the Jobs will be temporary they will be long term (3-5 years) temporary.  My plan serves as a Win-Win situation for American unemployed and the people of Haiti.

My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to get my idea in front of anyone in the government, including the President, though I have tried.

Last week I tried to send an email to the White House, but could not really explain my purpose in the short form they allowed emails.  So, I thought I would try reaching a Congressional representative from my district in DC.  Big mistake also.

It appears that though Congressmen say “contact us if you have questions or ideas and let us know what you think” one cannot get thru to them on their office phones because they don’t answer them and their voice mail is full.  You cannot get thru to them by email and say much of anything because there is a limit on the number of words you can send them in an email, and then you cannot send them any attachments. 

Now not being one to give up I looked up some Michigan Congressmen and went to their sites.  Basically they are all the same, to send them an email you put in your personal info and then you have a small box that you type your letter in, but it must be very short.  There are no attachments allowed.  One such Michigan Congressman had an actual “Tips” article on his website on what not to do if you want to contact anyone in Congress.  It’s unbelievable.  I put the URL here so you can take a look at this.

Bottom-line they try and talk you out of writing and actually tell you what the odds are of you reaching your Congressman and if you do reach him they make it sound like it really isn’t considered important.  They suggest that the best way to contact your Representative is to  wait until the Congressman comes home to his local office or try and talk to him at (if he holds any) town hall meetings.  Wow! We can honestly say they are there to represent us, their constituents.  If  being able to reach them when  you feel you have something imporatant to say, wasn’t such a serious matter, then it would certainly be laughable. 

This inability to contact our Congressmen is just another slap in the face by the  elitist elected officials in DC.

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2 Comments on “Trying to Reach the President, What a Joke!”

  1. I have tried as well. everyting in DC. Politics is corrupt.

    • snappysandy Says:

      William I know what you mean. I have called numerous Congressmen, and only get voice mail, and it’s usually full, so you can’t leave a message. I wrote Obama after the Haiti earthquake and no response.

      This should prove to us all, unless you commit a crime like the lady Obama dragged out in front of t he camera’s this week as an example of how the unemployed are suffering, you can’t get his attention.

      Our elected officials at work!!

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