Before the State of the Union

Well, I’m waiting for the President to give his 2nd State of the Union Address.  I don’t expect him to say much.  He will back step a little, do a little groveling and ask for a second chance so that he can promote Jobs.  He will say he now realizes the pain and suffering the people are going thru and he’s going to come up with some Job policy to help them get on their feet again.  The fact that there is a mid-term election coming up in November certainly has nothing to do with his “seeing the light”.

 Of course you will have some idiots out there who will feel sorry for him and want to give him another chance to do what he has promised.   Remember he’s very good at persuading people in coming together; it’s called community organizing.

My feeling is that it does not matter what he promises, he does not keep his word.  He doesn’t get it!  He doesn’t realize he is there because people voted him into office, because they believed in him.  He has his own agenda and America; it’s not our well-being.

 His main concern last year should have been jobs, not Healthcare.  You can’t buy Health Insurance when you have no money because you have no job.  Dah!

Well, he’s just walking into the Congressional Chamber, so I will wait and see if he says anything of importance.

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