Congratulations Glen Beck on one year at Fox

I want to congratulate Glen Beck on his first year on the air at Fox.  I want to tell him I have watched him from day one.  I had never heard of him before that first day and after watching him on the first few shows I wasn’t quite sure what to think about him.  He was out-spoken, loud and often child-like and to some almost obnoxious.   At times I felt like changing the channel, but never did.  And soon it became apparent to me why I didn’t change that channel.  Glen was just being Glen, an honest, passionate, patriotic American trying to explain to those who were not paying attention as to what was going on right under their noses. 

 He wanted Americans to realize that it was time to wake up and see our elected officials for what they were and what they were doing; destroying what was left of the most valuable piece of property on planet earth.  He was not referring to America’s rich crop growing soil, not America’s grand buildings which housed some of the most profitable corporations in the economic world, and he was not speaking about the lavish way of life so many foreigners believed Americans had. 

Glen was trying to tell us that Americans were being robbed.  That the most valuable piece of property we had, the individual’s right to Freedom: to think, say and pursue our dreams was being stolen right out from under us by a group of radicals, progressives, elitists and just plain crooks.  “We the people” even with our eyes wide open did not or could not see what we were losing. 

I wanted someone, anyone who could reach millions, to start telling the American people what lied ahead for them.  I wanted someone to let Americans know that America was being attacked from within by its elected officials, people they trusted.   I wanted someone, who had the guts, to speak out and tell America that the way of life that they had known and loved was being ripped out from under them, that it had been going on for some time and that it was picking up speed.   I wanted someone to show America how to get back the freedom that they didn’t even know that they were losing.

 Thank you Glen for doing a great job this year.   Thank you for being my Hero.

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