Stimulus Money Given to Canadian Co.

Everyday I hear story after story about one thing or another and most are about politics.  The one thing all these stories have in common is the fact that they appear to lack any bit of common sense.  I just can’t explain it, but I find it almost outrageous that no one has it; common sense, that is.  I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

 Sometime this past week, on the local news there was a story about how a Michigan City, West Bloomfield Township’s City Board awarded a $2.9 Million stimulus-funded sewer project to Liqui-Force, whose parent company is in Canada.  Liqui-Force has a small Romulus, Michigan office. 

The bid for this job should have only gone out to American companies, Dah!  Yet, this City Board somehow decided to let a Canadian company bid on the contract.  Here’s where the lack of common sense by our elected officials comes in. 

The stimulus money is given to promote business and the American economy and should have been awarded to an American company.   After the contract was assigned to Liqui-Force, angry citizens questioned these so-called City Board members about their stupidity in hiring a Canadian owned company, they were quick to respond, stating that they would make sure Americans were hired to do the work.  My question is who makes the profit on the job, a Canadian company or an American company?  The parent company in Canada makes the profit.   Wow!  They sure helped the economy in Michigan. 

This is just another example of the incompetent manner in which Congress has handled our tax dollars.  Our Big Shot  elected officials in Congress have given Stimulus money out with “NO STRINGS” attached.  Those in charge of deciding how it is spent are incapable of making intelligent decisions. 

 This Stimulus money should be withheld from the city of West Bloomfield Township, and the people in that city should be calling for resignations of all those who not only voted for giving this Canadian company the right to bid on the project,  but also those who awarded the contract to Liqui-Force.  Come on citizens of West Bloomfield Township, do something,  or just end up being a big  part of the problem in this country, by doing  NOTHING!


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