Preventative Services Cuts Mammogram Testing

I watched Fox News with Chris Wallace today.  It seems that the joint task force for Preventative Services wants to cut Mammogram testing until the age of 50.  Out of the different kinds of Cancers that occur today, Breast Cancer is 25% of that total.  Women have been told for the last 35 years how to check themselves for Breast Cancer and to have Mammograms often.  Now, we are being told that services for women will be cut because they really aren’t necessary any more, but anyone with common sense knows why, it’s in order to pay for the Health Care plan. 

 Now, this report comes out, after months of Tea Party demonstrations fearing the rationing of health care procedures that are sure to take place when this Bill goes into effect.  Like cutting Seniors Medicare coverage by Millions of dollars.   Congress keeps denying this will happen yet, this week we get the report about cutting back on the preventative testing for Breast and Cervical Cancers, by limiting the frequency of Mammograms, and Pap Smears women need to be protected properly.

Untimely, yes, but this report is just an example of how a Government run Health Care program will function.  This change of heart on what tests are important and the frequency of these tests seems more than coincidence.  I thought the Health Care Plan was supposed to be emphasizing Preventative Medicine.  Yet now, they decide after years of using preventative testing for Breast and Cervical Cancer that they can prevent it better with less frequent testing. 

What planet did these idiots come from, certainly not planet Earth.  Could it be that they didn’t know that we already have a preventative medical plan for early detection of these types of Cancers?  

Does anyone see a pattern here?  Stupidity is the main qualification for holding some type of powerful position in Government these days. This group whether appointed by President Bush or not, is the group designated in the Health Care Bill that will be making the kind of decisions that will govern how much Health Care coverage Americans will get.  

These people are not experts in Health Care, but just appointees (probably pay backs, by Bush) trying to revamp the Health Care coverage by insurance companies and how much everything should cost.  They are pencil pushers.  Bean counters.  Cost Analysts.  Nothing more.  Well, one thing more; morons. 

Do we have to put up with this nonsense?   No!  So, it’s time to stand up and do something about it.  Not just talk.  Talk is cheap.  Talk gets you nowhere.  Action is what is needed before this goes too far to stop it.

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