Sean Hannity referred to the “Leadership” in Congress, when describing their dismissive reaction to the influx of Patriotic Americans onto the steps of the Congress Building yesterday.

I think he needs to find another word when referring to Nancy Pelosi, Senator Reid and their group of thugs.  These people are far from being “Leaders”.  I can think of better words to describe them, and guess what, it turns out in many cases I can use the same words that they use when referring to Patriotic Americans who have spoken out against the Healthcare Bill such as radicals, Astro-turf (Nancy’s favorite), and I can think of a few more.  

But to really describe them for what they really are, is much more realistic, such as Egocentric, self-gratifying, self-absorbed, un-American, money hungry, power hungry, parasites feeding off the blood, sweat and tears of the Americans who put them in office who just “Hope” for a good future for themselves and their loved ones. 

“Hope” is a peculiar word.  For many or should I say most people it means the dream of a good life.  You know the kind that allows them to pay their bills, have a home, send their kids to college and have some money left over for their senior years.  Not being rich, just comfortable.

For others it’s a fool’s belief, but as long as there are believers there will also be fools.  Congress members work on the presumption that there will always be fools. So, when they run for re-election they promise their constituents the world.  Candidates tell them what they know, they want to hear, they promise them “Hope” anything to get re-elected. The “Hopeful” fall for their lies every time and vote them back in.  Then when they are re-elected our Congressmen go back to their old dirty tricks. 

Will this Congress ever change?  NO!

Will Congress start listening to their Constituents?  NO!

Will the word “Hope” live on?  Yes!  But only action can turn “Hope” into reality. 

Is it too late? Almost!  Hopefully, NO! 

Can Americans wake up and change whom they vote for in 2010?  

In President Obama’s own words, YES WE CAN!

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