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Well, well, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) has accused the CIA of breaking the law by spying on Senate staffers, accusing the CIA of trying to intimidate Congress and she’s “not taking it lightly.”   Basically, she was outraged about the spying on Congress and made sure everyone knew it, including the fact that her words have gone global.  Wow, does this sound familiar?  I wonder what Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany thought about Ms. Feinstein’s outrage, about being spied on?  

When American citizens criticized the NSA about spying on them, collecting data from their emails and phone calls, Ms. Feinstein was all for it.  I guess she thought that she was above the laws that she voted for and felt were necessary to keep the rest of us in line, you know, her Employers, the American people. 

All I can say is, “what goes around, comes around.”  Sorry, Dianne, I hate to break the news to you, but from where I sit you are no more royalty than I am. ss



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I think the Poolside 2014 Cadillac ELR ad is terrific.  I see it as a response to Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Charles Shumers (D-NY) ridiculous comments trying to cover-up the colossal failure of Obamacare, which resulted in the loss of full-time, well-paid jobs and the lowering of the full-time work week from 40 hours per week to 35 hours.  This Healthcare abomination has resulted in the creation of minimum wage, full-time, temporary jobs and Nancy is promoting this as a good thing, claiming that now these under achievers, and under paid workers can relax, follow their dreams and let the Government take over in supporting them.  Of course, what Nancy, Harry (Reid) and Charles don’t tell you is that along with that government support, that they claim is a good thing, they are also passing Bills that will allow the government to regulate what you eat, drink, and soon what activities you must participate in if you want to be supported and receive government paid for and less than optimal Healthcare.  

Most foreigners come to America to follow their dreams, but those dreams don’t include sitting on their duffs all day and painting a picture or playing the guitar Ms. Pelosi.  People come here, to the land of opportunity, where they have the Freedom to compete, in the work place, where the best of the best, rise to the top, and by doing so, they develop a good work ethic, sense of self-worth, satisfaction for putting in a good days work and pride in themselves, knowing they can pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, but on their own terms, with money they have earned and with pride because they too are a part of the American  exceptionalism that Patriotic, true Americans have always had.  For those who do not believe in American exceptionalism, well, all I can say is, WOW!  Evidently, there’s a sucker born every minute.  ss


America: In God We Trust?

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I recently watched, one more time, the movie, Ten Commandments.  There is one scene in the movie that has repeatedly come to my mind over the last year.  When Moses parts the Red Sea and all the Jews cross safely to the other side, and the Sea falls back into place the Jews  finally feel free and safe.  Moses goes up into the Mountain at which time he sees the Burning bush and God gives him the Tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved on them.  While Moses is up in the Mountains the saved Jews below, in their over joyous mood, because they escaped from the land of the Pharaoh’s, work themselves up into a frenzy.  The mood among the Jews  goes from happiness to joyous to sinful erotica.   They build pagan Gods to pray to.  They dance in a very uninhibited manner, partake in orgies, drink themselves into a stupor, start praying to false Gods, lose all inhibitions, forget who led them to the promised land (God) and turn away from God.

In the movie version of the Ten Commandments, which is a story taken from the Bible, the Jews, man, lost his way and God was not pleased.  Those who did not repent were banished to hell, those who repented were saved.  And life went on.

Now, Two thousand years later, in America we are seeing a replay, so to speak, much like the movie version, and very much like the story in the Bible, but in some respects it is playing out in many different ways, our country is in total chaos, but the underlying theme of Godlessness, is still there.

Society has changed.  Many no longer value themselves, have no self respect, have no morals, have lost compassion for their fellow man, and have become selfish, and self-serving.

It is apparent in our leaders, like Congress, who have an uncontrollable appetite for more money and power.  They have no qualms about walking over one another to climb the ladder of success.  The President had no reservations about throwing his party’s members under the bus, for not voting his way on the Health Care Bill.   Our leaders believe they are above the law and openly break them.  If they have money and power they do not suffer the consequences of breaking the law.   Did Charlie Rangel ever relinquish those HUD apartments in New York or lose his seat in Congress?

These same ugly excuses for human beings spew hatred against law-abiding citizens.  They call Patriotic Americans “Astro-turf”.  Look whose calling whom “artificial.”

Many of these Congressional leaders call Tea Party people Racists.  They make deals under the table and get rich on our time and buck.  These bloodsuckers have no ethics, no honor and no humility.  They are truly un-American. 

Our Congressional gold-diggers are like the people in the movie, Ten Commandments; they have lost their way and it doesn’t look like they are about to change for the better, anytime soon.  They have taken American history out of school books.  they have taken the Ten Commandments off the walls of our court houses.  They have taken over almost every sector of our society and turned it into a government entity.  They have promised the poor a better life, so that they will vote to keep them in office.  This will change, once they get what they want, which is a weak America, where the citizens do what they are told.

They have decided the elderly are of no use any longer, and it’s not because they are old, but because they are smart and know what the leaders are up to and would stand in their way.  Those seniors, Congress wants to get rid of, with their “Death Panels” are the only people holding this country together.  Once they are gone, so is America. 

Americans have lost the one thing that made America great; “In God We Trust”.  They have lost their faith, they have turned their backs on God.  ss

Trump: I’m Very Proud of Myself Today!

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“I’m very proud of myself today” Trump announced.  In a live interview by the media today, Donald Trump took a bow.  His constant demand to see the Big “O’s” Birth Certificate paid off.  He got his wish when the White House released a copy of what is supposed to be the real, true Birth Certificate of President Obama

The White House claimed all week long that Trump’s demand for the President to show his Birth Certificate would be Trumps undoing.  Actually I think that thought backfired on the White House, especially after Obama’s news conference, which I would say, purposely, cut into Trump’s news conference.   The White House was determined to make Trump look bad.  Yet, he’s the only American that has been able to make the White House provide a full copy of the President’s Birth Certificate?   This was certainly a feather in Trumps hat. 

Obama said, with a BIG GRIN on his face that “This issue has been going on for 2 years and I have watched with amusement.”  I’m glad to see that he’s so easily amused by something that is so serious and something that has caused so much controversy among millions of American citizens, and yet he preferred to be amused for two years, instead of setting the record straight.  I find this a very smug attitude on his part.  I’m actually somewhat appalled by his arrogant remark.

I don’t find it amusing at all, that being asked to prove one is a Natural born, American Citizen, according to US election laws, before running for President of the USA and getting elected and then implying that this is a non-issue.   Being amused for two years instead of just producing the Birth Certificate is totally un-Presidential.

This should have been brought up in the vetting process.  As I recall, maybe wrongly though, Obama was never really vetted.  I think the Dems used the book Obama claims he wrote as the way to vet him.

The President went on to say that “I have been puzzled and amused by this topic.  Yes, I was born in Hawaii.  We have some enormous challenges out there.”  Paraphrasing here, We have important decisions to make and this is going to lead to serious debates.  Then he said, but we are not going to be able to do that if we make things up or if we are distracted by Sideshows and Carnival Barkers, the last remark referring to Mr. Trump. 

By the way, Mr. President, what happened to your plea for no more name calling by politicians, or don’t you count?

 As far as I, a Patriotic American am concerned, the only sideshows we as Americans have been inundated with by the leftist media, are those of the President involved in his basket ball and golf games, vacations, parties at the White House for (how many sports teams is it now?) and of course his on-air March Madness NCAA picks, his trip to Brazil during the Japanese tsunami, earthquake and Nuclear site melt-down, showing a complete lack of concern or compassion (you do remember Japan one of our major allies?)

Of course, we have also been an audience to his insulting, condescending remarks, about America, in speeches to foreigners, and his favorable remarks about his supporter/friends (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and don’t forget the Harvard College Professor Gates, and Democratic Congressional members, that’s until he didn’t need them any longer, then he got rid of them by throwing them under the bus during the Health Care voting session. 

All these distractions were during major catastrophes, like the BP Oil Spill, the Libyan Protestors trying to over-throw their government, the Health Care bill, the Wisconsin Union protests, the Mexican illegals protesting, the illegal Mexican Drug Cartel murders, rapes and muggings in Arizona, and illegal immigration into the USA, the Minister from Florida, with a handful of parishioners, burning of the Koran, which caused riots in the Middle East, and now the rise in Oil prices that Obama says he has no control over.

The only one distracted by sideshows seems to be the President who was the star performer in all of them and he claims to have time after all the side-shows he has orchestrated to have two years to be puzzled and amused by Patriotic American citizens, his Bosses’, demands to see positive proof that he is actually a legally elected US President.  It seems to this American that the only sideshow that the media has been broadcasting is the “Main Event” performed by the White House and it’s staff.  I don’t think I’m interested in a second season of that show.

This all makes me wonder, whether or not Obama’s handlers are considering throwing him under the bus, because the reports from the White House all week long were: give Trump enough rope with this Birther thing and he’ll hang himself.   It appears that someone is giving the President the wrong info.   Trump came out a winner today. 

Obama may have been like the Pied Piper of community organizing, when he ran for office the first time around, but that’s old news.  There is no way he can out debate Trump on issues, if Trump considers running.  Trump has many years of business experience.  Yes, not all of it has been without pitfalls and blunders, but no man has ever been successful without suffering some failures.  

Remember, Thomas Edison said, after many failures, when trying to invent the electric light, “We haven’t had a thousand failures, we’ve just discovered a thousand ways to not invent the electric light”.   So Trump is in good company.

 Mr. Trump is a true entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs  have been the lifeblood of this country for two hundred plus years.  To be an entrepreneur one needs to be a risk taker, and needs to be prepared to fail and Mr. Trump has been both risk taker and had business failures.  But without risk takers and without people who have failed yet got up and started all over, America would never have turned into the Greatest Country on planet earth. 

For those who think Trump is playing, well maybe he is, but he’s pretty good at scaring the Democrats isn’t he?  Certainly no one else in the Republican Party has stepped forward to take Obama on yet.  I guess they haven’t heard that it’s campaign time.  As for the media, if Trump does run and wins, well, their heyday will be over, if they think they can get away with anymore “Hair” jokes and still get interviews. 

And for all the non-believers, those who call Trump a “Big Joke”.  Well, if I had 7 to 8 Billion dollars you could laugh at me all you wanted to.

For those who think he can’t beat Obama, if he runs, well, they better think again, he’s a master businessman, and has made many influential friends among world leaders and people from all walks of life including both Republican and Democrat.   That’s how you get ahead in business for those  in the media who don’t get that yet.  That’s also how one get bills passed in Congress if he’s President.

For those who think that Trump can’t beat Obama then the joke will be on them.  I believe Mr. Trump can obliterate Obama in a one on one debate and the reason I believe this to be true is that Trump unlike Obama has had to work for a living, therefore has much more worldly knowledge and experience.

 Nothing beats hard work when it comes to the American Dream for Success and Trump has 7 to 8 Billion dollars to prove it.     ss

National Protests by Obama Union Backers

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This Nationwide protesting by the Unions and thugs backed by leftist, Political organizations is just the beginning and to be honest it’s one hell of a beginning.  As soon as Spring hits us and then Summer, look out.  I have been saying for the last year that this coming Summer is going to be a hot one.   I truly believe we will have major protests and possibly riots.

Then, especially if it’s a very hot Summer we could end up with things being so bad that the Big “O” will send in the new National Police force to implement Marshall Law. 

Sadly, the Tea Party and the Conservative Right, have hibernated for the Winter, and not done much, if anything.  I guess they think because they won the election the game was over.   It’s not that simple.  The game, and it is a game, to the Elitists in DC, they have a never-ending hunger for more Power and Money, and they will never be satisfied, no matter how much they have.

I don’t see any of them spreading their wealth.  That task is left for Middle America to do.  For the life of me I just don’t understand why Americans still don’t get it.  I know some of them do, but it’s not enough.  They all need to pay attention and the sad fact is that those who don’t pay attention don’t have the time because they are too busy trying to survive or stay afloat a little longer.  They just don’t realize why they aren’t getting anywhere.  It is almost to the point that those who are unemployed are so deep in debt that they will never be able to get out. 

Patriotic Americans need to Wake Up and Stand Up for their Constitutional rights.   It’s amazing to me how the leftist media and the Congress are for arming the rebels in Libya, because they stood up in a peaceful manner to get Qaddafi out of office, yet they call the Tea Party People who have stood up for their rights as Americans, racists, radicals, domestic terrorists and Nancy Pelosi’s favorite, astro-turf.  What hypocrites they truly are.   ss

Huckleberry Finn Historically, Politically Correct

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I read an article online today about some guy who is re-writing the book Huckleberry Finn, because he does not like the use of the “N” word in it.  While he is at it he wants to take out the use of the word “injun”.  It seems he (some self-appointed Politically Correct Gestapo type) doesn’t like what happened or what was said way back then.  So, he’s just going to re-write the whole book and take out what he considers the “bad” words.   Just who is this guy?  Why should I care?  Well, this moron thinks that he can change history by removing words from the pages of books.   

Well, you cannot change history.  But you can change the present and that’s what knowing about history is all about.  You see what was said and done long ago and what you didn’t like about it and then you change those things that still exist by doing so in today’s world.  We learn from our mistakes or those mistakes in the past. 

The man who wrote the piece was pointing out how wrong it is to think one can change history by erasing the facts.  I happen to agree with him. 

Huckleberry Finn and all the other books that were written way back when should be left as they are.  It is time the teachers in school do some teaching.  As painful as hearing words like the “N” word including numerous other words, the events and language of historic times must be taught to our young so that they can learn from it.  It must be taught to our young so they know and learn to understand how these words from the past have affected people over the years.  It is time for students to understand how things use to be and how much they have changed and improved.  It seems that society has come to the point where it is all right to re-word books just because some self appointed, Politically Correct idiot thinks it should be done.  Just who are these Politically Correct, self-appointed police?

 Before we re-write great books about our history, it would be nice, in my opinion, if the Politically Correct people went after the Record companies of Today and stopped the use of the “N” word in the songs that the rappers sing.  These Politically Correct people need to go after the Black comics that think it’s all right for them to use the “N” word because they are black, therefore giving them license to do and say things that are insulting to their own race.  Now, I’m not being racist by saying this but I find that very few White people, comedians etc. have the guts to use the “N” word because they know and you and I know that they will be black balled (no pun intended) from ever working again and that’s only after the Black community publicly chastises them.  Well, the Black community must stand up to it’s own and stop them from using these words and phrases.

 If things are to change then change them in today’s world when and where they are being said, sung and written about.   Leave the letters, books, poems and songs from historic times alone.  It is a fact that they were said and used in those times.  One cannot change what has already happened, it’s history.  Learn from it. 

Stop these same words from being used today, by the young, in their songs and in their stand up comedy routines.  You cannot erase History, once it has happened. 

You can prevent the use of today’s bad language from becoming history in the future by preventing the use of these words in today’s literature, songs, and comedic routines.  This is where the correction should be made.  It is true that one needs to learn from History and many do not.  You can’t learn anything from reading about the past if you are not reading the Truth as to what was said and done so long ago, which is why you can not take the words off the pages of historic literature, which was written at a time when those words were “Politically Correct” and act as though they were never said.   ss

The Palins vs Kathy Griffin

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An online article two days ago, stated that Kathy Griffin intended on continuing her dogging of the Palin family.  We all know that she does this to keep her name in the headlines.  It’s free publicity.  But at what cost to the Palin family? 

I believe any really good lawyer could take care of this Kathy Griffin situation for the Palins.  I find Kathy Griffin’s remarks disgusting to say the least and let me be clear here, I find Sarah Palin a nice down to earth woman with whom middle America identifies with, but because of her Political agenda, her children for some reason (where is their dad?) have had no guidance at home.  Yes, she may have a political agenda, but she is no one I would vote for, at least at this time and only because I don’t think she is experienced enough to handle the job of President, though she has more Political experience than Obama had.  But there are others that would vote for her and thus, the Kathy Griffin attacks.

That being said, I don’t think Kathy Griffin is qualified to be a comedian or use that title as an excuse to justify her vicious Palin remarks.  I really do not believe that making fun of, in a very nasty way, mind you, another person comes anywhere close to being funny.

It seems that Griffin has decided she will leave Sarah Palin alone for a while, including passing over Bristol and is going to move on to a younger daughter in the Palin family who is only 16 years old, her name is Willow.  I understand that Willow has made some comments on Facebook in response to derogatory remarks made by a student in Alaska, about her mother.  

I have read what the remarks are supposed to be and do find them inappropriate to say the least.  It also appears that Sarah’s children have not been supervised enough or been given guidance on how to respond publicly to things they hear or see about themselves or a family member,  that are basically uncalled for remarks by someone who thinks its fun to take cheap shots at others and do it on the internet, or in public so as to create a media frenzy and subsequently hurt the feelings of one of the Palin family members. 

I really think that the people who watch Griffin do it to see just how far she will go before someone, anyone, a good lawyer perhaps files a complaint against her for harassment, or defamation of character

Now a 16 year old could probably have a lawyer represent her.  You see, she’s not famous in her own right; she’s not in the limelight by her own decision.  She is not a famous person, out on the road making speeches, nor is she a singer or movie star.  She’s an underage daughter of a prominent person.  She should have the right to sue Kathy Griffin for harassment, or defamation of character and win.  The key word here is “under age” and basically a “no one”.

But, the retaliatory remarks Willow makes on the internet or in public do not help her cause.  She is feeding right into the hands of those who want to make her a public topic and ultimately do her harm by publicly insulting her.  If her mother is not at  home then where is her father?   One would think she would have discussed this particular incident with one of her parents before writing about it on the internet.

Just how mean and vindictive does someone like Griffin need to be before someone shuts her up legally?  Even our service men, which fight and die for the rest of us Americans and our freedom of speech, cannot stand her.  So, why is it that the rest of us feel she has the right to be malicious?  How would you like her going after your daughter, sister or mother, I don’t think anyone would like it.  Could it be this is why no one will stand up to her for fear she may come after them next?  Let’s face it, many people have skeletons in their closet and don’t want them yelled out all over t he nightly news.

Certainly many in Middle America identify with Sarah Palin and would vote for her to be President, but identifying with someone who has the same personal and family problems as you do, is not a qualification to be President, especially when those problems are detrimental to the mental and physical well-being of ones children.   When I was growing up it was almost a sin to get pregnant when still a child and in school and it wasn’t much better for a young woman to get pregnant if she wasn’t married.   It was embarrassing for the girl when she had to finally tell her parents.    It was humiliating to the parents when the news got out among family and friends and made them look like they were doing a poor job of raising their children.  It was worse if it hit the papers and went National or International.  

Today, it seems it is more acceptable, but make no mistake it is hard for the girl/young woman when it is kept in the news by those whose intentions are to only humiliate and inflict mental anguish.  It is this reason why I think Kathy Griffin should have some kind of legal action brought against her to stop her mean insults directed at the Palin children. 

I know, the Palins should hire an attorney but they have not, as far as I know.  So, maybe, just maybe,  there is still a Children’s Advocate out there, a Lawyer with some sense of decency who will come forward and offer his legal services to the Palin children.  I mean at the very least there is a huge upside for a Lawyer to do so, he will get headlines, and a reputation for protecting those who can not protect themselves from the evil doers out there, and it would all be free advertising for him.  What better way  to boost ones’ career?  It would be a win/win situation for all concerned (except Griffin).

I  hate to say this, but I don’t think Sarah Palin and her husband are doing a very good job of protecting their children from persecution by those who have no conscience or morals.

Who would or could advise these girls, if Sarah made it to the White House?  Sadly,  it is evident that they were never prepared properly on how to act publicly and more importantly,  how to show respect not only for themselves, but for their mother who is a public person looking at living in the White House. 

Certainly Americans of all social classes can identify with the Palin family.  Please don’t take my remarks the wrong way.  Sarah Palin’s children have had their lives turned upside down by a media that has no integrity.  The Palin children have been thrown into the lions den, and someone forgot to tell them how to defend themselves in a appropriate  manner.   Becasuse Middle America identifies with the Palins, is not a reason to put Sarah in the White House.   We want the highest of moral standards to be a part of the everyday life of our President and his family.  

 The President and his family  are supposed to set an example for the rest of us.  We as Americans want a President who has control not only of his/her life but also, sets boundries for his/her children.  We want to be proud of the person we elect to the highest office in the land and want him/her to deserve the respect that someone in his/her position should be given by not only Americans, but the world.  Sadly, Sarah Palin cannot change the family issues that have already been blown out of proportion by the leftist media,  but she can try to protect her children a little more, and give them some guidance on how and what they should do or say when confronted by outsiders who try to hurt them just because of their mother’s public ambitions.  

Now, with all that being said, is there a “Lawyer in the House” who has the guts to come forward and give some legal advice to the Palin children and better yet, represent them?     ss